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10 thoughts on “Lover's Rebirth

  1. Leah Leah says:

    Skip skip skipSome books are fantastic Some books are just OK and then you have some that are just bad This book was bad I have been looking for a new vampire romance series to get into I was so excited when I found this one Boy was I disappointedI didn’t think the heroine was really a solid character Most of the time the book talked about her former life I just felt that her former life had description then her current personality It also talked about how much the hero loved her former life and just automatically loved her because of that That really doesn’t do it for me I think this is why I do not like books that involve reincarnation I understand the concept of having one soul with multiple lifetimes but it just contradicts my believe that people change over time and certainly through different time periods So we’re not the same people And I want somebody to love me for me not the 112 other “me” floating throughout time Because I would disassociate myself from them as different people Connected people but still individual peopleBut also I just didn’t the story to be engaging And I also don’t think the author did a good job connecting the storyline from one segment to another I just didn’t find storyline to be logical or reasonable The heroine would have internal dialogue with herself that contradicted with her actions And not only could I not connect with the main characters the secondary characters were also just blah The author tried so hard to make Xander the funny uirky but lovable sidekickfailI’m just one of those people that have to finish a book if I bought it And I lost interest probably after 13 of the book And just forced myself to get through all the chapters What a waste of time i know No way am I going to read the second book in the series Walking away right now Looking for new romantic vampire series to invest in And I recommend that you walk away too if you value your time and money

  2. Laura..devouring books like crumpets Laura..devouring books like crumpets says:

    A bit of a slow start but once the book got going I enjoyed it still need time to get to know the other 5 vampires at this point Snag seems the most interesting but all characters seem to have ualities that have led to some uestions I would like answeredI wasn't overly keen on the Reincarnation aspect I felt Irena's presence overpowered Della a lot I am putting a lot of this down to first book syndrome but felt Tre never really knew either Della or Irena that well to have professed undying love and to have been in the state he was in there wasn't really enough to build on aspects for me Still I really want to read book 2 as my interest is piued especially that epilogueFor a first book it was ok I wouldn't say it pulled me in that I couldn't put it down was a good start though

  3. Jennifer, Just beyond normal ♑ Jennifer, Just beyond normal ♑ says:

    of a 35 I enjoyed the concept of the soul thing and mates As usual not so sure I liked the very ending but I am curious enough that I will continue

  4. Trish R. Trish R. says:

    Love sick Tre and once that started the book went to hell And Della was an idiot to keep saying she can take care of herself If authors think that make the heroine strong then they need to read reviews She was almost killed twice in as many days and she says she can take care of herself How stupid can one woman be? I’m glad she got over that attitude real uick And at about 50% pages and pages of sex after Della knew Tre for exactly ONE day Ugh I don’t mind sex in books but there doesn’t have to be pages and pages and pages and pages of itAND this really didn’t have to be 319 pages There was too much filler and the vamps weren’t all that I mean they could turn into wisps of vapor and into owls but there was no mention of their strength or speed Maybe I’ll move on to the next book because it only has 211 pages not really enough to get boring They do need 13 vamps to defeat Bael the demon but there are only 7 of them in the world so they’ll have “turn” the others like they did Della among the next 6 books I guessI don’t know this could have been much better if the vamps had only been “” I did like all the characters Xander Eris Duchess Oksana and Snag but there was just something missing Maybe it was all the page skipping I had to do I don’t know I’ve already mentioned the sex so I’ll just add that the F bomb was used 13 timesAs to the narration One reviewer said “Gwendolyn Druyor kept the emotion in her voice throughout the entirety of her narration It became a bit too much” so I’m assuming the reviewer wanted the reader to sound boring or robotic occasionally Ummm no Gwendolyn Druyor did a good job on the emotions but except for Tre’s voice every other male else sounded kind of girly Especially Eris I thought Eris was a girl at first until he was referred to as “he” Practice on the men’s voices definitely needs to be done

  5. C.J. C.J. says:

    This was a good story and I liked the overall plot but I just didn’t connect with the characters

  6. Doris Doris says:

    It has been a while since I have delve into the paranormal and this series caught my eye I admit that at first I was a bit disappointed but as the story starts to play out and we meet the characters I started to really like it So on to the next see how this one goes

  7. Treena Treena says:

    First book I've read from this author I really liked this book and will definitely be buying book 2

  8. Jenn Jenn says:

    Rushed The writing begins with a snail like pace that's so distant it's hard to feel close to the characters at all Honestly I never felt like I knew them enough to actually care about their struggles even when the story finished Despite the slow opening when the action starts events start moving too fast The pacing on this really never evens out The characters have a bunch of ridiculous Insta love the sex scenes aren't organic to the story at all and just seem random abrupt and unlikely Overall not the book for me

  9. Jensie Elizabeth Jensie Elizabeth says:

    Like New Orleans this book was a hot mess OK not really It just felt like it There was so much info dump that at least half the book was spent on the inner musings of the characters not on what was actually happening Because of this I started skipping to the dialogue 'cause ain't nobody got time to be reading about the mental issues of a 26 year old fictional character Needless to say it dragged on and on I really liked the whole lost love reincarnated bit of the story but I felt like it could have been handled better Tre was hard for me to connect with and I honestly didn't see his appeal This book had such great potential but it was just poorly executed It's almost like the author was trying to do too much with it If you're looking for a somewhat fun but obscure read I'd say give this one a chance and see what you think

  10. Kadie Kadie says:

    Re read 171019 and loved it so much better the second time Upped my rating to 4 stars I would have rated this book much higher than 3 stars right up until the halfway point Then one seemingly out of place sex scene and a lot of confusion over darklight angels and the big bang theory i lost my way a little Della's sacrifice seemed rushed and the ending slightly flat Also the whole vampires turning into owls i was not keen onI will read the next but am slightly wary now

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Lover's Rebirth ✼ [EPUB] ✴ Lover's Rebirth By R.A. Steffan ❆ – New Orleans is a hot messAncient feuds Demonic forces bent on destruction Oh and apparently vampires are real Della didn’t sign up for any of thisShe didn’t sign up for violence and mayhem in the New Orleans is a hot messAncient feuds Demonic forces bent on destruction Oh and apparently vampires are real Della didn’t sign up for any of thisShe didn’t sign up for violence and mayhem in the streets of the Big Easy She didn’t sign up to be a magnet for an evil force intent on hunting down the reincarnated souls of its enemiesShe sure as hell didn’t sign up for rescue by a sinfully tempting vampire lord and his fashion model gorgeous friends Especially since he seems convinced that she’s the living embodiment of his long lost human mateSeriously this kind of stuff isn’t supposed to happen to insurance company receptionists from New JerseyThe world is descending into chaos Now a coven of hypnotically alluring bloodsuckers is trying to convince her they’re the good guys And the truly scary part is she’s starting to believe them The Circle of Blood SeriesIn another lifetime six vampires lost their mates—and their mortality—to an unimaginable evil power Now if they can’t reunite with the reincarnated souls of their lost loves soon it may just mean the end of the world.