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The Templars Knights of God The Rise and Fall of the Knights Templars ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☃ The Templars Knights of God The Rise and Fall of the Knights Templars Author Edward Burman – For nearly 200 years until their suppression in 1312 on charges of heresy and magical practices the Order of the Poor Knights of the Temple of Solomon better known as the Templars were the most formid For nearly years until their suppression Knights of Epub Û in on charges of The Templars PDF/EPUB ² heresy and magical practices the Order of the Poor Knights of the Temple Templars Knights of ePUB ↠ of Solomon better known as the Templars were the most formidable and feared Templars Knights of God The ePUB ½ fighting machine in Christendom Besides their military prowess they also possessed immense wealth and political power becoming bankers and credit brokers to medieval Europe and the allies of kings and popes Drawing on contemporary chronicles and original texts as well as the immense secondary literature Edward Burman paints a vivid picture of this extraordinary organization of warrior monks and its passage into myth and legend.

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  1. GoldGato GoldGato says:

    The Knights Templar remain a fascinating part of medieval history the most famous of the Crusaders Their rise and horrible fall have been documented many times and this book approaches the subject with an academic easeThey were the most ferocious of the Christian fighters known for their headlong courage than for any military genius In fact they lost battles than they won Nevertheless the Templars began with an honest motivation to protect the European pilgrims who needed protection on their way to Jerusalem As the Knights became powerful they built their own castles defended their own fiefdoms and established the beginnings of the modern banking system It was the latter which would bring their downfall as the heads of Europe coveted the perceived wealth of the Order of the Poor Knights of the Temple of SolomonWhile the Templars kept little gold and precious goods they owned the island of Cyprus vast plots of land vineyards castles and farms Importantly they handled the monetary transactions of kings and popes and started the use of writing cheues to cover costs But their reason for being the Holy Land was lost and they rapidly became unpopular with their main purpose gone In came Philip IV of France who arrested and executed by burning the Templar leaders It was a rapid rise followed by a rapid fall no than 200 years Yet the Knights Templar remain in memory as mysterious warrior monks a lofty organization that was probably the very first corporationI didn't want to read a huge volume about the Order so this book perfectly fit the bill Just long enough to explain the battles and the inner workings although it did read as a thesis at times Recommended for a basic overview of the TemplarsBook Season Autumn leaves a'burning

  2. Dana Stabenow Dana Stabenow says:

    Herewith The Knowledge I Have Gleaned The Knights Templar began in 1113 when Frankish knight Hugues de Payen volunteered his and nine unless it was thirty other knights' services to King Baldwin of Jerusalem to guard the safety of pilgrims traveling from where they landed on the coast to the Holy Sepulcher Unless they were founded in Easter of 1119 when a group of pilgrims was massacred by Saracens Unless you don't think they were really Templars until the Catholic church anointed them as such at the Council of Troyes in 1128 And if you thought they weren't Templars until they were granted the right to wear a red cross on their mantles that wouldn't be until 1147The Templars were founded as a community of warrior priests bound to celibacy and poverty Unless they were international financiers on the order of Jamie Dimon They were verray parfit gentil knights like Parsival and Lancelot Unless they were some of the richest landowners in Europe They took oaths to serve only God and were sworn to kill only Muslims Unless they were swords for hire indeed Assassins in Christian clothing and even colluded with the actual Muslim Assassins now and thenThe Templar order was suppressed in 1312 by papal bull its Grand Master burned at the stake in 1314 a victim of a jealous Philip the Fair of France who wanted all their money and possessions Unless they were guilty of idolatry heresy and sodomy as chargedI've read two other books on the Templars and a uick search of yields forty eight individual titles Everybody's got an opinion apparently but at least this opinion if older than some is shorter than most and very well referenced albeit with a distressing recurrence of that scholarly phrase As we shall see Worth reading

  3. Marley Marley says:

    Although the author Edward Burman says this is not an academic book I think it is but also very accessible I've been interested in the Templars forever but for the last few years due to one of my Somerset ancestors being a Templar who transferred to the Hospitaliers in 1312 after a somewhat brief imprisonmentI was very happy that the esoteric elements of the Templars wwere not addressed except for the trialsThe real history is so much interesting Also pleased that intra christian disputes and wars were discussed One of the really important factors discussed here was the fiercely theocratic nature of the early organization than I had thought The Templars were a very complex and nuanced organization and this book is a great guide to start with in any study concerning themOK this isn't a very good review but I highly recommend the book

  4. Linda Linda says:

    This was a decent book to use as a research tool but it's a real snoozer The author managed to make a very interesting subject seem incredibly dull

  5. Ellis Knox Ellis Knox says:

    Yet another book on the Templars It's respectable and readable

  6. Adam Waz Adam Waz says:

    0 stars wasn't an optionI don't want to say anything offensive about the writer but this book is just one academic writing about the works of other academics What comes to mind is a Circle Jerk I didn't even bother finishing the book because of how boring it is and the strange phrasing the author uses Not recommended to anyone

  7. Michael Romo Michael Romo says:

    Burman draws on contemporary chronicles original texts and the immense secondary literature to portray the fascinating history of the Templars This order of fighting monks became feared militarily and immensely wealthy You could say that they operated like a modern multinational corporation and this led to their suppression in 1312 on Friday the 13th This day would live on in modern times of remind us of bad luck and it foretold the beginning of the end for the Templar order

  8. Fredrick Danysh Fredrick Danysh says:

    This is a history of the rise and fall of the Knights Templar The work is speculative as few records are available from the Templars The author attempts to document some sources through the use of numerous footnotes I did not notice much new material that was not used in other histories of the Templars but still a good background brief

  9. Reggie Reggie says:

    I found this a very good book about the history of the Templars The author does a good job of separating History from Mythology of which there is uite a lot in regards to the Templars Although I found the writing enjoyable I agree with other reviewers in that this is not a light read

  10. Marla Marla says:

    used book store find Interesting learned something new

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