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Her Greek Protector ❴Download❵ ✤ Her Greek Protector Author Amanda Horton – Thomashillier.co.uk Trust seems so easy to talk about but giving it is another thing entirely I came to Greece to find a new path for my life To be independent of any one person But he’s back from the dead and my body Trust seems so easy to talk about but giving it is another thing entirely I came to Greece to find a new path for my life To be independent of Her Greek PDF \ any one person But he’s back from the dead and my body seems to have a mind of its own When he touches me I can’t help myself ; he’s starred in too many of my late night fantasies With our fling comes a danger to my life and he ruins everything by trying to protect me control me I can’t give innot again Once was enough to set my body on fire and now I know I’ll never find another man like him I’m ruined for all other men I don't know if I can trust him with my body and heart but his enemies have put us both in a position where I don’t have a choice I’m going to give him a second chance to protect me once and for all Will he break my trust again or win my heart forever This is a full length novel with a happily ever after no cliffhanger no cheating and plenty of steam Bonus content included.

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  2. Ksandra Ksandra says:

    55 Stars Plot Alexi lost his memory after a boat accident As his memory slowly returns he realizes there is a threat to his family that he has been trying to thwart Aimee is a friend of his sister in law that he has lustful feelings for Can he win her heart and save his family?This was a fantastic read Set directly after the first book this one follows the twin brother everyone thought was dead I loved how this book didn't solely focus on the romance It showcased relationships and hardships from memory loss When it did focus on the romance it was sweet and infuriating It was so reminiscent of romances I have had minus the billionaire part and made it so life like The only character we didn't have an idea about before was Alexi but Amanda Horton was able to bring him to life just as well as her other charactersDisclaimer I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review

  3. Sue Davis Sue Davis says:

    Two Great Really Fun Love StoriesGemma a young woman who works as one of the best at watercolor art restoration doing some work in Paris and meets a Greek Billionaire Leo but his ID said Alexi his twin brother Without giving names she is gone come morning and he doesn't know how to find her or her to find him when she finds herself pregnant Two years later by accident he will find her discovering she had also met his brother after himthinking the child is his dead brothers he blackmails her to Greece so his parents can get to know their only grandchild This is one good mixed up love story On their wedding day new information will come out from different people at the wedding leading to the next story Alexi isn't dead Leo and Gemma go looking for him where a photo had been taken a couple of weeks earlier Alexi is getting his memory back when he sees one of the family ships which offers to take him home to his family that thinks he is deadIn the second book Gemma's friend Aimee and Alexi find their own love story with as much fun in it as Leo and Gemma had Aimee doesn't want a rich know it all who does whatever he wants just because he has money than others Till she realizes after being kidnapped that she loves him and she won't ever get to tell him He feels he must help rescue her to show that he cares for her and plans to always be there Can't wait for the third story

  4. The Shopping Angel The Shopping Angel says:

    Confusing at the start takes a while to get goingI found the beginning of Gemma Leo's tale to be uite confusing and all over the placeThe main scene where they meet and immediately fall into bed didn't even rate than 30seconds from the writer which seemed strange skimming straight past the sex with an and they spent all night at it effortIt is split into 2 uite short books and the HEA's just fade into the next bit like afterthoughtsHad potential but needs a massive overhaul in my opinion plus can you please just stick to one story or at least part of the story and finish it even Aimee Alexi's story just goes off and then culminates with a mention that they're getting married in 3 weeks despite hearing nothing since the kidnapping at which point it moved on to Kassi Piotr I'm presuming it continues or should be?? to them in a book 3??but couldn't find any mention of itI read this book as part of my Kindle Unlimited subscription free book but I have to pay £799 a month for the subscription

  5. Debra Debra says:

    This is two books in one They are about twin Greek Billionaires The first one is about Leo and Gemma They met in Paris at an art auction She is a renowned watercolor restorer He was there to buy a painting for his mother for his brother He ends up using his brothers name that night So she leaves the next morning He doesn't have her name Fast forward and he is in New York looking for a woman his brother knew Won't go into the story too much Suffice it to say she is the woman and she has a child What will happen when she finds out about all the lies that have been told to her? Will their budding relationship survive?The next story is about the Alexi and Aimee They met when he was with Gemma But she felt something and didn't want to hurt Gemma So now they are together and secrets and someone out there is wanting to kill him Can their sparks hurt? I can't say to much cause it will give it away But I enjoyed both stories

  6. K B K B says:

    4 starsI received a free copy of Her Greek Protector Alexi's Story by Amanda Horton and this review was given freelyThis is a complex action emotion and drama packed novel Intrigue a vendetta attempted murder and two great romances can be found in this well written seuel to Her Great Inheritance Alexi is found regains his memory falls in love with Aimee and catches their stalker with the help of Leo Newlyweds Leo and Gemma receive good news Cousin Kassi and head of Security Piotr are always at odds ending in heart break for Piotr and with Kassi leaving for America

  7. Gladys Gladys says:

    A very enjoyable collection that includes two books Each book features the romance between one of the billionaire twin brothers Leo and Alexi and the women Gemma and Aimee that catch their eye and steal their heart With passion drama mystery suspense danger and romance blended into an enticing mix and added to the engaging storylines this is a very pleasurable read

  8. Dolores M Dolores M says:

    FireworksJust finished reading this two part series with Leo and Gemma and Alexi and Aimee I have to say it held my interest and I appreciated the chemistry between thereto couples Loved the family as they all truly cared strongly for each other My first read by this author but won't be my last Highly recommend

  9. Jacqueline Ellison Jacqueline Ellison says:

    Well written storyline with amazing characters that keep you turning the pages This book has suspense hot steamy romance shipwreck temporary memory loss blackmail a kidnapping and so much Amanda Horton writes her stories and characters that draw you into the book and makes you feel you are there I voluntarily received this book to review for my honest opinion

  10. Nuncie Nuncie says:

    INTRIGUINGLY WRITTENAll the making of a movie with intriguing espionage tones Kept my attention to story and needed a little danger A bit romance to liven up the ladies and gents

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