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  1. La Tonya Jordan La Tonya Jordan says:

    This book did not captive my interest For me the reading stlye was hard to follow it is considered a cosy crime Written in 1966 the arthur was reflecting on the realities of provincial England at that time in his writing In summary Dr Salt was a physican in Birkden England whose patient Noreen Wilks disappeared He turns into a larger than life I Spy detective to find her He meets the Culworths Maggie and her bother Alan as well as their father Together with determination zeal wit and cleverness of Dr Salt the disappearnce is solve It was a murder case with some unsual twists uoteMaggie looked at Dr Salt rather a lump in a very low chair and to her surprise he winked at her He really was the oddest manJill Frinton might not have been able to handle Dr Salt but she was not standing any nonsense from Maggie 'Life isn't a bookshop dear '

  2. Bev Bev says:

    Dr L H Lionel Humphrey Salt wants nothing than to leave the depressing mill town of Birkden behind him He's a middle aged widower who likes whiskey cigars books and music He plans to leave for warmer climes And he'll gladly do so as soon as he can find out what has happened to one of his patients Noreen Wilks has been missing for three weeks and nobody seems particularly interested The police assume she's just one of these flighty girls who has run off with a man or headed off to London for a exciting life than what can be found in a backwater mill town But Salt is pretty certain she must be dead or nearly so Because Noreen has a rare kidney disease that reuires special medication and treatment and if she doesn't check in with a doctor on a regular basis she will dieNoreen isn't the only one missing though Maggie Culworth's father an unassuming owner of a bookshop has disappeared as well He's never gone away without telling Maggie andor her mum and now he's packed a small suitcase and headed for Birkden Maggie's determined to find out what has happened and when a letter leads her to the rooming house where Noreen Wilks used to live she hears the name Dr Salt mentioned in connection with the missing girl Not sure how he fits in Maggie goes to Salt for help finding her father The doctor becomes convinced that there is to the disappearances than meets the eye and assures Maggie that while he believes Noreen to be dead most likely from foul play he is just as certain that her father is okayTheir investigations lead them to reexamine the suicide of a young man who was in love with Noreen run ins with some local toughs who want nothing than for Salt to leave town and a wild evening at a local night spot which ends with Salt finding the final resting spot of his young patient With everyone from the local police to the man who runs the town to small time punks trying to run him out of town Salt is even determined to discover who wanted his patient dead Of course he does so and reunites Mr Culworth with his worried familyDr Salt is a rather enigmatic character very self assured and imposing he certainly isn't going to be intimidated by the big shot who runs the town or the police or the local toughs who threaten him if refuses to leave; and yet he is very attentive to Maggie and ready to play the hero when they're in danger I have to confess I thought he was much older than a youngish middle age so when he and Maggie wind up together at the end I was a bit surprised I think I got it into my head that the reason he was giving up his up practice was retirement so I'm thinking he's in his sixties Not that this had much to do with my enjoyment of the novel but it's part of my impressionsSalt and Maggie make a good team and they work well together so it's not surprising that they wind up a couple once you figure out the age gap isn't that big Their personalities play well off of each other as well The rest of the characters are also well drawn and the mystery plot is fairly good though I do think the motives are a bit convoluted Overall an entertaining story by an author with a flair for characters and diaglogue ★★★ and a halfFirst posted on my blog My Reader's Block Please reuest permission before reposting Thanks

  3. John John says:

    This is your basic classic mystery with a little extra Because Priestly is such a great writer he offers the read a neaat puzzle but also fills the story with interesting fleshed out characters

  4. Corey Corey says:

    Not just a whopping good mystery but a grand novel witty and beautifully drawn

  5. Yolanda Yolanda says:

    Some aristocrats are up to no good The Midlands are grim Young people have sex whilst older people get angry and waggle their fingers moralistically Nobody cares about the poor Some people are gay Women's bodies are traded cheaply and the author portrays the hypocrisy of those who do it The National Health Service is mentioned Yep folks it's JB Priestley everyone's favourite Socialist Hibernophobe he REALLY didn't like Irish people at all though there's a happy ending for one of them who he has pointing out that her surname gives away her ethnicity and makes men think they can exploit herThis is actually a pretty solid whodunnit detective novel which most readers into murder mysteries would enjoy It also shows a glimpse of the interesting side of the 50s and early 60s so incredibly absent from the Jacueline Wilson borefest I read earlier this summer It would be worth a read for anyone interested in finding out about the author's work beyond 'An Inspector Calls'

  6. Bill Bill says:

    Set in England's midlands about half a century ago Salt Is Leaving features a somewhat curmudgeonly doctor anxious to move back to interesting places as he has lived all over the world But before he can leave he must find a vanished patient who needs constant medication to stay alive Coincidentally a local bookseller also seeking the same woman has also vanished Where are they? Why have they disappeared? What do they have in common? Seeking the answers Salt delves into sordid but funny corners of small towns and villages and finally finds them A good read

  7. Katy Koivastik Katy Koivastik says:

    A delightful British police procedural except the sleuth is a doctor uite adept at following the evidence thank you very muchDr Salt is determined to find out what had happened to his missing patient whom he firmly believes has been murdered He is eually determined to leave his practice and industrial town behind and soon but not before solving the mystery The clock is ticking

  8. Gareth Evans Gareth Evans says:

    Priestley’s stab at a detective novel He makes a pretty decent fist of it although he is concerned with his ‘detective’ Dr Salt than writing a real whodunnit If you like Priestley as a writer this a pleasant diversion It’s not a great crime novel but stands pretty well against much that was written in the 1960s

  9. Russell L Russell L says:

    I liked this cozy mystery A goodshort book with no gory happenings

  10. Neil Neil says:

    In the sixties Priestley wrote several novels mainly for his own amusement works that he considered distinctly minor but as it turns out are much entertaining than the overblown major work from the sixties that Priestley himself wrongly considered his most important and greatest work of literature The Image Men Salt is leaving isn't Priestley at his very best most of the array of characters don't leap out from the page as they do elsewhere in his works although the title character Dr Salt is a great creation The story is just a fairly straightforward whodunnit that interests but doesn't grip But still it's a perfectly entertaining book a lesser writer would next have turned Dr Salt into the star of a series of books but instead as ever Priestley moved onto something totally new

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Salt is leaving [PDF / Epub] ☉ Salt is leaving ❤ J.B. Priestley – 'A formidable exercise distinguished by Priestley's undiminished gusto for storytelling' New York Times Book Review 'A most satisfactory suspense story It has the advantage of being different and witt 'A formidable exercise distinguished by Priestley's undiminished gusto for storytelling' New York Times Book Review 'A most satisfactory suspense story It has the advantage of being different and Salt is MOBI :↠ witty and full of the kind of observation that will delight many' Best Sellers 'A cosy old fashioned detective story' Francis Iles Guardian 'Comfortably old fashioned novels are hard to come by these days Good old Priestley has written a good old book' The Critic 'This is an enjoyable story with plenty of moral social comment' Times Literary Supplement 'In Salt is leaving Priestley offers the best of the detective genre It is almost a classic yet it has a zip and freshness that sets it apart' Victoria Advocate Dr Salt is leaving the dismal and depressing town of Birkden and his departure can't come soon enough Recently widowed and newly retired from the practice of medicine Salt looks forward to starting a new life in a sunnier clime But before he can go he must solve the mystery of the disappearance of one of his patients Noreen Wilks a young woman in urgent need of a life saving drug Believing she's just a flighty young person who has run away the police refuse to investigate but Salt has reason to suspect foul play Joining forces with Maggie Culworth whose father has also inexplicably vanished Salt must contend with powerful forces desperate to conceal the truth as he follows the clues towards a shocking and macabre conclusion The only detective story by the prolific playwright and novelist J B Priestley Salt is leaving was originally written for the author's own amusement but has gone on to be recognized as a classic of the mystery genre This edition features a new introduction by Mark Mason.