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La Belle Sauvage ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✈ La Belle Sauvage ⚣ Author Philip Pullman – Philip Pullman returns to the world of His Dark Materials with this magnificent first volume of The Book of Dust series Eleven year old Malcolm Polstead and his dæmon Asta live with his parents at th Philip Pullman returns to the world of His Dark Materials with this magnificent first volume of The Book of Dust series Eleven year old Malcolm Polstead and his dæmon Asta live with his parents at the Trout Inn near Oxford Across the River Thames which Malcolm navigates often using his beloved canoe a boat by the name of La Belle Sauvage is the Godstow Priory where the nuns live Malcolm learns they have a guest with them a baby by the name of Lyra Belacua.

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  • 15 October 2014

About the Author: Philip Pullman

Plato'—meaning that the physical world we see around us is the crude shabby imperfect second rate copy of something much better I want to emphasize the simple physical truth of things the absolute primacy of the material life rather than the spiritual or the afterlife He argues for a republic of heaven here on EarthIn the first novel of the His Dark Materials trilogy was adopted into the motion picture The Golden Compass by New Line Cinema Many churches and Christian organizations including the Catholic League called for a boycott of the film due La Belle PDF/EPUB or to the books' atheist themes While the film was successful in Europe and moderately received in the United States the other two books in the trilogy were not be adapted into film possibly due to pressure from the Catholic Church When uestioned about the anti church views in His Dark Materials Pullman explains in an interview for Third Way UK “It comes from history It comes from the record of the Inuisition persecuting heretics and torturing Jews and all that sort of stuff; and it comes from the other side too from the Protestants burning the Catholics It comes from the insensate pursuit of innocent and crazy old women and from the Puritans in America burning and hanging the witches—and it comes not only from the Christian church but also from the Taliban Every single religion that has a monotheistic god ends up by persecuting other people and killing them because they don't accept him Wherever you look in history you find that It's still going on Feb Pullman has received many threats by ardent believers over his choice of subject matterMore.

10 thoughts on “La Belle Sauvage

  1. Emily May Emily May says:

    Malcolm tried to remember the fairy tales he knew Could you bargain with fairies? Did they keep their promises? It's hard to believe but I was ten years old when I first read Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy Along with Harry Potter it is one of the standout reads of my childhood and perhaps my entire life So obviously when I heard about La Belle Sauvage I simply had to bury my skepticism and read itAnd I think this book digs up the past pretty well I’ve had mixed feelings about this trend of revisiting old series and retelling everything from classic fairy tales to Wonder Woman When the publishers dug down to the 1950s and pulled out Go Set a Watchman when Stephen King published a seuel to The Shining almost 40 years after the original every time Stephenie Meyer and ELJames tell the same story from yet another point of view I am reminded that we live in a world where marketability is far powerful than just a good story Why work on building a new brand and creating a new audience when there is already one right there for you?That being said I think La Belle Sauvage does it right Pullman captures the feel of the original trilogy but at least so far I don't feel like you need to read His Dark Materials to understand this book though why wouldn't you? ^^ However it does feel very much like part of a series This book is clearly called Volume 1 for a good reason as it reads like the first section of a full novel not as a standaloneHere we are taken back in time to when Lyra was a baby We meet her parents and her spirited dæmon Pantalaimon through the eyes of the curious and adventurous Malcolm Polstead who finds himself forced to protect infant Lyra from the many threats she faces Floods disgusting villains and scathing critiues of organized religion abound But I should advise that it is a slow burning tale Though tantalising tidbits of magic and secrets are hinted at throughout the book the action doesn’t really get going until over halfway through To me though this is classic Pullman and I wasn't bored for a second La Belle Sauvage climbs slowly at first and then faster towards a dark and brutal climax Readers may wish to be aware of a potentially triggering view spoilerrape scene hide spoiler

  2. Sean Barrs Sean Barrs says:

    Phillip Pullman is clearly capable of great things He achieves an absolute mastery of tone style and plot in The Golden Compass However I found none of that mastery in this book Admittedly I had major reservations going into it; yet for all that I did approach it with an open mind I tried to appreciate it for what it was though sadly that really isn’t much to get excited about The writing is average the plot slow and the new characters rather bland and ordinary For me the biggest problem this book has is its lack of autonomy The most exciting episodes of the plot were when characters from His Dark Materials were mentioned or even appeared in the flesh Granted this is a companion trilogy and certainly this was clearly meant to be read with the other trilogy in mind but it still needs enough strength to stand on its own to an extent And sadly it just doesn’t possess that strength The plot was exceedingly underdeveloped in the first half and the second half only served to usher Lyra’s arrival in Oxford Is that all we’re getting Mr Pullman?The new characters Pullman has written aren’t exactly remarkable or interesting Malcolm the protagonist is a very typical leading man with his heroic traits and natural intelligence that has yet to find a proper channel All in all he’s a pretty standard person whose only real passion seems to be his boat named La Belle Sauvage His friend and possible love interest Alice is angry with Malcolm because he doesn’t notice her She kicks him shouts at him and wishes for his attention Her feelings were firmly established early on yet were majorly underworked through the rest of the novelIn terms of narrative progression I feel like the story barely moved forward Again for the first half it stayed in the same place with Malcom running errands spying on people checking on a six month old Lyra and reading a few books In the second half he spent most of it on a boat arguing with Alice and looking for Lord Asriel It lacked a certain sense of purpose and urgency I never felt like the important characters were really in danger obviously because we know where they’re going to end up from reading the previous trilogy Whist this book is far from being dreadful it is completely unengaging There’s so much in The Golden Compass worthy of literary criticism but absolutely nothing here I have no reason to actually read the rest of the series At this point I have to ask myself the essential uestion why did he even write this?You can connect with me on social media via My Linktree

  3. Prema Arasu Prema Arasu says:

    Dear Mr Pullman Please never publish this book as I am writing a thesis on His Dark Materials and the addition of information to the canon will probably invalidate all of itThanks broP Arasu

  4. Joey Woolfardis Joey Woolfardis says:

    We delve back in to alternate world Oxford miles from armoured bears but surrounded yet again by daemons and the mysterious alethiometers following a young boy named Malcolm who is stuck in a world where young working class boys are mostly discouraged from learning beyond their schooling and are fervently taught that religion is the only truthThere is really no great ingenuity here that came previously with His Dark Materials and honestly that is the only place to start with Philip Pullman It begins idyllic and slow building the story as the rain falls Intrigue comes in to place in many parts but it's uite often when you expect it We meet characters we met in His Dark Materials and you are setting yourself up for some major spoilers if you read this book first but truthfully it is the journey of a book not the ending that makes itOnce the magic of the alethiometers turns up and the rain starts to become incredible the story begins in earnest It felt like setting the scene took too long but this alternate world Oxford and England was altogether comforting and peaceful that it was difficult not to care too much about that Returning to a world that one likes rather a lot is paramount to forgiving mostly anythingOf course it is written by Philip Pullman and so the writing is almost perfect There is nothing particularly lacking though because it is written for children you get the slightly condensed characters that usually come with that genre where they are not wholly fleshed out but made simple It's difficult to defend preuels or even seuels hey authors have to make money too but the alternate historyworlds of His Dark Materials is such a vast blindingly colourful world that there would be no end to the exploration of the place The ideas the daemons the alethiometer the dimensions and witches armoured bears and gyptians good versus evil and science versus religion is a ridiculously large field of such scope that even a trilogy a double trilogy or a triply trilogy could never uite exploreMy rating is mostly based on how much I enjoyed the writing it's so nice to read books by people who can actually factually write and the story along with nostalgia for His Dark Materials Really it is a 2 3 star story with 5 star ideas and 5 star writing some 1 star characters some 4 star It encompasses a lot of feelings and emotions and yet the overall feeling was simply comfortThis book comforted me like a freshly change duvet on a warm summer's day smelling faintly of lavender

  5. mark monday mark monday says:

    A wonderful way to start off the new year especially with the cold and the wet everywhere I loved the slow pace of the first half all of the details that brought life to sweet curious Malcolm's world I loved the thrill of the second half its many surreal and threatening episodes the rise of Malcolm's rage dogs the faerie ueen and the witch ueen the bravery and everything to do with grouchy Alice The appalling villain Gerard Bonneville and his three legged hyena daemon was fascinatingly perverse I enjoyed the brief appearances by Lord Asriel and especially Mrs Coulter Loved all of the daemons except hyena daemon of course because hyenas are the worst and La Belle Sauvage was a lovely little boat Pullman ratchets up the darkness a few notches but also makes certain that light is always present So many entrancing haunting and exciting moments This was a satisfying and exciting preuel that I look forward to rereadingplaceholder from 2014 view spoilerWHAT? this is real? oh my God oh my God which is an ironic exclamation regarding a book by Philip Pullman I had no idea this was in the works happy sigh hide spoiler

  6. Emily (Books with Emily Fox) Emily (Books with Emily Fox) says:

    35? I was excited to read from that world I have to say the book left me a bit unsatisfied? I wanted and I will continue reading this series but it mostly felt like an intro not a full bookHowever it made me want to reread His Dark Materials ASAP

  7. Kristen Kristen says:

    Possible spoilers ahead Proceed with cautionI cannot believe that I am rating this book 2 starsThis was my most anticipated read of 2017 After reading His Dark Materials last year and falling in love with the world and having the story shatter me and embed itself deeply into my soul I was so excited for this book I would honestly go to bed smiling sometimes thinking about how awesome this book was going to be I think it's safe to say that how I'm feeling now after reading it is a little bit than disappointed I honestly want to cry when I think about how let down I am I'm not even sure what I wanted from this book I just know that I didn't get itOkay so I'm going to start with what I liked before this turns into a rant reviewWhat I liked1 Baby Lyra and the introduction of baby daemons I had never given much thought to what a person's daemon is like when they're a baby but the amount of cuteness that this entails is out of this dimension 2 How much Malcolm loved and cared for baby Lyra Kid did good Good job kid3 Alice and being generally feisty She was the most real character to me in this story She wasn't beautiful In fact she was even described as ratty at one point I appreciated that and also her strength tenacity as well as her vulnerability at timesAnd now for the longer list What I didn't like1 Nothing happened Okay so obviously some stuff happened but for a 450 page book nothing happened For the majority of the book it's just about getting Lyra from one part of town during a flood to the next Pullman said somewhere that this book wasn't going to be a preuel or a seuel but an EUAL He lied If this isn't a preuel I don't know what is2 Baby Lyra Yes this is something I liked and something I disliked At first I was all AWWWW SHE'S SO PWECIOUS But then it slowly dawned on me that she was going to be a baby throughout the whole book I swear to goosh that I read somewhere that Pullman said the story would follow Lyra from the ages of 4 YEARS OLD to 20 YEARS OLD Am I making this up? I honestly am so confused because she was 6 months old throughout the whole dang thing I was hoping that by the time she turned 20 she and Will would find a way to be together again EXCUSE THE SHIT OUT OF ME FOR DARING TO DREAM All I want is to live in a world where Lyra and Will can be together3 The dark tone I mean obviously Pullman includes some controversial topics in his works In His Dark Materials there were obviously dark things happening and some religious boundaries being crossed but it was so magical I didn't give a flying fluff I honestly wasn't offended just amazed at his creativity genius and originality I WAS ACTUALLY OFFENDED AND PUT OFF A NUMBER OF TIMES IN THIS BOOK I am no super Christian but what happened with St Alexander was effed the fuck up Having a bad group of Christians go to all the schools and tell the kids a story about a kid who told on his parents and got them hung for not being a Christian and then being made a saint is a low blow to Christians I feel Honestly it seems like Pullman is getting bitter in his old age There are also instances of RAPE STRONG LANGUAGE MURDER FLOATING DEAD BODIES and a WEIRD NAKED BREAST FEEDINGBABY THEFT SCENE that mildly disturbed me4 Where is the magic? I'm not talking about spells and wizardry and whatnot I'm talking about that special feeling you get when all of the elements of a story come together to create pure magic in your heart and soul There really wasn't anything about this book that made it any different than any other book in the world Nothing special to set it apart from all the rest like His Dark Materials had No talking ard polar bears No nothing Except for a weird delusional naked fairy lady who is in serious need of some mental help but she doesn't count because I'm trying my best to erase her from my memory5 It took me forever to get through Listen some people read one book a week and for them that is amazing I'm the kind of person that likes to get through about 3 books a week Somehow this 450 page book took me an entire week to finish And it took away my excitement for reading the entire time I kind of dreaded picking it back up because I was afraid that the next disturbing thing to happen would lessen my opinion of the original trilogy somehow I don't think it did thankfully I'm just going to mentally compartmentalize these two series into different categories and not let this dud dampen my appreciation for HDMI think that I will probably pick up the next book in the series although probably from the library as to not waste my money because I've come this far and I'm still holding out hope that it will get better After all it wasn't until the third book in the original series that my soul was shattered You never know I might even like the next book

  8. Phrynne Phrynne says:

    This was really good I liked it better than His Dark Materials The characters were better drawn the story was interesting and it really seemed not to be aimed at the same market There were references to sexual activity and rape and some of the scenes were uite brutal Not really appropriate for children at allHowever I enjoyed it very much indeed I must admit that credit should be given to Michael Sheen the narrator of the audiobook His impersonation of the laugh of a rabid jackal was a masterpiece I even replayed it He did all of the other characters really well tooAs someone who used to live between Oxford and London I really appreciated the journey and I could visualise the river breaking its banks and spreading out across all those fields And then there were the daemons and the magical creatures and of course Lyra herself in this story an eight month old baby but already aware beyond her age Wonderful Oh and don't forget those poor nuns who seemed to suffer than they should haveI enjoyed La Belle Sauvage so much and can't wait now for the next book

  9. Simona B Simona B says:

    EDIT 29052017 TITLE TITLE TITLE IT IS SO LOVELY AND THERE IS A BLURB TOOEDIT 15022017 This comes out in October do you know what that means? It means that Simona is going to re read all three books of His Dark Materials before then Yay

  10. Philip Philip says:

    4ish stars My first experience with the Pullman verse I never read The Golden Compass but reading this makes me want to Malcolm is a great character and the adventure he embarks on is exciting and interesting There are some great secondary characters as well particularly Hannah Relf I wonder ifhope that they appear in the original series?? The tone is dark and adult for a book obviously meant for a younger audience including f bombs sexual assault but it's still very much a YAchildren's book I'm sure it's enjoyable in the context of the larger universe and it can't really be read as a standalone; it begs to be read as a preuel to the original series I guess I need to add another series to my TBR pile WoofThe audio by Michael Sheen is really awesome It's too bad he doesn't narrate the original series but I hear good things about the audio for that as wellPosted in Mr Philip's Library

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