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  • Paperback
  • 136 pages
  • Phoenix Resurrection
  • Matthew Rosenberg
  • English
  • 23 May 2017
  • 9781302911638

10 thoughts on “Phoenix Resurrection

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    I was initially wary when this mini series was announced I mean, AGAIN Right Having now read it, all I can say is that it was beautiful Great art and a great, respectful story by Matthew Rosenberg.Welcome home, Jean It s damned good to see you again.

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    Hold onto your hats everyone Jean Grey is BACK But this character NEVER returns from the dead that s why she s called Phoenix half the time And it s been years since we ve seen Jean why, I bet there s an entire generation of comics readers who ll be utterly lost as to who this Gene Gray person is I may have overdosed on sarcasm there Yeah, that s what Marvel needs right now another uninspired resurrection storyline where they bring back a character who s not only died and come back to life on multiple occasions but who s also another version of a character they already have two of running around It was kinda interesting that Matthew Rosenberg s story was Twilight Zone ish an amnesiac Jean is stuck in an idyllic American town surrounded by dead characters wondering what s up doc it s not the most predictable way to bring her back, so I give Rosenberg some credit there And the art line up is pretty faultless Leinil Francis Yu, Joe Bennett, Carlos Pacheco and Ramon R...

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    Honestly, the last thing I wanted was Jean Grey to come back, especially with teenage Jean Grey already boring me over in her own series Can we jettison the time lost original X Men back into the timestream now They are all very boring and redundant at this point But if she s coming back at least this was well written The art s good but a different artist on each book is a bit of a drag Hey Marvel, how about planning this stuff enough in advance you can commit one artist to a project So, now that old Jean is back, hopefully Tom Taylor can make me care about her again over in X Men Red By the way, why do those costumes look like sentinels They re hideous This book illustrates one of the HUGE problems with the X Men these days Their are at least 50 different X Men lurking in the backgrounds of the panels of this book When the X Men were really good in the 70 s and 80 s, there was only a core of 6 or 7 of them at any given time The X books really need to get back to that N...

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    Character death return events are a staple of superhero comics We all know them, we all groan at them, but we all read them because we kinda have to in order to understand what s going on in the given comic book universe The thing is, they re some of the most unnecessary stories you can tell in the medium because at the end of the day, the character in question is just dead alive again and that s all you really need to know There is rarely a good reason or explanation for them to be dead or resurrected in the first place, often than not it s some contrived bullshit that makes little to no sense.Phoenix Resurrection The Return of Jean Grey is no different Something something happens with Phoenix, then poof and just like that Jean is back Back again Which time is it Who cares The entire point of this book is in its title, and you don t need to know anything besides that fact because there is no logical explanation as to why she s back Apparently, she s been in some hallucinatory egg the whole time, but when Old Man Logan goes inside to talk to her she...

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    2017 was the year of resurrecting X Men characters who really didn t need to be resurrected One of those was Jean Grey, who d been entirely replaced by young Jean and Rachel and even Quentin But unlike with the two other major resurectees of 2017, at least Marvel had an excuse for resurrecting Jean, as she had been the avatar of a god of resurrection or perhaps just replaced by her, but modern X writers try really hard to pretend that didn t happen.As for the comic itself, it s at best OK The comic comes in two parts One part is a long MacGuffin hunt that mostly involves the X Men standing around places that were important to Jean Different groups of X Men stand around at each location It d be a neat crossover for the currently disparate X titles if it involved anything other than standing But really, they just pose and posture and then move on The other part involves a memory less Jean interacting with memory less dead X Men, who are playing the roles of auto mechanics, short order cooks, or diner customers There s a theoretical purpose to it, but it mostly feels like an attempt to sell nolstalgia as plot Dead adult Scott is the only one who s really meaningful Overall, there s perhaps an issue worth of story in this five issue mini.And was it worth doing Who knows I guess we...

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    This was okayish I mean we knew the big red would be coming back but how was the question So weird shit begins happening Kids getting murdered Weird psychic occurrences begin Then the X Men decide to break into teams to find out what it is When they begin to piece it together we learn the Phoenix has returned but so has Jean However, with her back is she who she says she is At the same time we get to see Jean mentally breaking down little by little Going through various images or people in her life and fading away Good I liked some moments with Jean and characters Especially the Scott moment and the Logan moment I also forgot how much I liked Jean and when she returned I wanted her back on the team Also, this moves very quickly, so it s never boring Bad The storyline itself feels forced in a lot of ways We know Matthew Rosenberg is a GREAT writer, but he can only do so much with this storyline I also thought the art was okay, some cool moments, but nothing special Overall thi...

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    i cried my whole way through reading this i love jean so much and this is so so so powerful and an amazing story.

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    I was a big X Men fan in the 80s, but I try to avoid it nowadays as the continuity is so tortured and the characters number in the thousands I decided to give this book a try as it revisits a big storyline from the team s heyday and is written by Matthew Rosenberg who impressed the hell out of me with his 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank.Unfortunately, this book just reinforced my need to continue my avoidance strategy It s not badly done, I just can t care about the dozens of characters so many of them time displaced future or past selves of present day or dead X Men crammed into the story and th...

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    Eeeeeeeeeh I mean, it was okay Five issues were a little much though Especially because not a heck of a lot happened.There were a few pages that I dugI guess.I dunno.I m just kinda over the whole Jean Grey Phoenix thing Ya know So yeah, she s back I probably wouldn t have picked these issues upbut I wanted to know what the heck was going...

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    This was certainly the most well done of all of Jean s resurrections This shouldn t be any spoilers given the title of the book and who this is Sadly coming back to life is now Jean s thing The book spends a few issues maybe one too many letting you absorb the potential threat level and impending doom while you figure out just what is going on It ends rather quickly but in a satisfying way, reestablishing her character You d...

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Phoenix Resurrection Download Phoenix Resurrection Author Matthew Rosenberg Marjoriejane.co.uk Like A Phoenix From The Ashes, She Will Rise Years Ago, Jean Grey Died At The Hands Of A Villainous Mutant And The X Men Mourned Her But That Was Then And In The Years That Have Passed Since That Shocking Loss, The World Has Changed Jean S Teammates Have Lived Without Her, And Some Have Died Without Her But Now, When Strange And Mysterious Events Start Happening All Over The World, An Unmistakable Pattern Forms, And Jean S Friends And Loved Ones Can Only Come To One Startling Conclusion Impossible As It Seems The One True Jean Grey Is Back From The Dead COLLECTING PHOENIX RESURRECTION THE RETURN OF JEAN GREY 1 5

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