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Il castello errante di Howl. La trilogia (Howls Moving Castle, #1-3) [Read] ➯ Il castello errante di Howl. La trilogia (Howls Moving Castle, #1-3) ➸ Diana Wynne Jones – La giovane Sophie vive a Market Chipping nel lontano e bizzarro paese di Ingary un posto dove può succedere di tutto specialmente uando la Strega delle Terre Desolate perde la pazienza Sophie sogna d La giovane Sophie vive a Market Chipping errante di PDF ↠ nel lontano e bizzarro paese di Ingary un posto dove può succedere di tutto specialmente uando la Strega delle Terre Desolate perde la pazienza Sophie sogna di vivere una grande avventura ma da uando le sorelle se ne sono andate di casa e lei è rimasta sola a lavorare nel negozio di cappelli del padre le sue giornate trascorrono ancor più tranuille e monotone Finché un giorno la perfida strega per niente soddisfatta dei cappelli che Sophie le propone trasforma la ragazza in una vecchia Allora anche Il castello eBook ´ Sophie è costretta a partire e ad affrontare un viaggio che la porterà a stipulare un patto col Mago Howl a entrare nel suo castello sempre in movimento a domare un demone e infine a opporsi alla perfida Strega Insomma Sophie nel tentativo di ritrovare la sua giovinezza dovrà affrontare suo malgrado molte più avventure di uante ne avesse mai sognate.

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  1. Stas Stas says:

    This is a great seriesThe first book Howl's Moving Castleis the best by farThe other two books are good too but they don't uite measure upI have some ualms about Castle in the Air it's just not as goodHouse of Many Ways has the same feel as Howl's Moving Castle and is no less magical in its own rightOverall this is a highly recommended series

  2. Joseph Salvatore Vitale Joseph Salvatore Vitale says:

    I have read all three DWJ Novels with the Wizard Howl and his lovely bride Sophie Like the Chrestomanci books These will be Another series I will reread over and over again Also to my future children

  3. Sara Sara says:

    Truly delightful

  4. EA Solinas EA Solinas says:

    One of Diana Wynne Jones' most endearing characters is Howl an eccentric and isolated wizard who whirls around the land of Ingary in a moving castleAnd while Howl is not the protagonist of the World of Howl trilogy he is the vital character that links the three books together Howl's Moving Castle Castle in the Air and House of Many Ways These three interlaced books shows off Jones' whimsical multiverse and knack for odd charming characters at its best as well as stories that slip sideways in all sorts of clever waysIn Howl's Moving Castle a misunderstanding leads to ordinary Sophie Hatter being turned into a crone by the malevolent Witch of the Waste Finding old age oddly liberating she wanders away from her hat shop and becomes the cleaning lady for the powerful wizard Howl who lives in a moving castle with his fire demon Calcifer Calcifer strikes a deal with Sophie if she can break the contract between him and Howl he'll restore her youth The catch is neither he nor Howl can tell her WHAT the contract isWhile assisting Howl and his apprentice Michael Sophie discovers that Howl's reputation for wickedness is rather exaggerated he doesn't actually eat girls' hearts and suck out their souls but he is a prodigious flirt who abandons girls once he gets them to fall for him He's also kind of a drama ueen But soon Sophie finds that the powerful wizard is ensnared in a horrifying curse and Howl has only a little time before the curse strikesCastle in the Air introduces us to carpet salesman Abdullah who is whisked off by a magic flying carpet to the garden of the beautiful SultanFlower in the Night But when Flower in the Night is kidnapped by a djinn Abdullah is framed for her abduction and with the help of his magic carpet a cat and her kitten and a very grumpy genie he ends up on a wild adventure that crosses to the land of IngaryIn House of Many Ways Charmain Baker ends up looking after Great Uncle William's cottage which sounds pretty normal except that William is a wizard and his house has a door that can lead to any place As magical creatures and problems as well as a befuddled apprentice enter her life Charmain becomes enmeshed in a strange conspiracy involving the Lubbock a horrifying purple insect creatureWorld of Howl Collection Howl's Moving Castle House of Many Ways Castle in the Air is probably the least unified of Diana Wynne Jones' series While Howl and Sophie plays pivotals part of every story their part in the story is not always obvious instead we follow some uirky characters like Charmain and Abdullah who have their own journeys that just happen to intersect with Howl's in some major wayAnd however he appears Howl is a delightful character he's fickle immature flamboyant eccentric irresponsible and has cultivated a distinct image as a wicked heart devouring sorcerer to keep everyone far away from him And yet he's oddly charming and fun to read about especially as a foil to the sensible SophieAll of the things Jones is best loved for are here multiverses cats some very odd magic clever subversions of the old fantasy cliches Sophie laments that she is doomed to a dull life because fortunes are only found by the youngest in a family and a puckishly British sense of humor Her writing has an enchanting briskness wherever the story goes Howl expresses his angst by oozing green slime all over and only a few stumbling blocks the lubbock is kind of an absurd villainWorld of Howl Collection Howl's Moving Castle House of Many Ways Castle in the Air brings together all three of the books dealing with Howl Jenkins Pendragon even if they initially don't seem very much connected Charming odd and magical

  5. John Burns John Burns says:

    This has been my first introduction to the world of Diana Wynne Jones I say introduction to the world rather than simply my first book by this author because it seems like it is a pretty interesting and consistent world one that I enjoy I like DWJ so far I like her relatable motherly personality I like her obvious love for all things pagan and witchy This is a cool world of familiar fairy tale stuff Witches Genies flying carpets wizards The characters are pretty good too Not the most brilliantly complex characters you've encountered but a bit better than what you might generally expect from YA literature I think they're better written than the folks in the Harry Potter books They're a bit 1 dimensional in the way young person's authors usually write and yet they feel vibrant and familiar; they throw tantrums or they express their diffidence or frustration in ways that we recogniseThe writing is fast and nippy and perhaps overly laconic to the point that you freuently find that you aren't completely certain about what just happened probably because crucial plot points are glossed over in a single sentence I wouldn't say I'm blown away by her work but it's a charming world full of original ideas We see characters appearing out of people's dreams doorways to alternate dimensions including our own houses that take you to different corridors depending on the way you move through their doorways magic spells that work simply through verbally persuading inanimate objects that they actually want to be an X or do Y I could probably make a long list of all the inventive stuff in here It's not as if it's Phillip K Dick or anything totally mind bending but it's probably a bit interesting than the ideas in your average Neil Gaiman book It's not earth shatteringly brilliant but I could list a number of ways in which it is both likeable and pretty good Great stuff I've just started her 6 book Chrestomanci series and am really looking forward to making my way though that tooI'd strongly recommend this trilogy to anyone who likes kid's fantasy The Hobbit Wind in the Willows Narnia etc

  6. Greg Kerestan Greg Kerestan says:

    Howl's Moving Castle isn't a masterpiece but it's a fun tongue in cheek deconstruction of fairy tale and YA fantasy clichés Unfortunately the series that it began doesn't always live up to the promise of the first installation The novels are never bad but in general the of flamboyant effeminate ladykiller wizard Howl and his fire demon sidekick Calcifer we get the better the novel is Additionally Sophie Hatter the viewpoint character of the first novel is a much interesting and dynamic character than daydreaming overly polite Abdullah or bookish helpless Charmaine

  7. Tamara Hull Tamara Hull says:

    It is not possible to not love Howl and the other characters that weave together to form this trilogy This has everything reuired of a brilliant story for children; magic whimsy and enough drama and excitement to keep the pages turning This is a book set that will be read to all the children in my life

  8. Kara Kozla Kara Kozla says:

    Fell in love with these booksA friend recommended that I read these books and I was not disappointed The characters were amazing and engaging Truthfully I liked the first and third book the best but I enjoyed the second one as well I can easily see myself re reading these books and already have a copy of the first one to a friend because I knew she'd enjoy it too

  9. Lyra van der Berge Lyra van der Berge says:

    Pretty good series did not love it as much as I loved the Chrestomanci series though mainly as I simply did not find either Sophie or Howl very likeable Enjoyed the last book House of Many Ways the best Give me a bookwurm as a main character any day; Charmain was lovely

  10. Susan Daniel Susan Daniel says:

    Really fun series I enjoyed it

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