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Sparks ❮Read❯ ➸ Sparks ➻ Author Matthew Cash – This is a public service announcement on behalf of Burdizzo Books Ghosts in the machine Killer currents Demonic disturbances Then you need Sparks Keep your family safe from bulbs and batteries that go This is a public service announcement on behalf of Burdizzo books Ghosts in the machine Killer currents Demonic disturbances Then you need Sparks Keep your family safe from bulbs and batteries that go bump in the night by reading Sparks electrifying tales of horror sci fi bizarro and fantasy Visit post apocalyptic nightmare worlds listen to recordings of the dead feel the friction of electric lady love and be struck by lightning from the past Plug in turn on tune in and get buzzed Sparks – it’s alive ALL PROCEEDS GO TO RESOURCES FOR AUTISM.

5 thoughts on “Sparks

  1. C.H. Baum C.H. Baum says:

    This is a brilliant collection of horrifying electric shorts Read it or be forever fried

  2. Dsjm Reviews Dsjm Reviews says:

    Reviewed by Demetrius SvetteThis book was provided for an honest reviewThis anthology was put together to help raise money for a very helpful cause and it’s something that is close to the hearts of many It intrigued me to see that 100% of the profits of all sales of this anthology go to help with resources for Autism Though this book was made with absolutely no profits for the authors themselves in mind the collection of short stories inside are not compromised meaning that the authors didn’t gyp anyone on the uality of the stories The pages are filled with some of the craziest wildest and most detailed stories that I have read inside of an anthology Some were funny some were shocking and some can be scary depending on the person reading it Each turn of the page it felt like my hands were being shocked and the pulse of the lightning strikes were filling my eyes I commend Cash and Dehaney for bringing a great group of authors together for an awesome causeSparks is compiled of fifteen authors that take you on an epic journey through horror sci fi fantasy and the bizarre There is a little something for everyone I did not know what to expect when I first started reading Sparks An incredible experience that started with death and ended with this book features Pippa Bailey hers was one of my favorite stories David Court Mark Cassel Ash Hartwell and many ; including the editors Matthew Cash and Em Dehaney Throughout history we have thought about electric shock and thought Tesla and Ben Franklin mostly but never a book until now Do you dare to open Sparks and be shocked or even taken over by the electricity that flows inside? I implore you please do as you will feel every pulse of the electric rod go through your bodyAre you ready for the horrific tales that lay inside? Are you ready to cut your phone off after you finish with this collection? Remember to check your attics and basements; be sure to cut off all the lights go ahead and turn off all your electrical products while you’re at it Better yet just rip the cords out of the wall you will thank me later From the start with a short that is not kind and gets straight to the point you will welcome all the stories inside that do not shy away from horrific and deathly tales of electricity Just remember that you have been warned and if you follow my directions you will be safe Only read this when you are alone and in the daylight with clear skies around The risks are greater if you read during a storm when you decide to read this I extend a round of terrifying applause to Burdizzo Books for giving us one of the best anthologies of the year

  3. Alex Murphy Alex Murphy says:

    Sparks is a collection of short stories published by Burdizzo Books where all the proceeds are going to the charity Resources for Autism So buying this book as it’s for a good cause is good but it helps if the book is decent as well And in this case it is The book is a collection of stories a mix of genres; thriller sci fi supernatural with a predominantly horror edge and all have electricity hence the name Sparks as a plot device if not the main oneThere is a total of 15 stories all by different authors I didn’t find one story bad or regretted reading any But there were ones that seemed very weird which I found hard to find what the story was about The writing was good it wasn’t a drag to read and in all the stories they flowed well and except for the ‘strange’ ones easy to grasp My favourite stories in this book were Electrophorus Electricus – a lad’s holiday to the ends in underwater horror In for a Shock – strange sci fi wrapped about the repercussions of wasting electricity The Rape of Ivy House – a supernatural or not I’m not sure tale of a house and its stubborn owner who wants to stay off the grid Off the Hook – a kind of tech based murder thriller Kayla – a weird uantum physicsalternate dimension story Power Cut – a morality tale of a coma patient a nice dark twist There’s no Lights on the Christmas Tree Mother They’re Burning Big Louie Tonight – a well written story told from a kid’s point of view Wolpertinger – a slightly comedic monster story The Reel Too Real – a very uick eerie thriller Power Trip – A sci fi story about an invasion of electric aliensI really enjoyed these stories and would recommend it to people who like their stories a little bit different and I’m pretty sure there is at least two stories in here that anyone would like I will look out for books from these authors and anthologies from them

  4. FU FU FU FU says:

    The electricity theme inspired some very innovative stories in this charity horror anthology My favorite was Kayla by Lex Jones it's a fresh spin on Frankenstein and I enjoyed the clever incorporation of uantum physics Pippa Bailey's In for a Shock was an entertaining and action packed blend of fantasy and what I'm calling eco horror Matthew Cash's story There's No Lights on the Christmas Tree Mother was expertly and chillingly told from the perspective of a child Overall this is a very good anthology for an excellent cause

  5. Christopher Law Christopher Law says:

    Another one I'm in so can't review Do go get a copy though all proceeds from this one go to an autism charity

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