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Electric Boogerloo [Read] ➲ Electric Boogerloo Author Mark Maciejewski – Thomashillier.co.uk Chub and his group of misfit friends—including some new recruits—try to track down the school’s missing mascot in the hilarious and heartwarming seuel to I Am FartacusIt’s a new year and a cha Chub and his group of misfit friends—including some new recruits—try to track down the school’s missing mascot in the hilarious and heartwarming seuel to I Am FartacusIt’s a new year and a chance for Chub to make a fresh start at Alanmoore Middle School After all he now has a “cadre” of misfits behind him and his feud with Archer “The Arch” Norris seems to have cooled off over the summer Could seventh grade be the year that Chub keeps his nose out of troubleOne thing Chub didn’t count on The new principal “Mizzz Lockhart”—a steely eyed disciplinary maniac with a zero tolerance policy for mischief who is just waiting to make an example out of Chub When Lockhart’s precious sculpture—a hideous modern art rendering of the school mascot that Chub dubbed “The Boogerloo”—disappears both Chub and Archer are blamed for the theft Worse still they’re faced with expulsion which for Chub means being shipped off to Poland unless they can produce the Boogerloo in forty eight hoursIt’s up to Chub Archer Shelby Moby and Megumi the new student whom both Chub and Archer are crushing on to find the Boogerloo before Chub gets kicked out of school—and maybe the country—for good.

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  1. Karen Kline Karen Kline says:

    This second book in the I am Fartacus series picks up where it left off in the first book with the goofball antics of middle schooler Chub and his band of offbeat friends in his so called “cadre” It’s a new school year though and Chub is determined to stay out of the principal’s office ESPECIALLY now that there's an interesting new girl he’d like to know and impress The new girl has a copy of Ronin Girl a first edition of a comic that Chub wants to read AND she keeps it in a plastic sleeve so she’s is clearly a fan But when a ridiculous looking but priceless figurine designed to look like the school mascot goes missing from the trophy case at Alanmoore Middle School Chub has to focus on important matters than comics The new principal Ms Lockhart has Chub’s discipline file from the former principal and she seems intent on scaring Chub and his friends straight Lockhart also seems to have a plan to expel him if she can find a way to blame Chub for the missing piece of art This is a rollicking read of hilarious situations and plot twists Maciejewski seems to have a knack for knowing the way adolescents behave and think and his dialogue is raw and unfiltered at times giving the book an authentic voice that readers will find funny and honest Adults would do well to read this book too as it’s a window into the way a lot of today’s kids think and feel When new girl Megumi invites Chub to “Emerald Con” the local comic book convention I knew this book was in tune with the kind of geek out fun that plenty of readers will get caught up in I winced snorted and smirked the whole way through

  2. Rob Vlock Rob Vlock says:

    I loved the first I Am Fartacus book I mean I seriously LOVED it So funny and full of heart So I figured Electric Boogerloo couldn't possibly live up to my super high expectations Boy was I wrong Chub is back with his old friends and some new ones in a story that kept me wondering whodunit and laughing page after page This book definitely kept me reading way past my bedtime If you want a book that will delight pretty much every kid everywhere this is it Mark Maciejewski is a fantastically talented writer and his second book in the Fartacus series is a pure winner BUY IT NOW

  3. Ms. Yingling Ms. Yingling says:

    E ARC from Edelweiss PlusAfter barely escaping being suspended in I Am Fartacus Chub and his former best friend Arch start seventh grade at Alanmoore Middle School There are a lot of new students from a neighboring school that was torn down and one of them is carrying around a mint condition Ronin Girl comic that Chub desperately wants to see There is a new principal Ms Lockhart who is systematically bringing past troublemakers to her office to let them know she is watching them The Mcueen triplets have been in so are nervous and Arch and Chub fear that the principal wants to suspend one of them as an example When the Wahoolie sculpture of the school mascot a kangaroo is stolen Chub knows that he is the main suspect With the help of Moby and his wonky digestive system Shelby and the rest of the cadre Chub puts together his resources to investigate the theft Megumi the girl with the Ronin Girl comic wants to help as well and ends up being a valuable member of the team Chub finds out a lot about his friends and is met with some surprises Is he able to solve the mystery clear his name and remove all reason for his parents to relocate the family back to Poland?Strengths Fans of Johnson's The Great Greene Heist Rylander's The Fourth Stall and Ferraiolo's The Big Splash will love this junior high comic crime novel There's a good balance of understated goofy Moby's gastrointestinal issues a light romance and a fairly believable mystery The ensemble characters are what really makes this book there are a fair number of them but they are all so well drawn that it's easy to tell them apart The comic connection adds an additional level of appealWeaknesses Ms Lockwood is rather over the top I'd like to see some books where the principal isn't evil but is really a super hero in disguise Also the portrayal of the librarian is a bit unflattering Why not turn tables and have an old seemingly sleepy librarian who is actually a ninja spy? Clearly some personal views here my father was an elementary school principalWhat I really think Much to my surprise I am Fartacus did not circulate as well as I had hoped Still buying this one and the fact that is seems like of a mystery might help sell the series

  4. Maggie Maggie says:

    This is a fantastic seuel Super fun to revisit the original cadre and meet some new characters Good mystery with a fun twist at the end Great friendship themes and very age appropriate for middle schooler A must read

  5. Jamie Jamie says:

    Goofy fun like a grown up version of Matilda Features a comically mean new principal a mysterious new student and her ultra rare comic book and an assortment of ridiculous grownups with some cool friendship themes

  6. T.J. Burns T.J. Burns says:

    I received a copy of this book from Simon and Schuster Children's Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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