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  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • Exit Strategy
  • Lauren Allbright
  • 19 April 2016
  • 9781481479134

10 thoughts on “Exit Strategy

  1. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    I liked this book for presenting a character who has a school story that’s different Ross’ mom is a musician with a touring symphony which means Ross changes schools every few months At one point he realizes that this gives him the opportunity to make a grand exit and he starts to plot those in advance But now that his grandpa has had a fall he and his mom will be in town a bit longer than usual So rather than devising his exit strategy for this Texas town Ross needs a plan for fitting in Of course he decides to try to change himself along the way Spoiler that doesn’t work As expected the popular kids don’t like his shenanigans and the “dorks” who he really should take the time to befriend get their feelings hurt Despite the tropes the fact that I couldn’t keep a lot of the minor character straight Justin? And why is Jenna obsessed with the truth again? and the loose thread of the dad this book has some promise I liked the framework of the scientific method STEM in novels is on the rise and I like the way it’s handled here I also liked Ross’ charts and his uest to become funnier I also found Peter’s commentary on flight fight and “showing up” to be an important message for kids Ross’ recognition of the flaws of flight was an important revelation and I liked the way he tried communicating honestly especially thru email with his old friend Trent A good theme for sure I thought this was going to be a two star book but it’s got merit I’ll be interested to see what this author comes up with next especially something else with science is in the works

  2. Erin Logan Erin Logan says:

    Ross's life with a traveling musician mother has landed him in temporary school after temporary school Ross decided several moves ago that he needs an Exit Strategy for each short lived life something for his temporary peers to remember him by However when Ross's grandfather falls ill Ross finds himself in a possibly permanent middle school in Fort Worth and he's not sure if he knows how to handle being in the same social setting for too long I enjoyed the humor and realism of this book and would place it in the hands of many 6th or 7th graders on campus This would be a good read for a student who wants to better understand attention seeking behavior someone who is always the new kid or someone looking for an entertaining and uick read

  3. Mary Sanchez Mary Sanchez says:

    Twelve year old Ross has always had an exit strategy for moving away from school but when his grandpa Pops gets ill mom decides they will move in Pop's home and care for him Now Ross will have in stay put in one school and even do a science project which he decides will be on discovering how he can be funny so he'll be admired by the students in the middle school He keeps a notebook of his research on how to be funny and is paried with a wierd lab partner who helps Ross discover a formula for happiness Some of the scenes were laugh outloud funny and I enjoyed the chapter headings and figures in the book which referred to parts of a science project

  4. Phoebe Phoebe says:

    Ross is used to changing schools to the point where he has a different creative exit strategy for each departure Now with the illness of his grandfather his mother decides they will put down stakes perhaps permanently Ross is in a uandary because he isn't used to sticking around making friends and being steady but unsensational He loves making people laugh and he has to do a science project so why not combine the two? Aside from the dense print this book has decent kid reader appeal and a positive message Middle schooljunior high

  5. Laney Nielson Laney Nielson says:

    At the center of this sweet and funny middle grade novel is a boy who needs to make friends and learn to be himself For a science project he decides he will figure out the formula for being funny Chapters are titled for the steps in the scientific method and there are figures and tables that support Ross' humorous thoughts This a fun and satisfying read It would also make an excellent classroom read aloud

  6. Kate Wallace Kate Wallace says:

    This is such a fun book Ross is a really likable relatable character This is the story of his struggle to fit into a new middle school after moving from school to school over and over It is both funny and inspiring It has a great message for kids to be themselves and when in doubt just show up

  7. Rachel Grover Rachel Grover says:

    Cute The ending was seriously cheesy but the overall situation of Ross is something a lot of readers can identify with trying to fit in and be funny with peers Eh certainly not my favorite of the summer and while I bought a copy for my MS library I'm not convinced I will booktalk it maybe just on a display It had potential that in my opinion it didn't reach

  8. Kristie Frazier Kristie Frazier says:

    It is a struggle all out war to get my daughter to read anything She won't even read the back of a cereal box I picked a few books that she had to read over the summer She absolutely loved it I had to make her put it down to come to dinner Hopefully this author has another book on the way

  9. Molly Dettmann Molly Dettmann says:

    A cute MG read about Ross a kid who moves a lot and finds his calling by planning elaborate exits at his school when his mom and him have to move again When he doesn't exactly move right away soon he tries to fit in and life lessons are learned

  10. Aly Aly says:

    I don't really have much to say about this book I finished it I don't hate it nor do I love it I can't be to critical about it since it's only a children's book I just didn't connect with the kids especially the main character

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Exit Strategy[Download] ➾ Exit Strategy By Lauren Allbright – Thomashillier.co.uk Twelve year old Ross tries to discover the formula for being funny and getting his new classmates to like him in this laugh out loud MAX novelRoss Stevens has changed schools twelve times in the last Twelve year old Ross tries to discover the formula for being funny and getting his new classmates to like him in this laugh out loud MAX novelRoss Stevens has changed schools twelve times in the last three years but when his beloved Pops becomes ill Ross and his mom must plant roots—which means no school moves And no moves mean no school exits and Ross has perfected the science of leaving a school with an epic prank Worse it means he will actually have to learn how to make friends and do a science project two things he’s never had to do beforeThen Ross hits on a hypothesis if pranks are cool because they are funny then maybe he could discover the formula for funny If his nerdy “peer review” partner doesn’t cramp his style and if the embarrassing notebook full of his “research” doesn’t get out then maybe Ross can actually be happy staying in one placeBut can he really figure out the formula for ultimate middle school happiness.