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  1. Janne Janssens Janne Janssens says:

    Thank you to the author and Undaunted Publishing for sending me these audiobooks in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review1 Windsworn ✰✰✰✰2 Windswept ✰✰✰✰3 Windbreak ✰✰✰✰ The Gryphon Riders Trilogy is a very entertaining fantasy series We follow the adventures of Eva a young orphan girl raised by a blacksmith who she loves as a father She is fierce has her own opinion but isn't afraid to show emotion I loved her Letting the characters grow emotionally and at the same time keep their personalities consistent throughout three books isn't an easy writing job I can speak from experience However Derek Alan Siddoway succeeded in the character development departement And in the world building department as well for that matterDragons have always been my favourite fantasy creature But I am glad this wasn't another dragon story Gryphons are so cool They should get stories of their ownPlot wise the author really managed to keep my attention while binge listening the complete trilogy Their was the right amount of action a strong female lead a little bit of romance just enough to be appropriate for the young audience It all happened a bit uickly in the beginning but on the other hand I like stories that get into action uicklyBecause I listened to the audiobooks I want to give some credits to Kate Rudd who narrated these three books She did an amazing job It's crazy how she can give each character a different voice that fits them well both female and male characters Voice acting is a real talent

  2. Lola Et La Vie Lola Et La Vie says:

    I cannot tell you enough how much I am loving this series The first book Windsworn took me by surprise as to how much I enjoyed it and this second was just as goodThis book continues Eva’s story now a full fledged Windsworn gryphon rider as she sets out on a mission with her friends Although the story told in these books essentially is not new it feels fresh and well done The books are pretty short by YA fantasy standards this one is under 200 pages but I think that is exactly what I like about them They don’t carry extra flesh or fluff Instead they are well written and to the point I feel the characters are fleshed out enough and there is a good pace to themThe only criticism of this book is that some the battles could have been a bit fleshed out but apart from that there is nothing I did not like about the first two books in the series I am looking forward to reading the last in the series Windbreak in the not too distant futureIf you are looking for a YA fantasy series that is fun and well written but not too heavy or trying too hard I would highly recommend picking this series up

  3. Courtney Courtney says:

    I was sent the audiobooks of this series in exchange for an honest reviewWindswept picks up with Eva now being a actual Gryphon Rider following the events of Windsworn I’m really enjoying this little series What I like about this series is the fact that it’s on the shorter side for a fantasy story so it’s a nice little break from all the heavy fantasies that I’m reading all the time What I really enjoyed about this second book specifically was the amount of action and adventure I’m a sucker for a good adventure story and Eva and her friends definitely went on a long journey with a lot of trials The few little twists that were sprinkled in were also really awesome and some emotional scenes that definitely pulled at my heartstrings I really enjoy these characters and the ending left me hanging a little so I’m excited to immediately pick up the next bookIf you’re looking for a uick and fun fantasy series I definitely suggest giving this a chance

  4. Steven Brown Steven Brown says:

    A stronger showing in book 2 that makes for good page turnerWhere the first felt like a children's book with over aged characters this one sees a two year jump making the main protagonist 20 years old but given a story that feels age appropriate It is still a bit convoluted at times but nowhere near book one's level The plot and pacing kept it an interesting page turnerWith plenty of action and some farely emotional scenes along with some character moments that drew me in it was a good fantasy There is not much in term of humor but there was no need for it considering what was happening and the relentless need for the characters to push forward There is some romantic elements that show that our main protagonist and her love interest have had a 2 year relationship where are they tell each other they love one another and kiss This is not bad as it shows in certain maturity taken a certain way However it felt less like two adults making mature decisions as it did early teenagers happy to have someone to like a lot and kissWhere the first book felt like a story for 10 and up the book has of a young adult feel 14 and up with some bloody scenes and death A good read

  5. Gayreth Walden Gayreth Walden says:

    So AwesomeThis book is even better than the first book A wonderful action packed story with incredible characters A larger than life journey for Eva Sigrid Ivan and Chel Eva will give anything to find her father but doing so will lead the group into a greater and sinister mystery They will have to deal with pain loss hope and sacrifice This book was so compelling and exciting I could not put it down I highly recommend this book It is going to be so hard to wait for book three

  6. K.B. Benson K.B. Benson says:

    Book 2 of the Gryphon Riders Trilogy was just as good if not better than the first Which I find is often unusual for the seuels of moviesbooks Windswept had me turning page after page and I kept going back to read just a little bit in all my free minutes Derek does a great job with recapping the reader with what happened in book 1 by sprinkling the information throughout the book as you need to remember it So if it takes you a little longer to get around to reading book 2 don't worry you'll be caught right back up to speed in no time

  7. Patti Patti says:

    Overall rating 47Book 2 truly raked my emotions everywhere From unsanctioned missions to lands covered in death these characters faced seemingly unending sadness and loss at every turn Eva’s young gryphon faced a lifetime of maturity in a short span of time due to the constant trials they endured The ugly truths that war brings spring from these pages so be forewarned This author uses a slow burn build and holds a reader spellbound willingly but still cruel On to book 3 All my reviews are always voluntarily written

  8. Barbara Hunt Barbara Hunt says:

    It was a very interesting read I loved reading about the perilous journey Eva and her friends had to go through The writing was clear and well thought out the characters grew immensely since the first book the journeys kept me on the edge of my seat and some kickass new characters got introduced My only complaint is that I find it pointless to introduce a new character for a few chapters just to kill them off in the end

  9. Rachel Rachel says:

    Good second book in the trilogy Decent and enjoyable read for a YA book The writing is clean I only saw one error the plot moved well and there weren't any cliffhangers for a middle book which is nice for once

  10. Gay Deputee Gay Deputee says:

    Enjoyed this book just as much as the first bookThe seuel picks up where Windsworn left off Well told story depicting the search for Eva's father and a solution to their upcoming disaster I enjoyed this book as much as the first Still needs another good proofreading

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Windswept Gryphon Riders Trilogy #2 ❰PDF❯ ❤ Windswept Gryphon Riders Trilogy #2 Author Derek Alan Siddoway – A long forgotten champion An ancient darkness Now a full fledged gryphon rider Eva’s come a long way from the timid girl she used to be After proving herself to the Windsworn forging a bond with her A long forgotten Riders Trilogy eBook ´ champion An ancient darkness Now a full fledged gryphon rider Eva’s come a Windswept Gryphon PDF \ long way from the timid girl she used to be After proving herself to the Windsworn forging Gryphon Riders Trilogy PDF/EPUB æ a bond with her gryphon Fury and discovering the truth about her parentage Eva thought life would get easier Instead war is blossoming on the eastern frontier And raiders on giant sabercats might only be a shadow of worse things to come If that weren’t enough a captured enemy reveals a startling truth Eva’s long lost father is still alive Against direct orders Eva and her friends desert the Windsworn risking everything to bring her father home Eva and Fury have come a long way in a short time but beyond the mountains danger lurks at every turn Will Eva sacrifice everything she holds dear for a man she’s never met Don’t miss the rousing second installment in the Gryphon Riders Trilogy.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 199 pages
  • Windswept Gryphon Riders Trilogy #2
  • Derek Alan Siddoway
  • English
  • 27 April 2014

About the Author: Derek Alan Siddoway

Derek Alan Siddoway Riders Trilogy eBook ´ is the author of Teutevar Saga a medieval westernfrontier fantasy series and Gryphon Windswept Gryphon PDF \ Riders a young adult fantasy trilogy He was born and raised in the American West at the Gryphon Riders Trilogy PDF/EPUB æ foot of the Uinta Mountains An Undaunted and Everyday Author Derek spends his free time reading obsessively filling notebooks adventuring outdoors and celebrating small victories He's also a sucker.