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Rules of the Ruff [Reading] ➿ Rules of the Ruff ➶ Heidi Lang – Twelve year old Jessie is in for a long summer at her aunt and uncle’s house Her cousin Ann has a snotty new best friend which leaves Jessie all alone But Jessie is industrious and—not content wit Twelve year old Jessie is in for a long summer at her aunt and uncle’s house Her cousin Ann has a snotty new best friend which leaves Jessie all alone But Jessie is industrious and—not content with being ignored all summer—she convinces Rules of eBook ✓ Wes a grouchy neighborhood dog walker to take her on as his apprenticeSure dog walking turns out to be harder than she expected but she has Wes’s dog walking code the Rules of the Ruff to guide her and soon she’s wrangling her very own pack But when a charismatic rival dog walker moves to town she uickly snatches up most of Wes’s business—and Jessie decides she isn’t going to take this defeat with her tail between her legs.

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  1. Irena BookDustMagic Irena BookDustMagic says:

    This was so fun cute and smartReview to come

  2. Rajiv Rajiv says:

    A BIG Thank You to NetGalley and Abrams Kids Amulet Books for providing me a copy of “Rules of the Ruff″ by Heidi Lang in exchange for my review Have you ever picked up a book having zero expectations and it turns out to be a complete entertainer? “Rules of the Ruff” exactly did this and I LOVED ITFrom the get go the story is interesting and fun to read The story starts off in a very light hearted manner with humorous moments of Jessie getting the hang of dog walking The story then becomes a fun rollercoaster ride of Jessie improving her dog walking skills sabotaging the rival dog walker impressing the new boy in the neighborhood and trying to patch things up with her cousin There are so many entertaining moments in the story like when Jessie and Wes plan different ideas to get rid of Moniue and when she tries to set things right with Wes Further even when the story line becomes a bit serious towards the end it still maintains it charm and humorThis book stands out mainly because of its characters The characters are so down to Earth yet so entertaining I loved Jessie and Wes as the main character and their interactions are hysterical I did felt sorry for Jessie most of the time This girl just can’t seem to get a break when it comes having a stable summer job and a boyfriend However I love how determined and focused she is to achieve what she sets out to irrespective of what people think and fell She remains who she is and stands for what she believes in and I loved that uality about her The author has written the villain also as a deliciously evil character and I hated Loralee with a passion More than Loralee I despised Max and the way he treats Jessie He is such a coward and a disgrace and keeps disappointing herThe fact that I am reacting animatedly to the characters shows what a great job Heidi Lang has done in writing this book She is wonderfully blended the plot with the character developments and it kept me engrossed throughout I also liked that she ended the book in a realistic bittersweet manner While I hoped that things would have turned out better for Jessie I did enjoy how the story endedOn a side note I had never heard of a Klee Kai prior to reading this book After googling it I want to have this dog as well Overall I enjoyed this middle grade novel so much that I would definitely be reading it again in the near future I rate it 55 stars

  3. Hilda Hilda says:

    Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend never owned a dog Everyone needs to buy this book when it comes out Thanks to Netgalley I got to read it ahead of time and believe the hype This was such an enjoyable book from beginning to end And it was full of life lessons There’s so much in this book and it flows so well and YOU must read it Jessie is a 12 year old girl who wants a dog She wants a dog so much she becomes Wes’s free labor summer dog walking assistant It’s a tough job but gives her what she wants most in life Dogs Everything changes when competition arrives Competition with a son Jessie’s age Gah This book was just wonderful and I highly recommend it We got to see two sides to every personproblemidea It was actually pretty brilliant And the parts about her dad and mom were heartbreaking and beautiful Jessie is a beautiful character I love her so much She needs her own series

  4. Laura Laura says:

    An interesting take on trying to find something to do for the SummerJessie wants a dog She has been sent to her Aunt's house where her cousin Ann is only intersted in the local mean girl and is into boys and fashion So Jessie seeks out the local dog walker who is an odd duck to say the least and tries to get him to take her on He will with the condition that she learns the rules of the ruffThey are rules to think and deal with dogs but they can also be used for life in generalThis is an interesting take on revenge learning to deal with people and dogs and boys It is also learning to deal with adults and the conseuences of what you do Although the characters other than Jessie seem to be cookie cutter the cute boy the mean girl the fashion obsessed cousin this might be because Jessie sees them this way and when they don't fit into the box she has put them in she finds she can actually like themNicely done middle grade bookThanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review

  5. La La La La says:

    35 on the blogThere was too much sexual tension included from older characters and a strange older boy younger girl the MC interaction that wasn't resolved very well This is Middle Grade stop with all the raging hormone action it doesn't need it Ugh Save it for YA It's too bad because this story could have been 45 stars on the blog It was very goodI was approved for an eARC via Netgalley in return for an honest review

  6. Dee Dee G Dee Dee G says:

    This was a fun book with a lot of life lessons in it The mom in me wanted to yell not to get into a stranger’s car and to get permission before asking about being an assistant to a stranger though 🤦🏾‍♀️ Wes the dog walker finally got off of my poop list at the very end Jessie the main character matured uickly and did the right thing in the end

  7. Vi Vi says:

    Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC 12 year old Jessie is spending her summer at her cousin's house but finds herself with nothing to do because her cousin is too busy hanging out with a mean girl to play with her any Determined not to waste her summer she convinces Wes a curmudgeonly dog walker to take her on as his apprentice and teach her the Rules of the Ruff When someone new starts to try to move in on Wes's business Jessie plans retaliation Heidi Lang writes a completely convincing 12 year old in RULES OF THE RUFF and middle grade readers will enjoy coming along for the ride as Jessie lives out her summer Jessie is determined and optimistic or stubborn and unrelenting depending on what side of her you happen to be on She spends her summer learning not only how to walk dogs but also about how to be a person and deal with other people This story takes the idea of revenge and shows how it can have unintended results and Jessie ultimately takes a steps forward into being confident in herself and being understanding after an exciting summer I thoroughly enjoyed Jessie's story and I am excited to get a copy for my classroom when it releases As a bonus check out the author and publisher on Twitter for cute pictures of the dogs that inspired the pack in the book

  8. Meg Meg says:

    I wish I could've read this book when I was a kid Rules of the Ruff is a charming story about a young girl named Jessie who wants desperately to have a dog of her own To prove she can handle the responsibility Jessie apprentices for a grumpy kinda unlikeable dog walker during her summer vacation Adventures ensue from learning to wrangle unruly pups to sabotaging a rival dog walkerIt's a cute zippy funny coming of age story with gentle messages about growing up and growing mature The characters are colorful and endearing too Rules of the Ruff will especially appeal to kids who love stories about animals And it has such an adorable cover

  9. Alexandra Ott Alexandra Ott says:

    I love this book Jessie is a character you can't help but root for even when she doesn't always make the best decisions And of course all of the dogs are adorable too An utterly charming read for dog lovers of all ages

  10. BookishOwlette BookishOwlette says:

    This was a fun book to read just not really my style However I would recommend this to my younger sister

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