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  1. Jon Nakapalau Jon Nakapalau says:

    A wonderful story that needs to be told especially today

  2. Holly Holly says:

    I was excited to see this opportunity come across my email because I grew up listening to Irving Berlin songs with my family mostly from watching musicals and his name has been known to me for as long as I can remember However I realized I didn’t know much about his life so I jumped at the chance to take part Turns out I didn’t just not know much about his life I didn’t know anything about his life I had no idea he was Jewish that he was born in Russia or that he came with his family to America about 20 years before WWI seeking refuge from persecution they faced as Jews during the pogroms in Russia In fact I realized that I don’t remember ever learning that he wrote “God Bless America” So I was thrilled when this book arrived in the mail from the publisher and I immediately opened it not even waiting for my son to get home from school so we could read it togetherFirst I want to say a word about the art The cover is in my opinion just perfect for this story because it features vignettes that capture the important moments of his life we see his father as a cantor singer in the synagogue; homes burning while their Jewish inhabitants watch helplessly the pogroms; a ship sailing by the Statue of Liberty arriving in New York City; Izzy as a young man fighting in WWI; Irving seated at a piano scribbling the words to “God Bless America”; and a modern day diverse choir singing we can only assume this patriotic song Irving Berlin gave us It’s a wonderful encapsulation of most of Berlin’s life all on one page along with of course the title as if it were posted on a maruee outside a NY City theater I just love this cover and the illustrations inside are no less fantastic I like that Mr Polivka’s illustrations are very realistic and precise almost no nonsense without being cold He is able to pack so much into the pictures he gives us that so perfectly accompany the story I stopped to really inspect the drawings before I turned to the next page the whole time I readNow to the story itself “God Bless America” was first sung on the radio by Kate Smith on Armistice Day in 1938 which means that Ms Nuchi’s book is timed to coincide with the 80th anniversary of the song’s release In fact Berlin wrote the song in 1918 so this year also marks the 100th anniversary of the song’s “birth” Berlin originally wrote the lyrics when he was composing a musical for the Army in 1918 but he set it aside for 20 years until he felt the urge to give his adopted country a rallying cry as we found ourselves on the verge of another war Obviously the song was wildly popular and it stands alongside the national anthem and “America the Beautiful” by Woody Guthrie as the songs of AmericaMs Nuchi is able to pack so much information into this book in relatively few words which makes this a very accessible sort of first biography for even very young children I wish I’d had this book growing up actually so I would’ve known all this about Irving Berlin sooner However I truly believe – whether it was intentional or not – this book could not possibly have been written and released at a better time than now Frankly we are a divided country and there is a strong undercurrent at least in some areas of the country of anti immigrant sentiment among a vocal minority of our population It makes me sad and it makes me worry for the future of our country and I just feel so badly for those who are immigrants in our country today Unfortunately so much negative is being said about whole groups of people and it saddens me that we may very well be suppressing the voice of today’s Irving Berlin What if America hadn’t opened her arms to young Izzy Baline and his family and so many other Russian Jews fleeing the pogroms at home? What if America hadn’t welcomed the starving Irish the Germans Scottish Polish Chinese and all the many immigrants who have sought refuge on our shores? Yes I know all too well that we have a history of violence toward and repression of “the other” in this country people who have immigrated from other lands but on the whole – where would we be WHO would we be without all the diverse peoples who have made America their home? We may not be singing “God Bless America” at all today had we not said “Yes of course you may come in This country is your new home” I just hope we do not lose sight of the beauty and diversity and all of the wonderful benefits we reap because we are a nation of immigrants I hope that this book is able to reach a wide audience and remind us all that immigrants are some of the most patriotic Americans in America – just like Irving Berlin who became a citizen so he could join the Army and fight for the country he loved who wrote such a beautiful song to her one that never fails to give me goosebumps every time I hear it Thank you so much Adah Nuchi for this wonderful story for this timely reminder I hope we can all take it to heart I think the illustrator Rob Polivka says it best in his dedication “For the immigrants whose songs we were not blessed to hear”Rating 5 stars Disclosure I received a copy of this book from the publisher as part of the blog tour This review is voluntary and is my honest rating and review Thank you Disney Hyperion for the beautiful book and to Rockstar Book Tours for letting me take part in the tour

  3. Margie Margie says:

    A finished hardcover copy of GOD BLESS AMERICA The Story of an Immigrant Named Irving Berlin was sent to me for free by the publisher Disney Hyperion for an honest review All thoughts here are my very ownIn 1938 Irving Berlin's song GOD BLESS AMERICA debuted on the radio And so many people liked it so much they wanted to replace the national anthem with it However some people boycotted it because Berlin was an immigrant The author narrates Berlin's journey from when he was a small child fleeing from Russia with his family to coming to America and moving to New York's Lower East Side to how Berlin even as a small child knew the importance of having to work hard to help the family we get to see Berlin fall in love with America and music and how he was able to combine the two by joining the Army to help and do what he did best create music Music that most people even now sing and hum every day I had no idea he had done so much for Broadway and the Army this memoir was so insightfulSurprisingly this book spoke to me on so many levels In the times that we are facing now I feel that many of us need a book like this for ourselves and our children A reminder of America's history; a time to reflect and really see where most of us came from and are going This wonderfully written picture book is a great way to help us teach our children about the good old days and what that saying really means and how dreams were possible And with the right mindset how everyone's dreams are still possibleThe illustrations are so heartwarming and endearing capturing the time period and pieces of Berlin's life perfectly The old retro look piued my little one's curiosity and uestion after uestion started to pour out of him he wanted to know what was happening then and why Finding out that everything takes place in New York where we reside in and having it look so different and noticing how things change was so surprising for him I also truly appreciated that the author added a note summarizing Berlin's biography and a timeline of events in the back of the book It truly helped to answer his uestions uickly and easily; other facts were discussed in animated detail a few things were also elaborated due to a 4 12 year old's imagination which made this book memorable for the both of usI highly recommend this book to all It's come to us at the most perfect time Those who are looking to introduce their little ones to America's history and how diverse and wonderful it was and still is will love everything about this book

  4. Carrie Schmidt (Reading is My SuperPower) Carrie Schmidt (Reading is My SuperPower) says:

    First I have to say that the illustrations are gorgeously done with a retro feel and lots of details tucked away inside the images for further discovery and exploration I could spend all day just looking at the artwork But there’s a story to be told as well and I even as an adult was curious to learn a bit about one of America’s favorite composers The story effectively uses onomatopoeia which is such a fun word to say to create a rhythm of words that enhances the theme of the book – how Irving Berlin came to write God Bless America – and complements the illustrations The facts I learned were simple perhaps but there is a lot of depth to be mined here with children if parents andor teachers want to take it furtherIt does make a bit of a point of how great America was to take them in which makes me a little leery for some reason that I haven’t put my finger on yet but I also appreciated that the author didn’t shy away from depicting with the right amount of age appropriateness the less than desirable living conditions that immigrants faced here All in all this is a fun book that teaches children a new appreciation for immigrants and their importance in American history – and present day America I especially loved the illustrations as I’ve mentioned and the author note and time line in the back which gives a lot detail than the story itself goes intoI voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book which I had previously purchased for my own collectionfirst seen at Reading Is My SuperPower

  5. Ms Threlkeld Ms Threlkeld says:

    Lyrical text illustrations packed with details and a riveting author’s note make this book a winner

  6. Chris Chris says:

    Next to our national anthem there’s no patriotic song than the melodic “God Bless America” A new picture book about the song’s creator Irving Berlin would make a fitting read to share as we celebrate the Fourth of July “God Bless America the Story of an Immigrant Named Irving Berlin” is a timely book about an immigrant from Russia who left us an incomparable body of music Prior to taking the name Irving Berlin the boy who couldn’t even read music Izzy Baline hawked evening newspapers in New York City His family “was chased out of Russia for being Jews They joined the throngs of immigrants escaping for a better safer life and boarded a ship to America” The year was 1893It was a terrible struggle to make ends meet especially after Izzy’s father died but early on Izzy made up his mind he was going to be a songwriter Tin Pan Alley was fertile ground for him “By the time he was twenty six he had written two hundred songs” When America fought in World War I Berlin became a citizen so he could join the Army While his fellow soldiers slept he composed songs “One was from the words his mother used to say A song called ‘God Bless America’” which Berlin “tucked away” because it wasn’t right at the time for a musical he’d written for the army During the Depression Americans needed a tune to lift their spirits and Berlin had just the ticket gave them “something grand to cheer forA loud heart melter A song for America” On Armistice Day in 1938 two decades after he wrote “God Bless America” Kate Smith preformed the heartfelt song that continues to elicit goosebumps and fill listeners’ eyes with tearsVintage illustrations by Rob Polivka portray the highlights of Berlin’s life Americana like scenes that serve as a history lesson making this emotion packed book an important one to share with young people – a meaningful read that reminds us are a nation of immigrants

  7. Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book* Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book* says:

    God Bless America The Story of an Immigrant Named Irving Berlin by Adah Nuchi illustrated by Rob Polivka PICTURE BOOKNON FICTION Hyperion Disney 2018 19 9781368015769 BUYING ADVISORY EL – OPTIONAL MS HS ADVISABLEAUDIENCE APPEAL LOW In a bustling immigrant neighborhood of New York City in the 1890s young Irving born Israel “Izzy” Baline hustled the evening news with a song He always had a song whether the “zim a lay uiver weep call waver prayers” of his Jewish forefathers in Russian or the “thump two three ting a ling whee song” of the crowded American streets around him He wrote and presented a musical for the soldiers of World War I and when a second world war looked likely Irving polished off a song he had written 20 years earlier which became an inspiring classic around the country He donated all the royalties from God Bless America to the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America Before his death at age 101 Irving had written over 1500 songs The color pencil drawings illustrating this biography give the book an old fashioned look that may be off putting to an elementary school audience I even found a couple of the illustrations at the beginning somewhat confusing Additionally most elementary kids will not know the music of Irving Berlin but students in middle and high schools may especially if their school has a musical drama program Annie Get Your Gun is a staple for high school musicals Use this book to introduce students of all ages to this talented composer an immigrant who helped shape our country's identity through the two world wars with his talent and service The story is fleshed out with an Author’s Note at the end You will also find a timeline a list of Berlin’s most famous songs and selected sources P K Foster teacher librarian

  8. Amy Amy says:

    On the 100th anniversary of the song God Bless America comes the story behind the beloved patriotic lyrics Chased out of Russia for being a Jew Izzy Baline and his family boarded a ship for the land that would welcome them America Always with a song in his heart Izzy triumphed over sadness and the dull clank of machinery with his music At 26 Izzy renamed himself Irving Berlin and became known for his ragtime band but with his country at war a new song hit his heart So the birth of one of nation’s most recognized song was born one that was written for the heart of the peoplePatriotic and heartwarming God Bless America The Story of An Immigrant named Irving Berlin is an inspiring story behind the man who gave America a song that celebrates the beauty of the land we call home sweet home you can find of my reviews and giveaways in my syndicated printed newspaper column For the Love of Books Dixon's Independent Voice as well on my Instagram amyfortheloveofbooks

  9. Lenoire Lenoire says:

    Izzy Baline and his family emigrated from Russia to America Shortly after arriving the Baline family falls in love with their new country His family never had much When his father passed away Izzy decides to run away and try to make his own future Izzy has a passion for music and creates beautiful songs that his fellow citizens enjoy When Izzy joins the army he realizes he can put his passion to better use and creates an inspiring song that can rouse the entire nationThe book was beautifully drawn The characters had a comic book feel I found the book to be fun and engaging However some of the pages were a bit confusing and lacked context I would recommend reading the last few pages in the book before reading the story to make it easier to understand This was definitely a fun book and I look forward to reading books like thisDisclosure I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest opinion

  10. Anne Lutomia Anne Lutomia says:

    Autobiography about Irving Berlin and how he came to write 'God Bless America' The story is well told and the illustrations are interesting I wish they included the song I found it elsewhere LyricsGod bless America land that I loveStand beside her and guide herThrough the night with the light from aboveFrom the mountains to the prairiesTo the oceans white with foamGod bless America my home sweet homeGod bless America land that I loveStand beside her and guide herThrough the night with the light from aboveFrom the mountains to the prairiesTo the oceans white with foamGod bless America my home sweet homeFrom the mountains to the prairiesTo the oceans white with foamGod bless America my home sweet homeGod bless America my home sweet homeSongwriters Irving BerlinGod Bless America lyrics © Imagem Music Inc

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God Bless America [Download] ➺ God Bless America By Adah Nuchi – Thomashillier.co.uk An inspiring portrait of an immigrant and the gift he gave his new home Persecuted as Jews Izzy Baline and his family emigrated from Russia to New York where he fell in love with his new country He he An inspiring portrait of an immigrant and the gift he gave his new home Persecuted as Jews Izzy Baline and his family emigrated from Russia to New York where he fell in love with his new country He heard music everywhere and was full to bursting with his own Izzy's thump two three ting a ling whee tunes soon brought him acclaim as the sought after songwriter Irving Berlin He ignited the imaginations of fellow countrymen and women with his Broadway and Hollywood numbers crafting tunes that have become classics we still sing today But when God Bless ePUB ½ darker times came and the nation went to war it was time for Irving to compose a new kind of song A boom rah rah song A big brass belter A loud heart melter A song for America And so God Bless America was born the heart swelling standard that Americans have returned to again and again after its composition This is the tale of how a former refugee gave America one of its most celebrated patriotic songs With stirring rhythmic text by Adah Nuchi and delightful energetic art by Rob Polivka readers will be ready to hum along to this exuberant picturebook.