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  1. Walter Scott Walter Scott says:

    The Elfrida Goto series was really good I read through the Interstellar Railway Fletcher Connolly series and exchanged than a few emails with the author about my frustrations with that series; a lot of other readers loved it Earth’s Last Gambit had some plot twitches that didn’t work for me but otherwise the overall story characters and science were outstanding Chemical Mage is an avalanche of action with great characters and aliens and lots of teasing hints in the story that keep you riveted as one by one uestions are answered and you think “Awesome And I never saw that one coming”Felix R Savage just gets better and better The settings resonate with sounds smells tastes and convincing technologies that give you few opportunities to step back and exit the story Actually you will end up with a perspective of the term “technology” that will reveal that our world has to be much than we have perceived to date And the title Chemical Mage which seems so disconnected to the plot will than satisfy any uestions the reader might have had from the beginning

  2. Melanie S Melanie S says:

    The Chemical Mage is fantastic Felix R Savage gives us a strangely grim future where humanity's interstellar expansion is checked then reversed by a seemingly supernatural and invincible enemy aptly named the Ghosts Colm MacKenzie Scotsman with a goal joins the fight against the Ghosts out of patriotism and a desire to earn the money for his dream The war introduces him to aliens then it takes his ship his career his lover and everything he's saved for his future as it threatens even humanity's own solar system The only things left him are double dealing allies double dealing friends and the Scots' perverse inclination to fight to the death in a hopeless cause No spoilers but humanity may thank the Scots for that proclivity as well as the MacGyver ish ingenuity born of centuries of oppression and deprivation as MacKenzie champions his hopes and humanity's Superbly written narrative a hero to cheer for a roller coaster of a plot and edge of your seat suspense make this one a winner no matter what genre you call it

  3. Sharon Cantrell Sharon Cantrell says:

    A fun read if a little fast paced I'm not sure I know where the author plans to take the story after book one I guess I will have to read the next and find outI have a hard time knowing who to root for in all this lol

  4. Norma Norma says:

    All the doors had cat flapsAuthor Felix Savage packs adventure and convoluted double dealings into this one volume than many achieve in a series and there are still two volumes to come Earth had only ventured into and colonised part of Sol System when she was gifted knowledge of the zero gravity drive by an alien race enabling travel into the further galaxy In the following 200 years she founded colonies in 18 further far distant worlds Then seemingly out of nowhere the Ghosts arrived In only twenty years fifteen of those colonies were destroyed leaving only three between them and Sol All attempts by the Marines to stop these mysterious attackers failedColm was a Marine pilot who came face to face with the Ghosts on a rescue mission to a farm on Majriti IV He escaped taking with him his gunner and a 'talking carpet' found there Soon after his life began to fall apart Well written with atmospherics pouring from every page good characterisation touches of humour and an intriguing story line this is a book no science fiction fan should miss

  5. Christinaraven Christinaraven says:

    Wow finally got to read this interesting sounding book that combines my favorite book types and I have to say I was not disappointed at all It was mostly a scifi story then boom fantasy creeped in It had a touch of mystery also the Ghosts I thought it was well written and the story line just sucked me in Once I started reading I had to finish it to get the answers to the many uestions that were raised I loved the twists and the odd ball thing that popped up Read the story to see what I mean I laughed and screamed a few times too And I just had to see what the Ghosts were and why Plus why was Colm so important or not? hehe OK some uestions were answered others introduced so I cannot wait to see what happens in the next book

  6. Sheila Beitler Sheila Beitler says:

    The Chemical Mage is Book 1 of the Tegression Trilogy The trouble with seuels is well we have to WAIT for the next one to come out after dropping a huge cliffhanger on us But that's the magic in Felix R Savage's writing The book starts off at the word go and doesn't stop Colm MacKenzie a disgraced pilot may just be able to help erase the Ghosts Ghost are a race of alien beings who don't like to play nice Colm finds a way to rid the galaxy of the ghosts but of course there are multitude problems I thoroughly enjoyed The Chemical Mage and can't wait for book two Like I said we have to wait and that's the hard part

  7. The Mysterious Reader The Mysterious Reader says:

    What he discovers will change the course of the war and could alter the future of the galaxy Ok I don't know how to really summarize this book beyond the kindle blurb without spoiling anything so I'm not going to try If you like the uote above though you're gonna get hooked Colm Mackenzie is a great leading character This is an innovative action filled exciting novel that had a great cast of well crafted characters and a terrific and well written plot Let's leave it at that though oh yeah highly recommended

  8. Ami Ami says:

    I love it This is a near perfect combination of hard science fiction horror thriller and mystery with a bit of romance and a dash of comedy added in the wonderful way only Felix R Savage manages with such superb success The worlds are beautifully crafted and I feel as if I know the main characters enough to love them or hate them I highly recommend this book I am anxiously awaiting book 2 Disclaimer I received a copy from the author who reuested an honest review but I would have written one anyway so people have the opportunity to begin reading this series

  9. Christopher Christopher says:

    I received this book as an ARC copy I enjoyed the book so much that I'm reading it a second time right release It is an interesting blend of the paranormal and hard science fiction that I enjoyed readingIt's hard to say much about the book without spoiling anything In a universe where humanity is new to the scene a disgraced pilot is fighting against the ever mysterious Ghosts who threaten to destroy everything humanity has worked to accomplish

  10. Victor Apodaca Victor Apodaca says:

    Bae a fairely good read it isThe Chemical Mage surprised me initially thinking it was going to be a fantasy but dove right into science fiction The story flows uite well from action to story development and back to action I’m purchasing the next volume as soon as it’s available

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The Chemical Mage (Extinction Protocol #1) ❮EPUB❯ ✰ The Chemical Mage (Extinction Protocol #1) Author Felix R. Savage – We thought there was no magic in space Big mistake The nightmare began with a massacre on a remote colony planet Now we're fighting for our lives against the mysterious Ghosts an army of ragged shadow We thought there was no magic in space Big mistake The nightmare began with a massacre on a remote colony planet Now we're fighting for our lives against the mysterious Ghosts an army of ragged shadowy horrors innumerable unstoppable The heroic defensive actions of the Navy The Chemical PDF/EPUB or fail to turn the tide Earth itself is in danger of falling when a disgraced gunship pilot Colm Mackenzie stumbles on a clue to the mystery of the Ghosts The key is buried in his own past With the clock running out on humanity's survival it's up to Colm to unravel the Ghosts' ruthless vendetta against us What he discovers will change the course of the war and could alter the future of the galaxy The Chemical Mage is Book of the Tegression Trilogy a new series of hard science fiction thrillers spiced with supernatural horror New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Felix R Savage delivers non stop action and startling plot twists in an adventure that races from the Kuiper Belt to Betelgeuse and into the creepy depths of the unknown The Tegression Trilogy The Chemical Mage The Hydrogen Druid December The Nuclear Warlock March .