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The Lord of the Rings Location Guidebook Lord of the Rings Paperback ❰Reading❯ ➼ The Lord of the Rings Location Guidebook Lord of the Rings Paperback Author Ian Brodie – The definitive pocket sized fully updated guidebook for the Lord of the Rings locations Since the first screening of the Lord of the Rings the Fellowship of the Ring in 2001 New Zealand has become the The definitive pocket sized fully updated of the Kindle Ó guidebook for the Lord of the Rings locations Since the first screening of the Lord of the Rings the Fellowship of the Ring in New Zealand has become the embodiment of 'Middle earth' to millions of moviegoers and JRR tolkien fans the world over ten years later the The Lord eBook ↠ phenomenon continues and this newly redesigned and updated guidebook provides all the information needed for the traveller to Middle earth Aotearoa this updated edition of the definitive guidebook showcases the principal movie set locations around New Zealand as seen in all three films It also includesMaps and location directionsUseful touring information including accommodation food and entertainment Lord of the ePUB ´ suggestionsGPS references to location sitesForeword by Sir Peter JacksonPhotographs and an article by Alan LeeContributions from cast and crewMovie images As the road goes ever on join Ian Brodie on a fascinating tour of Middle earth Aotearoa.

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  1. Lenny Husen Lenny Husen says:

    This book is SO much fun a must begborrowstealbuy for anyone who loves LOTR and is going to New Zealand Has photos from movie shoot on every page and very detailed descriptions of where each part in the Trilogy was filmed in New Zealand suggestions for Helicopter tours and drives includes mention of some places where the actors ate or stayedI bought this in the South Island in a gift shop after touring a cave What could have been better? The maps unless you already know NZ intimately aren't much help; one needs to buy a good road map and mark it yourself to indicate where the locations are if you are using this to find the locationsThere is a basic map of NZ on the inside of the front and back covers and other maps which I personally could not figure out and would have been super challenging to follow Wish the book had maps with stars marking the locations The Tolkien names were sort of mixed up with the actual names which I found confusing; not that it wasn't obvious which was which It would have been better if he gave actual addresses like set your GPS to ADDRESS X to get close to Location X then look for signs stating such and such There was some repetition in the actors uotes; we get that NZ was the perfect location for the movies and didn't need multiple uotes stating the fact over and over I would have had different uotes to mix it up a bit like Damn the rain was annoying when we had to film the scene where blah blah blah or I stepped in sheep dung SO many times and got my hobbit feet fcked upThis was obviously a labour of love by Brodie Highly recommend My edition was light and small so easy to carry in a bag and I kept it in the car

  2. Alina Alina says:

    Its really unfortunate that this is the only location guidebook to the trilogy Lord of the RingsMy husband and I got this book with high hopes we were in our camper van and ready to see the sites from the movieOne of the first things we noticed was that there are almost no maps throughout the entire book There are two maps one on the front cover of the North Island one on the back cover of the South Island That was it We also noticed that the maps that ARE in the book are completely useless With the exception of Wellington none of the cities where the sites are are noted on the map So I had to look in the book for the city and find it on another map to understand where it was in relation to where we were There are no highwaysfreeways on the map so you always had to have another map with you to use the bookThe author included GPS coordinates but I don't own a GPS unit so that was useless to meThe descriptions on how to get to the sites were hard to follow The author would write to see the site follow the river for 200 feet to where the hill slightly curves to the right This is where Arwen faced the Nazgul I felt that there was very little detail and we thought the sites were hard to findAnd this is what bothered me the most the shameless advertising For example to see the Kawarau River where the Fellowship floats down the river past the two king statues there is a shameless plug for Dart River Jetboats It goes on and on about how the best way to see the sites is to take a Dart River jetboat It was annoyingHaving said all of that this was the only resource that we could find to see the sites from LOTR If you are a fan of LOTR but don't want to pay 150 USD for a tour in Wellington only the book is worth the 25

  3. Laura McKay Laura McKay says:

    I've just recently returned from New Zealand after using solely this guidebook to plan out a tailored Lord of the Rings roadtrip If that's your intention also this is the book to do it with I'm completely confused by the other reviews complaining about the GPS co ordinates you plug them straight into google maps and hit go then follow the directions I could not imagine an easier way to do it Roads in New Zealand are freuently closed due to being destroyed or blocked by 'natural forces' making printed maps utterly useless anywayAs for the book itself tons of great photos and just enough extra information to read through it without it feeling like a geography text bookI really have little else to say on it it does what you want it to do and does it well I also wrote a blog post detailing the experience if you need further convincing

  4. Mary Koepke Mary Koepke says:

    Great guide book If only one had the money and time to see an the locations

  5. Jyv Jyv says:

    For a visual person like me this book was terrible To be really useful it should have had maps with 'x marks the spot' instead of driving directions turn left after 1 km etc that were sometimes rather vague It's all very well putting co ordinates for some places but then you had to go and find a map find the spot look for the nearest road and then the nearest town and work out how long it might take to get thereI had tried various times over the years that I've owned this book to read it but found it horribly written Now I'm actually contemplating a trip to look for these places I find how awful it really is I only hope the later editions are better but I doubt it from what I've seen Perhaps they purposely made it difficult to follow to put off potential hordes

  6. Bruce Bruce says:

    Poorly written and largely useless to find sites on the ground Needs the heavy hand of a decent editor and a good cartographer Can somebody please write a decent smart phone app? Please

  7. Hannah Hannah says:

    I should have picked this up during my trip during the South Island rather than the end Still it gave me good motivation to visit film location sites Better pick up the hobbit edition soon

  8. Catherine Puma Catherine Puma says:

    Ian Brodie's Lord of the Rings Locations guidebook would be a great place to start planning a trip to some or all for the extremely ambitious and well endowed of these filming locations The stories about where the actors went in their spare time and what locations were their favorite to film from etc were the best parts of this book uotes from key members of the Fellowship cast which is something you cannot get from 'unauthorized' guidebooks are included throughout the work However this cannot be the only guide you use when actually visiting these places The directions are confusing the maps poorly conceived and some of the tour specifics outdated I visited Hobbiton myself two weeks ago and I can say that there was definitely no sheep sheering opportunities available as part of our half day Hobbiton guided tour even though we could see that there were sheep present on the surrounding farmland owned by the same family I would recommend this to movie buffs fans of LOTR and anyone planning a visit to any of these locations This is like a keepsake or something to add to your LOTR bookshelf collection not an actual guidebook to lead you to these locations You'll still need to go through accredited guided tours in order to see these places in real life When actually booking a trip to New Zealand you would need to confirm all necessary details directly with the vendors themselves But this was a fun read and a good starting point

  9. Maria Maria says:

    I went to New Zealand for 5 weeks and this is the only book I readAs a guidebook this wasn't actually very useful but it did have a bunch of interesting facts about the Lord of the Rings that I enjoyedReady to get back to some real books now

  10. Sami Passlow Sami Passlow says:

    This is a really good book to find information about the filming locations I loved the images and all of the websites and co ordinates for every location they used Very useful for when I someday visit New Zealand and take the tour to all these locations

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