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  • George Stalk Jr.
  • 02 November 2016

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  1. Robert Robert says:

    Five Future Strategies You Need Right Now George StalkHarvard Business PressThis is one of the titles in the Memo to the CEO series published by Harvard Business Press each less than 200 pages in length and superbly produced In fact none is a memo or written solely for a CEO In this volume George Stalk explains how to become alert to faint signals of what could prove to be early indicators of possible opportunities to gain competitive advantages Once those opportunities have been verified Stalk suggests how to do that appropriate strategies to exploit them will be needed He focuses on five examples of strategies whose sources of advantage are not only abundantly clear but undeniable supply chain gymnastics ie adroitly managing a global supply chain sidestepping economics of scale ie a disposability business model embracing complexity ie four ways to attract customers who are looking for a higher level of complexity and infinite bandwidth ie effortless receipt of any amount of information whenever and wherever desired and at no cost Stalk offers a high level introduction to each of these emerging issues along with suggestions for how to turn them into competitive advantage He devotes a separate chapter to each of the five categories then in the final chapter shifts his attention to examples of potential strategies that are no than faint signals today identifies two emerging strategies on his Watch List awaiting further evidence of their potential to create competitive advantage and then briefly discusses various hallucinations for which there are currently no corporate examples but are worth pondering nonetheless But Stalk doesn't limit the narrative to what he has observed and tracked He reassures his reader that other faint signals are likely to be found in the world around you in the reader's own competitive environment as well as beyond it to other industries and competitors to spot insights of others who may have found a new way of operating and competing that can be transplanted into her or his industry to the great confusion of othersand then `plagiarize' the idea Or when coming across an anomaly to understand its implications and use the insight to drive the business to new levels of performance Globality Competing with Everyone from Everywhere for Everything Hal Sirkin Jim Hemerling and Arindam BhattacharyaBusiness PlusWith regard to the title Sirkin Hemerling and Bhattacharya explain that globality is the name for a new and different reality in which we'll all be competing with everyone from everywhere for everything In a global business environment that Thomas Friedman characterizes as having become flat it is also possible albeit theoretically for companies to forge a strategic alliance with anyone anywhere They go on to suggest that as a new era emerges we call it globality a different kind of environment in which business flows in every direction Companies have no centers The idea of foreignness is foreign Commerce swirls and market dominance shifts Western business orthodoxy entwines with eastern business philosophy and creates a whole new mind set that embraces profit and competition as well as sustainability and collaboration Globality is a blockbuster new script action drama suspense and road picture all packed into one with a sprawling cast of characters and locations in every corner of the world The authors explain why and how a tsunami wave of competition from global challengers ie rapidly developing companies has risen up and challenged established players what they call incumbents In fact developed companies now find themselves struggling to compete successfully in terms of cost differentials; growing people and then positioning them in proper alignment; market penetration; pinpointing ie connecting with customers distributing complexity and reinventing the business model; rapid growth by scaling up building brands filling capability gaps and bartering; innovating with ingenuity; and embracing manyness ie many countries economies markets locations and facilities but no centers no home markets no foreignness or hierarchy of location New mind sets are needed if incumbents are to respond effectively to these and other challenges When concluding their book Sirkin Hemerling and Bhattacharya assert and I wholly agree that however much the global business community has changed and will continue to change the measures of success will remain essentially the same Business leaders will continue to think about their place in the world about sustainability and scarce resources Those whom the co authors interviewed always talk about their dreams They speak about people they have known in their factories and boardrooms retail outlets and warehouses They talk about their companies as if they were families Above all they say they want their personal and professional lives to be meaningful and rich journeys They want to build something And they want it to endure Meanwhile the tsunami continues to surge

  2. Vijay Krishnan A Vijay Krishnan A says:

    Awesome|Fantastic|Must Read for MBAs Managers| Strategy with Common Sense George Stalk has been a part of the Boston Consulting Group BCG and has brought out his insights with real time examples adopted by companies The 5 strategies he talks about viz 1 Supply Chain Gymnastics2 Side stepping Economies3 Dynamic Pricing4 Embracing Complexity5 Utilizing Infinite BandwithAll these 5 strategies are to be adopted in this consumer centric environment of today Although some of the companies have adopted one of these concepts into their business model no one has yet tried implementing all the 5 together which would give the perfect competitive advantage for the company This is a book which initiates thought process and if you are looking for solutions then this is not the book And as far as strategy is concerned solutions are useless as they are already in practice and do not differentiate you from others

  3. Colin Colin says:

    Stalk is one of the smartest strategic business minds writing and consulting today While his 'Five Future Strategies' were conceived some 15 years ago this is a fun read now because it shows how prescient he was Even his 'faint signals' show up today as shaping enterpriseNot as strong as Stalk's other books Competing Against Time and the best book on business strategy I have every read Hardball but a worthwhile and accessible read that shows some people do see future trends very clearly

  4. Lori Grant Lori Grant says:

    A should read book on executive ability in managing your career

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About the Author: George Stalk Jr.

eorge Stalk Jr is Senior Partner and Managing Strategies You MOBI ñ Director for The Boston Consulting Group as well as an Adjunct Professor of Strategic Management for the Rotman School of Management at University of Toronto He joined BCG in and has worked in its Boston Chicago Tokyo and Six Future PDF/EPUB ² Toronto offices His professional practice focuses on international and time based competition He holds a BSEM from the Un.