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Genesis First Colony #1 ❮BOOKS❯ ✯ Genesis First Colony #1 ⚡ Author Ken Lozito – A mission gone wrong Innocent lives have been lost Escaping wrongful imprisonment wasn’t something Connor had in mind but being put into stasis aboard Earth’s first interstellar colony ship was so A mission gone wrong Innocent lives have been lost Escaping wrongful imprisonment wasn’t something Connor had in Genesis First PDF \ mind but being put into stasis aboard Earth’s first interstellar colony ship was something he couldn’t have prepared for For three hundred thousand colonists the new colony brings the promise of a fresh starta second chance Connor might be the wrong man for the colony but he’s the right man to see that it survives what’s coming A new world with new challenges but the mission has changed If you loved Old Man’s War and Ender’s Game you’ll love Genesis First Colony a new military science fiction series Take advantage of the special discount price for a limited time.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 324 pages
  • Genesis First Colony #1
  • Ken Lozito
  • 03 June 2015

About the Author: Ken Lozito

Ken Lozito is the author of multiple series in fantasy and science fiction Ken has always loved Genesis First PDF \ fantasy and science fiction in all forms including books movies Even the cheesy s B movies and games Ken graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a degree in English and Anthropology Being a computer hobbyist led to him working in the field of IT Security for almost .

10 thoughts on “Genesis First Colony #1

  1. Ginger Woods Ginger Woods says:

    Alright take my review with a grain of salt I haven't dived into the world of Adult Science Fiction novels yet but we all have to start somewhereI had no idea what to expect when I picked this book up Honestly I saw the word colony and thought colonizing a new planet? Alright I'm in My favorite theme in SciFi books include books that remind me of The Thing 172 Hours on the Moon or have people landing on a new planet and exploring all the dangers and challenges bonus if there's AliensGenesis had a very good pace it kept you entertained and eager to know what was going to happen next There was rarely a dull moment The cover was also beautiful But within those fast moving pages there were things that stopped me in my tracks The lack of details You just landed on a new planet being temporarily called New Earth and you don't describe a damn thing What does the vegetation look like? What color is the grass is there even grass? What about the sky? What does the new moon look like? Are there lakes? He didn't tell us anything about the new planet literally not one damn thing when it came to looks I have no idea what the new planet was made up of I can tell you some details about four animals they encountered and I can tell you that it has one huge land mass and than the rest is entirely ocean But I cannot tell you the color of that Ocean or the climate of that land massLozito took the very lazy way out and basically said hey we found this new planet and it looks exactly like Earth He assumed we the readers would assume it was green grass full of trees etc But why the hell would a planet 60 some light years away look exactly like earth?World building world building world building if you want to be a great SciFi writer you better learn how to do it Sure the military part of this story was interesting but so much was just lackingThe characters in this book are flat Therefore the relationships that are attempting to be built in this book are flat pointless and annoying when they keep reappearing I think Lozito wanted to use Connor's fascination with an archeologist to help develop his character and show his relationship with his new found friends They teased him like any guys would when someone liked a girl But there was no room for it in this story The woman he was interested in had no personality he barely had any personality His new found friends were flat and they all blended into one anotherI can't tell you anything about any of the characters I can't even remember anyone's name besides Noah Sean and Connor And I only remember Noah and Sean because in my head I pictured them as hot young new 'soldiers' in 'uniform' that if this were a film I'd watch over and over because And I don't think that was the authors intentions but hell it got me through this bookThe overall plot wasn't that fantastic Basically when you look at what this story really is about there isn't much going on at all Connor puts together a search and rescue group trains them and than has to use them I feel like there definitely should have been going on and that again comes down to the lack of details in this bookThis book reminded me of Shades of Earth by Beth Revis She landed her characters on the new planet gave us no details about what the planet was like and than ended the entire series with view spoilersomething is coming after us and we have to get ready to fight hide spoiler

  2. Melissa (Mel’s Bookshelf) Melissa (Mel’s Bookshelf) says:

    This was an excellent beginning to what I have no doubt is going to be a fun and exciting series I read that there are 5 books in total at the moment and I can't wait to delve into the next one I listened to the audio version on audible Connor is the leader of an elite military group And he is having a rough time First he is framed for the death of millions of people then he is sneakily smuggled aboard a colony ship travelling to another star system And then when he wakes up he discovers he has been asleep a VERY long time Now he is stuck on an alien world with a bunch of untrained colonists and there is something a bit strange happening on this planet and there is some local wildlife that are not very friendlyThis was an extremely enjoyable book that I got through very uickly It wasn't too long and had heaps of action to keep me hooked I really enjoyed the premise Most of the characters were awesome  I loved the group of cadets that Connor put together I really enjoyed the whole universe that they put together And that ending The next one is going to be super exciting with a bunch of new characters I can't wait to see how the syndicate fits into future books tooDid I enjoy the audio version?Yes the narrator was excellent His female voices annoyed me a little bit but overall it was a really enjoyable performanceWould I recommend Genesis?Yes for any sci fi fans or fans of military fiction set in sci fi settings It was really enjoyable and full of action and adventure Can't wait for the next one I purchased Genesis at my own expense at audiblecomFor reviews check out myBlog Instagram Twitter Facebook

  3. David P. Duffy David P. Duffy says:

    Low uality Colonization Story Coupled With Poor Writing “Genesis First Colony Book 1” authored by Mr Ken Lozito is a low uality colonization story coupled with poor writing A future black ops colonel “Connor Grant” is suckered into attacking with his platoon a pervasive organized crime organization the “Syndicate” ensconced on a massive Sol System space station Spoiler AlertAttempting to decapitate the head of the “Syndicate” Connor instead triggers a trap that leads to the station’s destruction and the death of millions Half of his platoon escapes is recovered by a Fleet admiral benefactor who puts Connor into statis and places him secretly aboard a colony ship the “Ark” shortly destined to leave on a decades long journey The “Ark” is humanity’s first attempt at interstellar colonization carrying three hundred thousand 300000 in statis Shortly after arrival Connor is awakened surprising the colonial advance team who expected someone else The colonel is suspect attempts to find his way and becomes involved in establishing a paramilitary “Search and Rescue” unitFirst the entire story is pretty inane and ridiculous The colonists are portrayed as intelligent but “PC” addled They are tasked with colonizing an alien planet abundant with Spoiler Alert alien wildlife some intelligent possibly sentient Further ruins of a sentient alien species have been discovered along with tech on the planet Colonists have been killed and the colonial hierarchy does not want to disturb the alien ecosystem No military as security only a glorified lightly armed and ineffective park ranger style group for the colony’s protection is permitted The author has apparently no experience or basic knowledge of the military and yet it is a pervasive theme throughout the book It is both puzzling and amazing why write a story revolving fully around a subject you are not knowledgeable of and expose your ignorance throughout? BafflingThe writing is bland stilted and dialogue reads as if it was from a badly dubbed movie Additionally the plot devices are disingenuous as the author writes storylines into potential “dead ends” and later on just drops unsupported solutions At best it’s lazy amateurish writing and at worse dishonest Having read many of the author’s other books this reviewer has noticed an abrupt decline in the uality It appears a promising writer has succumbed to limited success and instead of maintaining uality or improving is just going through the motions in order to publish “Genesis” is not recommended and was fully read via Kindle Unlimited

  4. Linda Linda says:

    For this genre my expectations are low I’ve read great science fiction but this particular type is just popcorn It is meant to entertain you not give you a high brow literary experience Genesis serves up plenty of entertainment so I’m satisfied The pace is fast The writing is succinct As I would expect the characters aren’t really developed very much The main character is developed a little bit but not a single supporting character is given the slightest amount of depth There is very little description of the new planet I kept wondering what the weather was like I made up a planet in my mind but I realize that vision wasn’t based on details in the book but rather just a need to create something that I could seeI’ve already started the second one because I am just in the mood for this I’m training for a marathon and listening to the audio I need something that doesn’t take much brain power on my part but will keep me interested enough to get through a lot of miles on my feet I hate to give this book three stars but four seems like too much even though I did like it

  5. Clyde Clyde says:

    Genesis starts like a straight up military SF story but then morphs into a story about establishing an interstellar colony Though military themes continue throughout the bookThe writing is a bit spotty and the characters could be better developed but even so the story pulled me in uickly We get new colony start up problems mysterious alien ruins military training monster attacks and a Big DangerSeveral mysteries are introduced but not satisfactorily resolved Major spoilers view spoilerWhy did the Syndicate destroy Chronos Station? What happened to the original inhabitants of the planet? Why are the local predators so aggressive? What really happened back on Earth? What is the nature of the approaching danger? hide spoiler

  6. Jim Jim says:

    This is the start of a new series I think it’s going to be a pretty good one It is a military science fiction book although I though that it might change to something else after the first couple of chaptersConner Gates is the main character He’s a Colonel in the North American Union Alliance and his current mission is to find the head of the Syndicate and kill him or her His intel shows him the Syndicate leader is on Chronos Station and that’s where his team of “Ghosts” are headed The Ghosts are a special black ops military unit that doesn’t exist for anyone except themselves and their immediate H On this mission even his H doesn’t know the details of where and what his team is doingThey successfully board the huge space station and begin their search for the Syndicate leader Unfortunately their secret mission turns out not so secret The Syndicate has set a trap for the team and intends to kill them or make sure they take the blame for the destruction of Chronos Station So the Ghosts do manage to blast their way out of the station just as it is blown up It now appears that the Ghost team was responsible for that destruction and the killing of the millions of people that lived there Colonel Gates’ knows his future is very bleak As the Commanding Officer for the failed mission he’ll be held responsible for all those deaths But his team is picked up by the Battleship Carrier Indianapolis and meet up with Fleet Admiral Mitch Wilkinson Here is where the story changesThe Ark is humanity’s first interstellar colony ship and is soon to blast off on it’s eighty four year mission Most of the thirty thousand colonist will be in cryostasis for the duration of the trip only to be awoken when they reach their target planet The Battleship Indianapolis is bringing some last minute cargo and colonist to the Ark It should be fairly obvious now what has happened to the Ghost team So we now have a whole new story Colonel Gates starts out with just himself and has to figure out what he’s going to do given his new circumstances It’s now 200 years since the last mission and he doesn't know where his team is or even if they are all a live The story is very interesting and there are some good characters introduced The nice thing about this series is that the second book “Nemesis” is already available I’ve already started reading this book and think it’s going to be very interesting

  7. Tobin Marks Tobin Marks says:

    I chose this book because it had a similar premise to my series An ark ship colonizing an alien planet But that's where the similarities end With only one POV narrative I thought how my editor would react to this style but uickly realized that it works well here Genesis is a page turner and I couldn't put it down At first the characters seemed a bit one dimensional but later I found I cared about them and this too worked Overall it was a good read and I ended up buying the rest of the set

  8. Trish R. Trish R. says:

    This is my first try at a book about actually going to another planet and setting up housekeeping by 3000000 earthlings AND I really enjoyed it But I probably enjoyed it so much because the narrator was awesome I absolutely loved Connor’s voice and all his snarky rude sarcastic and sweet words I liked Diaz too He had a perfect Spanish accent And the girl damn I forgot her name sounded kind of German and when a young man Sean spoke he did sound young Connor was a black ops team leader and when a mission went horrible wrong a friend of Connor’s father had Connor drugged and put in stasis for a trip to another galaxy because Will knew that Connor and his team were going to be blamed for millions of people dying on the space station where the battle took place with the Syndicate So Connor was in stasis for 200 years and 8 months Needless to say Connor had a really hard time believing it when he woke up Actually all the battles were thrilling especially the one the creatures they called Ryklars who had like 4 arms and 2 legs and could run 130 miles an hour all day long There were other creatures and the description of them all was incredible It wasn’t a cliffhanger but it left it open for other books which I will probably read I mean a fleet of “something” is heading their way and I have to know what it is The fleet could be there in ten months or in ten years nobody knowsNo romance of any kind and the F bomb was used 1 time As to the narration Scott Aiello was simply wonderful

  9. Diane Diane says:

    This starts with a military special ops team on a covert mission that goes terribly wrong The leader is then UNKNOWINGLY put in cryo aboard a colony ship to avoid being accused for the debacle he had no control over He wakes up 200 years later and there's some problems with the new colony world First they aren't at the planet they were supposed to colonize Then you've got dangerous alien life threatening the colonists Lastly there's a terrible reason they were diverted to another planet They are not safe and the worst may be yet to come This book has some of everything sci fi space related which made it an interesting read I look forward to seeing what else happens and seeing character development Off to a good start

  10. AndrewP AndrewP says:

    This book came up as an Prime reading pick so I thought I would give it a try and give another indie author a chanceAs a presumably self published book this had a lot of things common to that category At the beginning I found the writing a bit lackluster but it seemed to improved though the book or maybe I just got used to it Not sure if this was the authors first book as I see he has about 10 in different series Story wise this was a bit different to what I was expecting based on the cover Only a small part of the action occurred in space the majority being on a new alien planet The author has some great ideas but in a couple of places I thought a bit explanation was neededA decent start to a series with a story that wraps up some points but leaves uite a few unanswered uestions There is a lead on for the next book and I will probably take a look at it at some point

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