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Women and God [PDF] ❤ Women and God Author Kathleen Nielson – Thomashillier.co.uk What does the Bible really say about women Is God somewhat sexist Is there a way to see what God says in this area not only as true but also as beautifulIn this warm conversational sympathetic book Ka What does the Bible really say about women Is God somewhat sexist Is there a way to see what God says in this area not only as true but also as beautifulIn this warm conversational sympathetic book Kathleen Nielson asks the hard uestions on this most emotive subject showing how truth can not just be believed but enjoyed Women of all backgrounds views and ages will want to read this crucial Women and PDF/EPUB or book.

10 thoughts on “Women and God

  1. Francine Walsh Francine Walsh says:

    This book made me cry out of love for Jesus The best read I’ve done on the subject of women and God Praise the Lord for Nielson’s gracious words

  2. Andrea Andrea says:

    If you've ever read and been confused about some of the verses in the Bible concerning women like those in Deut 21 or 1 Cor 14 this book Women God seeks to provide clarity I appreciate that this book was written as it's such an important and relevant topic with the trending #MeToo #TimesUp and The Future is Female Does God see women as eual to men?The author does a good job of giving a big picture view starting with Genesis and threading the gospel focus throughout Personally I would have liked in depth answers to some of verses discussed as I was often left with uestions However this book is a readable not overwhelming in size or writing style and helpful overview on the topic of women God

  3. Danette Danette says:

    What does resonate with all we've seen in the scriptures is that women are to be valued as God's image bearers along with men and that all believers filled and empowered with the Spirit of the risen Christ together serve him until he comes again God's ordering of male and female in marriage and in the church is meant to bring about unity Unity through complementarity2019 A book about theology

  4. Anna Walker Anna Walker says:

    Highly recommend especially for women engaged in any kind of ministry to other women Has one of the best answers that I've ever read to the idea that a woman being a helper euates with a lesser role

  5. Erin Erin says:

    Nielsen navigates the tricky waters around many issues of God and women in the Bible Whether you struggle to understand difficult passages of the Bible or wonder what your role is in the home or church she presents Gods Word as a means to answer these uestions While not in depth into each topic Nielsen discusses some various views and rightly puts our focus where it needs to be when we encounter these topics God’s Word

  6. Eva Cahoon Eva Cahoon says:

    Pointing to the Gospel on each page Nielson discusses sensitive issues and big topics without shying away from them Pointing to truths about women in full old testament and new testament context and how these truths point to the goodness and sovereignty of God this is a must read for every woman and man

  7. Sarah Sarah says:

    I appreciate that she teaches how the Bible backs up the Bible and how it explains itself Best to use this approach Only really accurate approach So she does a great job of showing God’s order and love for people When dealing with the subjects of the New Testament it’s best explained if we look at the Bible as a whole and let It defend and explain itself

  8. Yuliya Stepnova Yuliya Stepnova says:

    One profound biblical ‘healthy’ and beautiful book on womanhood Loved it

  9. hollie hollie says:

    An engaging and challenging read with strong biblical foundations providing a perfect starting point for conversations about women in the BibleStand out sections are Chapter 5 about Deborah in Judges Chapter 7 exploring Women's Bodies in light of Creationthe Fallthe Future our Hope Chapter 8 about Women and Jesus Chapter 10 tackling Women in the church

  10. Rachel Menke Rachel Menke says:

    I do not envy the task Kathleen Nielson had in writing this book It had to be like navigating a minefield But overall she did a fantastic job of getting to the heart of these issues in a way that magnifies the truth and authority of Scripture and also acutely feels the pain and hurt often associated with such issuesThis book tackles all sorts of debated and contested issues when it comes to women and God what do we make of God through those hard and graphic OT stories of polygamy rape and other abuses of women; what does God really say about the woman’s role in the home and the church; how do we even deal with the fact that we refer to God as Father and Son and why not Mother and Daughter and much Nielson is writing from what would be considered a complementarian viewpoint but I appreciated that her views are far from the hyper complementary ideas I have often encountered in complementarian environments I appreciated the way she acknowledged single women women in ministry and women with strong leadership skills Overall while I agree with all of her conclusions I sometimes struggled with how she got there In her defense she had a lot to cover and not a lot of space to do it in so I think that’s where some of the “jumps” occurred It constantly felt like she wanted to say but couldn’t so she just hit the tip of the ice burg for each topic rather than really drilling down This is a necessity but sometimes I felt like topics were too uickly summarized and moved on from This is an excellent resource and great read for any woman who has wondered how to deal with some of these tough topics and also I would highly recommend it for pastors and elders as a great way to gain insight into the women of their church and thoughts they likely wrestle with

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