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  • Michael-Scott Earle
  • 03 June 2016

10 thoughts on “Space Knight Space Knight #1

  1. Andrei Andrei says:

    There are so many things wrong with this book that I find it difficult to decide what to start withFor one thing it's written at a grade 6 level The grammar and word choice left me shaking my head every other paragraph I find it troubling that some people are reviewing it as being a brilliant 5 star worthy novel This is a 2 star book at best if only by virtue of the spelling and grammar mistakes the author makes throughout itThe dialogue is also hilariously BAD It's as if the characters were part of a children's sock puppet show and no apparent effort was made by the author to even try to portray them as real people They come across as shallow cliche versions of DD builds completely lacking personalities They are also apparently incapable of simple logic and their attempts at social interaction are just weird It's almost as if the author were a child trying to write a dialogue between adults having never really had a serious conversation himselfAnother glaring issue is that the author treats female characters few as they are as nothing than sex objects for the main character to admiredesire Their descriptions almost always revolve around sexualizing them to the fullest possible extent and any interaction with the main character will without fail involve him checking out their cleavages or otherwise thinking about how hot and desirable they are They naturally all enjoy wearing either very tight fitting or skimpy outfits and various scenes are worked into the novel that involve them walking around in towels etc adding zero value to the storyOn to the main character Nicholas He's painfully naive Inhumanly so No one who has gone though the euivalent of an elite military college and survived an actual combat situation could be this oblivious to even the simplest realities of the world around him His thought process is so simplistic as to remind me of a sock puppet so than a human being The story is incredibly predictable and really serves as the death knell to an already troubled novel The plot twists can be seen coming a mile away but as the main character behaves as a child he's always taken completely by surprise What I found particularly hilarious is that when pushed into a tight spot the author will actually take the time to write a lengthy monologue describing Nick's mental process for finding the best solution to his predicament Let's just say that problem solving ain't Nick's strong suit OK? I once again must stress that it feels as if a child were writing this story with no real experience as to how the real world works or as to how adult interactions flowSave yourselves some time and skip this book Better yet skip this author

  2. Isaac Isaac says:

    I haven't completed the book yet and I'm not sure if I will Others said it before but I'll repeat it again The book has a pretty interesting start but it rapidly declines with cliches and a predictable plot Without spoiling too much the protagonist is your basic semi overpowered and super naive character He is absurdly naive to the point it's ridiculous And the whole plot really lacks ingenuity That basically wraps up the main issue I have with Space Knight Otherwise it's not that bad of a bookaudiobook With a good narrator an audiobook is very forgiving in regard to spelling and grammar In short I don't know if there's a huge problem with the spelling or grammar like some says I do know that this author uses simple or simpler writing which I am totally fine with As for the part about the girlswomenladies being sex toys or objects of desires that's simply the way this author writes his books and he's targeting audience who enjoys that I think I read somewhere about he started writing because he wanted an Adult version of some other book In a sense no point reading any of this author's book if you have an issue with this Overall it's not good but it's not that bad either It has some interesting elements It has a few game elements like numericalized items and a knight oriented class system It blended magic and technology together and resulted in a fun rune system Overall I have to say that it's not one of MSE's best work Maybe I'll finish listening to the rest of it some other time but definitely not now You can only take so much cliches and predictable aggravating plotlines

  3. caerulex caerulex caerulex caerulex says:

    Interesting beginning poor follow through The bad thingsThis book hooked me from the beginning mostly because I was curious why the main character was such a bad ass I was expecting some kind of secret dark past or the likeInstead I found that he was incredibly OP For seemingly no reasonIn general I like reading books with OP characters with interesting goals and back stories The problem is the main character along with every other characters are cookie cutter archetypes The MC doesn't have any kind of memorable past We know that he's graduating from an academy that normally only accepts rich people We know that he's a poor Outlander with a father who died mysteriously in service to the Crown and a mother who's struggling to make ends meatAnd that is literally all there is to the MC His history dictates all of his motivations Moreover he has no character growth over the entire novel He starts off an excellent fighter not freezing at all during his first ever real life battle and feeling fairly little remorse over any fallen comrades At the same time he's gullible and falls right into the plot of a stereotypical villain that blackmails himNone of the characters have any kind of uniue personality You have the crazy berserker the sadistic assassin the beautiful nurse etc All female characters seem to exist only to be beautiful and the MC essentially can't look at a single woman without checking her body outthinking about asking her out When his classmate dies his one regret is that he never asked her outFinally the plot armor is absurdly strong for the MC and his allies They face ridiculous odds and end up totally fine Unfortunately most of the time the odds are so crazy that they're just impossible No matter how good of a fighter a character is they can't take on the impossibleGood thingsThe grammar in the book was good though the prose was fairly simplistic No serious problems so that's a starThe world itself was interesting and I feel like the author has a lot of interesting plans to explore it furtherTo the author who might read this keep writing This book did hook me initially and I thought it had a lot of potential Please just try to make better non archetypal characters with better motivations than to help out mom or to serve the ueen who they've never met

  4. D. Jay Newman D. Jay Newman says:

    Reads like an author's first book from high schoolI'm sorry but I feel that reading this book was a waste of time However I think that some of the characters and dialog show promise for the future1 The book read like a role playing game than a science fantasy book The weapon descriptions kept saying things like 5% base damage The worst was an axe that had an increase in damage proportional to the damage the axe had sustained IMHO this is a bad magic system for a book like this is supposed to be2 I kept expecting that this was all going to be a VR game story like Sword Art Online3 The main character was too skilled He was fresh from the academy and was fighting at an extremely skilled level4 The friendships seemed wooden5 The world building was pretty bad I wouldn't have done this bad for a single night RPG The tech is built on magic and this is being taxed so that the military is unable to euip itself Their military is financed by looting aliens who conveniently attack in leveled rifts so it reads like a video gameAt99 it might have been acceptable mind candy At 499 I feel like I've been ripped off I will read nothing else from either of the authors

  5. GaiusPrimus GaiusPrimus says:

    This was a bit of a slog to get through especially as a LitRPG Nothing is believable Why would such a secretive crew welcome a new member that's clearly looking for information on the crew What about this 0600 daily timeframe of reporting that is reuired Or the fact that you have a novice who's apparently the best fighter tactician and strategist around able to take everything and anything and come out on topThere's also a lot of inconsistencies within the book At the end he's got his sword working again inside the Bulwark? Interesting Zac conveniently knows something every time we need the plot to advance? And let's not forget that Nick literally gets saved by the Deus Ex Machina at the endWith the number of editors listed in the back someone should've caught at least a few of these Just do a better job of editing and most of the above would go awayI'll probably pick up the next since at least the premise is interesting but if similar issues are present I don't think I'll pi k it up

  6. Craig Becker Craig Becker says:

    MehIf you are two or so you might enjoy this completely predictable peace of drivel The story arc is fairly flat and you can see every slight turn coming from a couple years away Bad editing dropped words the usual Good luck but don't uit your day job

  7. John John says:

    Pretty much perfect balance of character actionThis is a very well written book that perfectly satisfies a medieval space themeLyons the main protagonist is like able but imperfect He is gullible but trying to do the right thingThe action starts just as he is graduating from space knight school when things go horribly wrong with his graduating class and he is one of the few survivorsHe has mysterious powers but they are muted and flawed and often a disadvantage And he has to discover them and learn how to control them which is an ongoing processThe LitRPG aspects are constrained to a game mechanic style explanation of gear loot found during his adventures This is embedded in the environment as part of the government controlled access to powerful runic devices which includes restricting less advanced knights to less powerful gear The background motivation of supporting his mother suffering a disadvantaged lifestyle and the mysterious death of his father who was purported to be a great space knight but died in action and was always working off the books missions so received no acclaim are both well trodden tropes but they work well here and aren't over explainedThe main plot arc in this first story turning down a plumb assignment and instead getting assigned to the worst ship possible then discovering the worst ship might actually be the best ship is solid The crew is of course a collection of misfits who somehow fit together into awesomeness Powerful political figures trickingcoercing Lyons into spying on the ship and its crew is a good way to start filling out the world without turning into boring exposition Some of the main characters individually sound very derivative of characters in other novels including several series set in the Warhammer 40k universe Not sure if this was intentional or coincidentalDelivers solidly on showing not tellingLyons never meets a woman he doesn't think is beautiful and a possible romantic partnerGoing back for right away

  8. Adam Adam says:

    Entertaining story but pitfalls aboundI downloaded this book from kindle unlimited because I was running out of things to read I had visited this page a couple if times but each visit decided against the book due to the extreme overselling of the story on this page Usually when someone tries so hard to hype up the product it is because it is lackingLuckily this book is not one of those cases I recommend toning down the summary and sales pitch for the second book Also note to the authors does notify about new releases and saying they never do is false and deliberately misleading While I have no reason to defend nor attack or the authors deliberately misleading anyone to sign up for your mailing list doesn't float and actually that would be something Suire Nick Lyons would be against I thinkOn to the plot and settingI was a bit confused at the beginning the mishmash of LitRPG elements with RL left me a lost but the well written Narrative didn't leave me over encumbered My readings speed wasn't affected I want to know about this magic and tech it wasn't explained in this book but I will still pick up the seuels when released As far as action it is a satisfying romp A major pitfall is the amount of beautiful women on the ship and how the main character has attracted the attention of all of them and 23rds of them are nobles who are supposed go be stuck up to 'Outlanders' Unfortunately it is a trend among many authors in LitRPG and scifi BV Larson comes to mind that the main character is extremely desirable by beautiful women and ends up with a harem or women just throwing themselves at them I was gratified that it didn't happen for Nick Lyons yet Here's to hoping the author doesn't succumb to such romance novel tendencies in the seuelOverall I give it a 45 stars

  9. Tara Tara says:

    I will uickly admit this book has the unfortunate disadvantage of being read by me after I read Ascend Online months after but still and so my mind immediately compared the two to some degree However the premise is reasonable the characters intriguing tho forced and the writing flowed moderately wellUnfortunately again this fell into the category of overplaying it’s foreshadowing which tends to be a pet peeve of mine I don’t need an author to dumb down the characters and plot lines in order to make me wonder about the morals of characters or the future scenes I found there was a tendency to restate the possible evils over and over make our hero incredibly naive and therefore almost childlike and even toss in some random unnecessary interactions that I’m assuming were supposed to be “romantic possibilities” but that ultimately just felt forced and awkwardThis isn’t to say it was an awful read It was an easy distraction and while I wouldn’t run out to grab the rest of the series I also wouldn’t advise others against it I suspect if I hadn’t been swept off my feet so recently with Ascend Online I might have had lower expectations and may speak differently hereBasically this is a crossover between a gamer style story and a syfy There is a syfy feel and I believe the intention is realism than a fantasy gamer style; however it appeared to me to cross that fine line on occasion with the addition of “attack bonuses” and the like on weapons and euipment

  10. Frances Law Frances Law says:

    Excellent YA coming of age storyWe first meet Nicholas Lyons Nick or Nicky as a cadet of the RTF on his last training assignment before graduating as a Suire Something goes wrong with the exercise and Nick is the only fighter who survives I say this as he saves another cadet who did nothing but cower behind anyone who could save him Ludas Barnes is the son of a duke and a sneaky little rodent Somehow he takes on the part of the hero and takes the plum appointment that should have been Nicks In trying to get his assignment changed Nick falls fouls of Duke Barnes but is too naive to see the man for what he is He believes that he has an assignment from his ueen through the Duke So he finds himself on the Stalwart a ship made up of old ship parts and considered the worst ship in the fleet According to the Duke and his minion Sorcerer Polgar the crew of Stalwart are insurrectionists and rebels Nick realises that this is not true and he begins to doubt his mission but Polgar has threatened his mother and nick has no choice but to continue There are some good strong characters who grab your attention such as Moses Olav Leith Elle Zac and Casey; and dont let's forget the other suires I admit that I couldn't help but become somewhat frustrated at Nick's naiveté but the action than made up for that So this is a welcome to the Stalwart the worst best ship in the fleet Looking forward to the next installment

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Space Knight Space Knight #1[Read] ➳ Space Knight Space Knight #1 By Michael-Scott Earle – In a universe where technology and magic co exist Nicholas Lyons desires one thing to serve his ueen as a Space Knight in the Royal Trident Forces But when his final mission as an Academy cadet goes h In a universe where technology and Space Knight PDF/EPUB ¶ magic co exist Nicholas Lyons desires one thing to serve his ueen as a Space Knight in the Royal Trident Forces But when his final mission as an Academy cadet goes horribly wrong Nicholas discovers he possesses illegal magical abilities that grant him power far beyond that of a normal man Space Knight eBook Å knight or mage When a clandestine assignment lands Nicholas on the worst starship in the kingdom’s fleet he finds a motley crew of warriors hiding their own terrible secret Death and betrayal lurk around every corner and Nicholas finds himself torn between his loyalties to his new crew or the oath he swore to his ueen And death Knight Space Knight PDF Ë no matter which choice he makes.

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