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Carols at Woolworths (Woolworths #1.5) [Read] ➵ Carols at Woolworths (Woolworths #1.5) By Elaine Everest – Carols at Woolworths is a heartwarming novella and is the preuel to Christmas at Woolworths by bestselling author Elaine Everest Betty Freda and Sarah are determined to make the Woolworths Christmas p Carols at Woolworths is a heartwarming novella and is the preuel to Christmas at Woolworths by bestselling author Elaine Everest Betty Freda and Sarah are determined to make the Woolworths Christmas party as jolly as ever After weeks of careful planning the girls are confident that it will be an evening for everyone to forget about the troubles of the war outsideBut the war is never far away and when an air raid looms the girls must usher their guests to safety and find a way to take Carols at MOBI :↠ their Christmas cheer underground Will it be a merry Christmas after all for the girls of Woolworths.

10 thoughts on “Carols at Woolworths (Woolworths #1.5)

  1. Lauren Tess& Lauren Tess& says:

    Carols at Woolworths is a lovely uick read Having previously read The Woolworths girls and absolutely loving it I decided to download this Novella It was so nice to be back with Sarah Maisie Freda and their friends and families and of course the Erith branch of Woolworths Carols at Woolworths is the preuel ebook Novella to the upcoming release of Christmas at Woolworths

  2. Donna Maguire Donna Maguire says:

    purchased a copy of this novella as soon as it was available as I am taking part in the blog tour for Christmas at Woolworths – and I am so glad I did as I loved itBetty Freda and Sarah are fantastic characters and the plot is great you really do feel as though you are living through the war time with them – it is well researched and well written – definitely a book for me and I highly recommend itMake sure you check back to my blog on 30th October 2017 for my review of Christmas at Woolworths

  3. Nicola Clough Nicola Clough says:

    I loved the first book in this series and couldn't wait to read this uick read and didn't disappoint me at all as so well written and great it carries on from the first book So brings it to you how it must have been hard for them in the war Betty Freda and Sarah want to make the Christmas party for Woolworths a success and they think they have everything sorted but when it happens they suddenly have to go to safely as a bomb is about Will they all get out safely and when one gives birth will it go ok for her and when one looses her baby how will she react A great uick read

  4. Vivien Brown Vivien Brown says:

    For those who have read Elaine's original Woolworths book this short novella is a chance to catch up with the main characters again just before Christmas 1941 as they have to spend many hours trapped in the store looking after a whole party load of convivial old soldiers during an air raid that leaves an unexploded bomb just yards away Plenty of drama from fire watching on the roof to the birth of a baby and a young 'stowaway' found in the store But humour wartime camaraderie and friendship are on offer too Nicely done

  5. Kathy E Kathy E says:

    Another good read from Elaine only trouble is it's not long enough I know it is a Novella and preuel to Christmas at Woolworths The Woolworth stories from Elaine are very entertaining and you imagine what the girls go through

  6. Sandra Sandra says:

    An excellent read I enjoyed catching up with the workers at Woolworthssuch a lovely lead up to the new book and I can't wait to see what happensElaine Everest certainly knows how to write a fab story and I really hope we get lots well worth 5

  7. mois reads mois reads says:

    Carols at Woolworths I loved everything about this book I should of read it before Christmas at Woolworths I didn't but it didn't take away from the story I love the Woolworths girls another 5 STARS for a brilliant author

  8. booklover BEV booklover BEV says:

    'Cor blimey'A lovely novella to read following on the Woolworth girls Sarah maisie and Freda and the rest of the staff as they prepare the old folks party Its nearly Christmas 1941 so everything during war times never goes as planned for them all All hell breaks out at the tobacconist shop next door causing havoc and mayhem I loved this read and so looking forward to reading Christmas at Woolworths This author has a way of gripping you into her books enjoyed with a nice cuppa char

  9. Rodney Bruce Rodney Bruce says:

    Well written follow up to The Woolworth's GirlsRead this one before Christmas at Woolworth's to keep the seuence in order

  10. Ria Ria says:

    This was a sweet bridging novella between the Woolworths girls novelsIt's Christmas time and the girls are putting on a party for the local elderly residents as they do every year but this year during the festivities bombs are dropping and one has hit the end of the street and the road is in ruins and the area on fire while at the other end is an unexploded bombIt's make do and mend as all characters are holding out in the Woolworths underground shelter while waiting for rescueFull of our favourite old characters and a few new ones besides this was a happy sad story of keeping up the spirit in adversity during wartime

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