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  1. La Coccinelle La Coccinelle says:

    I'm not that impressed with this Other than the well flowing rhymes the book doesn't have a lot going for it the story is boring the characters are overly anthropomorphized and the illustrations are forgettableI suppose it would make a decent baby gift since the only people who are really going to appreciate the text are parents The little baby moons taken care of by their grannies are just too nonsensical And referring to a constellation of stars as a moon dog could be potentially confusing for older children who are old enough to actually understand the textThis is fairly underwhelming It might help children get to sleep as the meter and rhyme are pretty good and would probably be soothing if the book were read out loud But other than that it's too simple boring and stylized for my taste Your mileage may vary of course

  2. Bea Bea says:

    Delightful sweet text and pictures Full review to come

  3. Robin Robin says:

    Moon Babies is right on time for this year’s summer reading theme “A Universe of Stories” This charming picture book includes drawings of friendly looking constellations and the familiar rhyme pattern of the star wishing poem “Star light star bright first star I see tonight” making it an easy pick for toddler storytimes This is a sweet lullaby of a book that reassuringly depicts baby moons waking up learning to walk playing together and being cared for by moon grammies The peaceful deep blues and purples of the artwork set the mood for bed or naptime There’s a nice detail in which one of the moon babies carries a small astronaut doll around on most of the pages This is a uiet sweet fluff of a picture book

  4. Dana Storytime Account Dana Storytime Account says:

    Parts of this book were worded in very weird ways and while I understand it was to keep the rhyme pattern it just made it seem a little forced to me and the flow thus seemed slightly off? I also wasn't sure if this was supposed to take place in one day or over time as the book refers to them as babies and toddlers which I feel like are two different stages of life so when I saw toddler I thought we were going to see the moon go through and grow up and was a little disappointed that wasn't how the book panned out

  5. Nicola Nicola says:

    The repetitive rhyme structure bored me to read it and the story pictures weren't particularly interesting either Although it didn't appeal to us it might suit an 18 24 month old uite well who might be interested in the cadences of the reader's voice than the wordsMiss 5 and I like to explore different books and authors at the library sometimes around particular topics or themes We try to get different ones out every week or so; it's fun for both of us to have the variety and to look at a mix of new favourite authors

  6. Chelsea Chelsea says:

    I created an account just to write a review My 2 year old ADORES this story like no other story She recites the last word of every line and sometimes even part of the stanzas She talks about moon babies during the day and reuests this book to be read every night Some of the negative reviewers seem to have forgotten who the intended audience is Imagery and playful rhymes have made this a staple in our home Thanks to Jameson and Hevron

  7. Aeicha Aeicha says:

    With its charming rhymes dreamy color scheme and suee worthy illustrations Moon Babies is an enchanting and tender lullaby of a story Little readers will be delighted by the sweet story and captivated by the pictures 

  8. Edward Sullivan Edward Sullivan says:

    Appealing bedtime reading


    Definitely a great bedtime book It provides such comfort and distressful illustrations I love this book

  10. Jessica Jessica says:

    Adorable with a great rhythm

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Moon Babies ☃ [PDF / Epub] ☂ Moon Babies By Karen Jameson ✑ – Just right for fans of Emily Winfield Martin's Dream Animals this gorgeously illustrated story in verse about baby moons growing up in a celestial nursery is ideal bedtime reading and a perfect new ba Just right for fans of Emily Winfield Martin's Dream Animals this gorgeously illustrated story in verse about baby moons growing up in a celestial nursery is ideal bedtime reading and a perfect new baby gift In the starry dark of night a secret moon world comes to light Make a wish and you just might visit baby moons tonight Follow the Moon Babies on their busy day from waking up in their crescent cradles to breakfast on the Milky Way to bundling up for moonwalks to orbiting the earth in a lunar carousel and And at day's end watch as the babies finish bathtime with stardust powder snuggle up with nursery rhymes and lullabies and finally drift off to sleep Karen Jameson's charming verse is a joy to read aloud and Amy Hevron's enchanting illustrations are simply irresistible making this the perfect read aloud to send little ones off to dreamland.

  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Moon Babies
  • Karen Jameson
  • 10 January 2016