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Ninja Camp ❮Reading❯ ➶ Ninja Camp ➮ Author Sue Fliess – Pack your bags and grab your gear you're going to Ninja Camp Listen closely to the ninja master who will teach you everything you need to know to become a ninja warrior but it won't be easy You'll hav Pack your bags and grab your gear you're going to Ninja Camp Listen closely to the ninja master who will teach you everything you need to know to become a ninja warrior but it won't be easy You'll have to be sly and swift strong and speedy and only then will you become a Ninja of the NightThis fun and energetic book will delight and entertain kids and parents alike with its clever rhyming verse and action packed depictions of the coolest camp around For fans of Ninja Red Riding Hood who are looking for a lesson in teamwork and cool stealth skills.

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  1. Lindsay - Traveling Sisters Book Reviews Lindsay - Traveling Sisters Book Reviews says:

    A fun action packed children’s bookMy three year old son Benjamin was thrilled when I opened my book mail to uncover this exciting story Through rhyming dialogue from the Ninja Master and silly scenarios scattered among the pages this children’s book invites kids to learn the skills and secrets of how to become a ninja warrior The pages are filled with beautiful bright coloured pictures which kept my children intrigued from start to finish Benjamin’s favourite part was the training for the ninja moves It’s a super cute and highly entertaining journey that I thoroughly enjoyed reading with my children My five year old daughter loved it too so it is great for girls and boys This review can be found on our blog at you to Hachette Book Group for gifting me a physical copy to read and review

  2. Baby Bookworm Baby Bookworm says:

    This review was originally written for The Baby Bookworm Visit us for new picture books reviews dailyHelloHello friends Our book today is Ninja Camp written by Sue Fliess and illustrated by Jen Taylor an imagining of an outdoor ninja training camp for kidsNinja Camp has begun You must learn speed stealth and strength You must be fierce and fearless And above all you must protect the Shadow Blade the camp’s prized sword in the stone Following a team of five young ninjas and their counselor the reader gets an idea of their training – that is until the rival camp is seen making off with the Shadow Blade What are these brave young ninjas to do?Oh I wanted to like this than I did Fliess’s stories are typically fun to read full of bouncy rhymes and creative plot lines – and in truth that applies here The text is fun to read and the opening training montage is pretty standard for the “so you want to be a ninja” genre The issues arise in the visuals specifically some uestionable choices that are made regarding be use of weapons and violence Children are seen using actual weapons throwing stars swords nunchucks etc In fact during the climatic battle the rival children face off using these weapons as well as implied martial arts blows and kicks ending in the central character pinning another children down BY THE NECK with her nunchucks It’s unsettling and not the best message to send kids about conflict resolution Making it worse is something other reviewers have also pointed out while the cast of children is commendably diverse in skintone and body type it is the sole white child that is the most talented the most brave and the eventual savior of the day ending the story atop a rock holding the Shadow Blade again a REAL SWORD that was used in a fight against other children aloft as the various children of color pay deference beneath her It does not make for a comfortable visual And while I acknowledge that any book about ninjas will probably include some reference to fighting I can think of a few excellent ones that do not then devolve into armed child on child violence Not for us Note A copy of this book was provided to The Baby Bookworm by the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewBe sure to check out The Baby Bookworm for reviews

  3. Kate Tilton Kate Tilton says:

    This was so cute The illustrations are rich and vibrant I loved the rhyme to the story I can see kids loving this book

  4. V V says:

    Why we chose this bookT is super into ninjas right now and the description of Ninja Camp sounded like something I'd be happy to read to him Running Press Kids provided a review copy in exchange for an honest reviewMom's Review VNinja Camp is pretty much what the title tells you A group of children is welcomed to ninja camp They learn stealth speed and discipline They compete with the neighboring camp in a capture the flag style game but with a katana sword instead of a flag At the end they demonstrate their new skills and keep the sword in their camp It doesn't sound like much but it really isNinja Camp is written in perfectly paced well crafted rhymes I like a good rhyming narrative such as the Llama Llama stories or Little Blue Truck and this one hits the mark The children's faces show varying degrees of confidence at the start as well as varying shades of skin They progress through the lessons at camp with varying levels of competence until engaging in a friendly competition with a rival camp from across the lake The ninja kids from each camp try out their new skills against one another without hurting anyone The focus here is on agility skill and self control Finally once our Ninjas of the Night regain the Shadow Blade the ersatz flag but not on the first attempt all children cheer and celebrate their newfound skills and confidence The positive messaging prevails throughout this ninja centric picture bookNinjas self confidence self control and fun What could be better for a ninja loving kid like T?Son's Review TAge 4Mom Do you have a favorite part? How did Ninja Camp make you feel?Son No I just really like it Happy Because happy happy happyThis is the current line of logic flowing through our houseMom Can you make a connection to any other books?Son Oh Well we have not read LEGO ninja books 'cuz you do not like it but we have read one Ninjago book with youWay to call me out on refusing to read you stuff kiddoMom I like almost singing this book do you like that? Do you like to sing?Son YesYes but my own pretend fake songsMom Can you make a connection to anything you do now?Son with a huge grin Tae Kwon Do I wonder what the name of their ninja school isMom That's a good uestion Would you want to go to ninja camp?Son Yeah I would want to play capture the sword gameMom What is a good time to read Ninja Camp?Son In summer because it's outsideMom Who would like it?Son Cousin G because he's into ninja stuffMom And what is the most important thing to know about this book?Son That it like itSon Share this review with Cousin G

  5. Stacie Stacie says:

    Kids will love this fun time at ninja camp Kids will learn all the tricks from a ninja master who will teach them all they need to know about becoming a ninja warrior They will learn about how to be sly swift and strong Then if these are learned they can become ninjasWith a rhyming scheme kids will learn from the ninja master how to protect the shadow blade Not only learning how to be strong and stealthy but they will also learn the ninja creed When the kids find out their shadow blade is missing they will have to catch the ninjas from the rival camp and reclaim their bladeI loved every page of illustrations and that the main ninja camper is a girl The expressions on the campers and the details of the ninja moves will get kids trying out the ninja camp skills as wellThis creative energetic book will get kids off the couch and trying out all the ninja moves just like the characters in the book

  6. RedPoppyReading RedPoppyReading says:

    Are your children ninja obsessed like mine? Really who can blame them? Ninjas are super cool If so “Ninja Camp” by suefliess and illustrated by jentayl0r is the book for you Darling illustrations I wish I could buy wall paper of the inside cover art and fun rhyming text made this book an instant hit at my house A group of kids learn ninja skills of strength creeping in silence hiding and speed from their master and then are put to the test to see if they are real Ninjas of the NightYou can pick this one up today – it was released on January 8 2019Thanks to runningpressbooks for sharing this book with #kidlitexchange and thanks to the kidlitexchange network for the review copy of this book – all opinions are my own

  7. Whatmykidsandiread Juli Whatmykidsandiread Juli says:

    Do you want to go to NINJA CAMP? Do you think you have what it takes to defend the Shadow Blade from the rival ninja camp? Well then this is the book for youMy kids went crazy for this imaginative book by Sue Fliess that’s full of rhyming rhythms and simply perfect for reading out loudAnd now I’m pretty sure I’m going to be hearing about these ninja skills for a long time 😂“Hide in shadowsLeave no traceBe prepared to flee or chase”Oh and I can’t forget to mention the fabulous illustrations by Jen Taylor that add just the right amount of mystery and shadow and fun to match the ways of the ninjaThanks to runningpressbooks for sending along this copy for my girls and I to read

  8. McKenzie Richardson McKenzie Richardson says:

    For reviews check out my blog Craft CycleA fast paced book about some young ninja learning the way of the ninja at camp Cute book with great illustrations The coloring was just gorgeousI especially enjoyed the rhyming and pacing of the book While it appears kind of long at first glance it actually goes by very uickly because it is so easy to get caught up in the fun rhymes Also loved the diversity of the campers in terms of gendersex and race I hate when ninja picture books only feature boys I can easily see both boys and girls liking this book

  9. Becky B Becky B says:

    Ninja camp is here The campers must learn the ways of ninjas and be able to protect the Shadow Blade from capture by the rival campThese little ninjas learn all positive things from their camp Yes the sneak but they also have a code which tells them to be kind and honest and uphold what is right The final part of the camp is basically a game of capture the flag flag is the Shadow Blade sword with another ninja camp during which they must put into practice the things they've learned at camp It's a fun story in well done rhyme that little would be ninjas will enjoy

  10. Kate Kate says:

    This is such a fun book Kids at a Ninja camp get into humorous situations while they learn the secret's of how to become a Ninja warriorGreat for boys and girls Its action packed has rhyming verse with bold and vibrant illustrations My son and I read it several times He now wants to go to Ninja camp•Thank you to the publisher for sending me a copy•For of my book content check out instagramcombookalong

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