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    The inspiration for this book came partially from a piece I read about Leonard Cohen s final press conference before his death in 2016 When asked by a reporter about where he drew his inspiration from, Cohen gave this beautiful answer about how we create art as a way of articulating the emergency inside of us I have been in love with that notion ever since.I decided that I wanted my main character, Pup, to be a kid who is experiencing a serious emergency inside of himself, and who, because of who he is and the kind of family he comes from, has no way of articulating it I wanted his discovery of photography to arrive like a life raft I wanted him to fall in love with art, and in doing so, find a way to articulate hi...

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    Wow All I have to say isSorry For Your Loss was such an exquisite portrait of a family caught in the throes of grief The emotions, at times, were so palpable, I actually found myself rubbing my chest, because my heart physically ached.Pup, my dear sweet Pup As the youngest of the Flanagan clan, he was often overlooked You had the sister moms, his older sisters, who were so much older than him, they never even lived under the same roof And, then there was the second wave of kids Annemarie, Patrick, and Luke Though Pup enjoyed a closer bond with his three younger siblings, there was only one, who really saw him Patrick, which was why Patrick s death was such a profound loss for him.Pup was floundering in his grief, and continuing to let all these people in his life sort of treat him as an after thought But, then he got a little nudge, and that push Pup needed came from an unlikely source After almost a year of trying different artistic mediums, Pup s teacher put a camera in his hands, and Pup was able to finally find his voice It was really wonderful the way he was able to see things and share his feelings and pain via his art I loved that this was part of his story for many reasons One, because I really wanted Pup to find his thing Two, becau...

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    Jessie Ann Foley blew me away with this story truly, the warmth, humor, and sincerity will enfold you like a much needed hug, and baby, does it FLOW The narrative is so friendly and inclusive that you literally can t put it down until you ve made sure that all of your beloved Flanagan clan are going to be okay in the end Right from Chapter 1, Pup Flanagan had my love forever he is such a real teenage boy, gangly legs and all, so earnest and bursting with untapped potential This is the kind of book which should be taught in schools, advertised in all major publications and news outlets, and pushed hard by the publisher to get it into the hands of every reader, because it makes you want to be a better person To face the wor...

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    A straightforward story that touches on undealt with grief and loss I love how therapy plays such a crucial part of the story and how many teen boy tropes are expertly navigated Plus, I appreciated how art was used as a tool of heal...

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    Printz Honor winner Jessie Ann Foley s newest novel Sorry for Your Loss might turn some readers away with its heavy title, but I highly recommend this novel to anyone looking for realistic insight into the teen experience Foley introduces her readers to Pup Flanagan, an extremely relatable protagonist who is not, at first sight, exceptional in any way His grades are regrettable, his plans for the future are nonexistent and his life experiences do not go far beyond the boundaries of his extensive Irish Catholic family His mind finds it difficult to focus on anything besides the Chicago Cubs, his out of his league friend, Izzy, and his recently deceased older brother, Patrick Patrick s death rocked Pup s family to their core, but they never talk about his passing Pup s only outlet for discussing Patrick is his bereavement group at school which he refers to as the Pity Party, but that all changes when his talented classmate, Abrihet, agrees to help Pup with his photography assignment which will determine whether or not he fails his art class An extensive photography project just might be the means by which Pup feels ...

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    Gritty and deeply emotional, Sorry For Your Loss is, unsurprisingly, about grief But it s also about love, brothers, big drive you crazy families, finding your voice and learning to remember while also letting go With an honest and realistic teen male protagonist, Sorry For Your Loss will appeal to older teen readers who enjoy moving books Pup is the youngest of eight His family has been floundering, silently, since the death of one of his older brothers Parents and siblings who won t speak about Patrick, a brother who is losing himself to alcohol and Pup himself who is sinking in his classes, his relationships and in the deafening silence at home When his art teacher hands him a camera in the desperate hopes he can redeem his failing art grade, Pup is presented with a whole new lens with which to view the world, and maybe even the chance to bring his family together again.I really loved Pup The youngest of eight, plus uncle many times over, he knows the chaos of a big family He also knows his place But as he witnesses the decline of his family through grief and struggles with his own sadness, Pup has to challenge what he thought he knew about his parents, siblings and even himself Pup has such a realistic and down to earth voice He narrates the story and readers are welcomed into his world He is 100% teen guy, but also one of those awkward, ...

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    Jessie Ann Foley has managed to slide herself into my I ll read anything you write category

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    Sorry for Your Loss is Pup s coming of age story Every bildungsroman features a character that faces challenges, but Pup suffers challenges than most This poor guy is trying to discover himself while being the oops baby in the very large, working middle class, suburban Chicago Flanagan family As the youngest of eight siblings seven years separate him from his next youngest sibling , Pup has always felt loved but under the radar The entire, huge family the sibs, the sibs in law, the nephews and nieces have Sunday dinner every single week EVERY SINGLE WEEK Pup says family vacations are planned around Sunday dinner In his seventeen years of life, Pup has never missed a Sunday dinner This is the kind of family we re talking about Except they are a grieving family that doesn t grieve And instead of eight siblings, there are now seven It s been almost three years since Patrick died, but no one talks about it Each is left to grieve in his or her own way, sometimes with disastrous results Pup s manner of grieving is to stay invisible and inwardly boil over the image of the fat, cherubic, baby angel his mother used to replace P...

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    I ve been in a bit of a reading slump for awhile reading, but the books I was reading were just okay, not the kind of books you d stay up late to read, or to sneak a few minutes between tasks to get a chapter in And then came Sorry For Your Loss, by Jessie Ann Foley Sorry For Your Loss follows Pup which is a nickname his real name is James and his huge family of 26 he is the last of 8 brothers and sisters The story follows Pup as he tries to come to grips with life a few years after his brother Patrick suddenly passed away Pup s family isn t one to talk about uncomfortable things, and so Patrick s name is never mentioned, and his high school graduation photo on the wall going up the stairs was replaced by an image of a baby angel And because Patrick s never mentioned, everyone in the family deals with his death on their own, leading often to catastrophic results...

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    Pup thought about Luke s suffering cry, how it had set Pup s hair standing on end, and made him love his brother the most he had ever loved him at the exact moment he was hating him than he d ever hated anyone the book had potential but something was just lacking there, but i enjoyed it nonetheless Does he hate me Pup squinted down into his eggs, bracing himself for her answer No, Pup He doesn t hate you Sal s voice faltered for just a moment as she reached across the table...

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Sorry for Your Loss BOOKS Sorry For Your Loss Jessie Ann Foley Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk Printz Honor Winner And William Morris Award Finalist Jessie Ann Foley S Latest YA Novel Is A Comitragic Coming Of Age Story About An Awkward Teenage Guy Who, After The Loss Of His Brother, Finds Healing And A Sense Of Self Where He Least Expected To.As The Youngest Of Eight, Painfully Average Pup Flanagan Is Used To Flying Under The Radar He S Barely Passing His Classes He Lets His Longtime Crush Walk All Over Him And He S In No Hurry To Decide On A College Path The Only Person Who Ever Made Him Think He Could Be Was His Older Brother Patrick, The Family S Golden Child But That Was Before Patrick Died Suddenly, Leaving Pup With A Family Who Won T Talk About It And Acquaintances Who Just Keep Saying, Sorry For Your Loss But When Pup Excels At A Photography Assignment He Thought He D Bomb, Things Start To Come Into Focus His Dream Girl Shows Her True Colors An Unexpected Friend Exposes Pup To A Whole New World, Right Under His Nose And The Photograph That Was Supposed To Show Pup A Way Out Of His Grief Ultimately Reveals Someone Else Who Is Still Stuck In Their Own Someone With A Secret Regret Pup Never Could Have Imagined.

  • ebook
  • 336 pages
  • Sorry for Your Loss
  • Jessie Ann Foley
  • English
  • 02 January 2018
  • 9780062571939

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