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Blade Asunder Complete Series Box Set ❮Read❯ ➹ Blade Asunder Complete Series Box Set ➼ Author Jon Kiln – Special box set launch price of 099 for a limited time This special edition bundle contains all five books in the acclaimed Blade Asunder Series Bereaved and exiled from his homeland Ganry ekes out a Special box set Complete Series eBook ☆ launch price of for a limited time This special edition bundle contains all five books in the acclaimed Blade Asunder Series Bereaved and exiled from his homeland Ganry ekes out a living as a wandering mercenary A contract to protect a fifteen year old princess sees him embark on a uest across the kingdom Confronted with danger at every turn they get help from some unlikely companions And Ganry discovers that there is at stake than his own survival Contains all five books in the series Mercenary Guardian Warden Champion Sentinel.

10 thoughts on “Blade Asunder Complete Series Box Set

  1. D.L. Kellett D.L. Kellett says:

    Thrilling readBrilliant battles of good v evil using just about every known monster and mythical beast Recommended to all those who love to see the eventual outcome of such battles

  2. Marie Marie says:

    I haven't actually finished this set but I will be picking it back up next year to continue on with the story But it is good enough to rate it at 4 stars for what I have read so far I love the story but I just have not been in the fantasy mood lately

  3. Neil McGarva Neil McGarva says:

    Great idea potentially a good to great series Unfortunately let down by lazy plotting a plethora of convenient conincidences hidden tribes that everyone can and does find poor factual research unbelievable or missing back stories melodramatic dialog etcI am one third through this and it is time to call a halt We have a group of heroes travelling through a desert to get to a vaguely defined destination for eually vague reasons In this desert they encounter a tribe who want to kill them for drinking their water big problem So they have an archery contest with their lives at stake aren't their lives already at stake? and the targets are COCONUTS see wikipedia to see why coconuts are less than likely in a desert where people die of thirst The hero bowman starts with his own long bow and is persuaded to change to an opponents recurved bow part way through and still makes a miracle shot without practice and a strange bow and arrow Two nights later he is using his LONG bow inside the confines of a wooden ship in the desert to kill druids sacrificing his friends in a blazing bonfire inside the said dessicated hulk And all the horses have names

  4. Connie Fogg-Bouchard Connie Fogg-Bouchard says:

    saving than the kingdomPrincess Myriam and her bodyguard Hanley just want to save her kingdom form a usurping uncle the odds are against them death has followed their footsteps but Myriam's amazing grandmother has tricks up her sleeves no one could imagine that lead to friends and friendships that remain for once she saves her kingdom she helps to save many others and helps unite them allthis was the complete set it was a great read I enjoyed the characters the locations and and interchanges c'mon enjoy the magic if you believe

  5. Ross Argabrite Ross Argabrite says:

    A true Heroic adventure Finishes well Jon Kiln writes in a way that leaves very few unanswered uestions about plot or characters This book is a pleasure to have on your night stand for the restless times before you can get to sleep You always feel warm when you pick it up It's a friendGanry Artas and Hendon provide the heroic appeal to a good storyThe heroines are strong intelligent and effective leaders in a time of treacherous allegiances Forceful women you are glad to have on the uest

  6. Ryan E Deyette Ryan E Deyette says:

    Was a long sprint to the endWas a decent series I was kind of blown away by how the final fight that we had been building up towards was over and done in a short paragraph It felt like the professor said there’s 5 mins left on the test so it was a sprint to the end I’ve read bad endings but I mean I could have written a exciting end to this in an hour Where is the editor in this? That’s who should be blamed

  7. John D. Chappell John D. Chappell says:

    The series was really good Kept your interests all through the series It was hard to put down in fact I hardly did I have a large cloud of books with new coming daily I did not even care about them until I function shed the series

  8. raymond parfitt raymond parfitt says:

    Witches demons devils ueens and Not my usual reading but it made a change I was in a hurry and downloaded a few books to take with me for a tripThis one I continued to read to the end and enjoyed itRadarman

  9. Nina Marie Winters Nina Marie Winters says:

    A good fantasy read that I put away after purchase and picked up again this month Solid characters and a good story line very well delivered I very much enjoyed it and may revisit at some later stage

  10. David Jackson David Jackson says:

    Loved this series got me hooked from the first book to the last good story and charactors no romance almost all action just what I like this series was ideal while stuck at home on furlong recommended

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