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I, The King ❮Reading❯ ➿ I, The King Author Frances Parkinson Keyes – Thomashillier.co.uk I The King is the story of Philip IV of Spain and of the women who most influenced his life Among them was his first wife Isabel of Bourbon the beautiful child bride who became his wife and respected I The King is the story of Philip IV of Spain and of the women who most influenced his life Among them was his first wife Isabel of Bourbon the beautiful child bride who became his wife and respected Regent; his 'true love' Inés Calderón the charming young actress who gave him his best loved son; and Sor María the Abbess gifted with mystical powers of a remote provincial convent whose correspondence with the King comprising than letters and covering a period of than I, The Kindle - twenty years remains a record of one of the most remarkable friendships in historyPhilip was an arresting and attractive character He was a patron of the arts and under his sponsorship painting and literature attained the degree of supremacy which made his era the Golden Age of Spanish culture Moreover he himself was an accomplished draftsman sonneteer and muscian His versatility did not end there He was a superb horseman a champion at cane tourneys and a sportsman who hunted in every sort of weather As a lover he was irresistible But he lacked the energy to govern his kingdom himself and the will power to overcome the sins of the flesh His downfall was the sad result of these shortcomings.

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  1. Regina Regina says:

    Having read an 'historical novel' earlier this year that left me wanting I was a little concerned about starting this one but the family books I inherited is my only 'library' during this pandemic so I delved in I was thoroughly delighted with the book as it read like a novel but still felt like it was presenting history uite soundly The uotes from other authors at the beginning of each major section boded well that this was a researched work The extensive Author's Notes and Bibliography bore this out at the endWarning to a twenty first century audience though that a book written fifty years ago dealt with certain aspects of history differently to how it would be dealt with today For example no judgement is made or implied towards the then common practice among European nobility of marrying close relatives to shore up alliances consolidate land holdings etc I was uite uncomfortable with one such occurrence but the book was only presenting what was

  2. Julia Glenn Julia Glenn says:

    I first read this book around 1970 The time period is the early 1600s and is placed in Spain during the reign of Philip IV The book is historical fiction based on true events and real people One of the real people in this story Sor Maria de Agreda a Spanish nun and abbess of Conceptionist Convent in Agreda Spain holds a special fascination for me According to the book Sor Maria was able to travel outside her body bilocation and visit other lands specifically the new world in what is now New Mexico In multiple visits to these new world natives she told them of Jesus and instructed them to go find the priests in distant settlements and ask to be instructed in the ways of Jesus The order to which she belonged wore a habit of a very distinctive color of blue The natives did as Sor Maria asked and told the priests that they were sent by the Lady in Blue I looked for info on this woman but the only material I could find was in Spanish and I am not fluent enough to slog through the material However I have recently seen a book on titled The Lady in Blue about this same woman but have not yet read the book The review of the book looked like it might be fantasy Sor Maria became a correspondent of Philip IV of Spain and their letters were used as research for this book The story is about Philip IV of Spain and the women who most influenced his life It takes place at the time that Spain is in decline as a world power There are world politics court intrigues and power struggles as Philip strives to maintain the power and prestige of Spain without sacrificing the Catholic church to politics The other women in the story are Isabel de Bourbon his first wife and ueen of Spain until her death; Maria Ines Calderon an actress and Philip's true love; Mariana of Austria second wife of Philip; a beautiful young novice; and Philip's childhood nurseOh And there are illustrations Lots of good pictures of all the important people in the story as well as maps

  3. Banaticus Banaticus says:

    An amazing book with small margins this book manages to delve deeply into Philip's life and the lives of those nearest and dearest to him without ever becoming pedantic or lost in the details As no book can ever be a truly exhaustive source this book gave plenty of tangents on which I based further research and additional reading on the life and times of those movers and shakers in the early to mid 1600's in Southwestern Europe especially Spain

  4. Lora Lora says:

    As I noted at the time I found that this book was heavy with history and only hit its stride when Sor Maria came into Phillips life Ultimately it was a book I could respect but not really like

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