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10 thoughts on “Warlocks Sun Rising (Broken Stone Chronicle, #2)

  1. Kaitlin Kaitlin says:

    Second read through still loveWell Damien Black has done it again and wow ed the socks off me with another brilliant fantasy novel which continues the brilliant story started in Devil's Night Dawning I read Devil's Night Dawning as a judge for the #SPFBO and it was ultimately the book I chose as my personal winner and so I knew that the second one had a lot to live up to I was sent a free e copy of this book from the author but I have since also purchased a paperback copy for myself as this deserves its own spot on my bookshelf I loved this one just as much if not than the first and I am already awaiting the third DThis once follows the characters of Horskram and Adelko an Adept and a Novice monk who travel together on a highly important uest to inform their leaders about a missing artefact These two remain some of the main characters in this book and most of the other characters we follow encounter these two at some point but I felt that some of the other characters in the book also had a chance to shine in this instalment I think that Adelko is one of my favourite fantasy characters because he's exactly the sort of young character I enjoy reading about naive at first but growing and learning with the weight of the world on his shoulders He's a great novice and has growing powers of his own and he's someone I really love to backHorskram is again a really interesting one because he loves to keep secrets but when he does explain things he does so thoroughly and it's through his explanations that we learn a lot of the history of this world I really like the bond between mentor and novice and I think there's a lot growing and development to come in the next few books too We also have Hettie and Adhelina who are a young ladies maid and her mistress daughter of the Eorl These two are characters who were fairly separate from the rest in book 1 but in this book their story becomes a lot involved with the main plot line and we get to see them in some tricky situations Again these two are characters who I very much enjoy reading about although I don't relate to them as strongly as some female characters because they are independent and determined and they never give up I do like the mutual friendship that they have as I don't often see that in fantasy and I hope it continues in later booksWe have Braxus Vaskrian and Torgun too who are all of the fighting sort These three are thrown together by the circumstances of the first book and they end up travelling as part of the band with the monks They're all well established fighters even Vaskrian who is a suire only and they each have their own reasons for joining the band but ultimately they want to take down the evil warlock who is trying to unbalance and conuer the world Wolmar is a character who shows up far in this story than in the last one and I am glad about that because he does a lot of growing as a character He starts off as a very spoilt grandson to a King and so he is vain and full of himself and although he can fight well he's not much liked In this book he's sent to discuss things with a new section of the kingdom and whilst he's there he becomes swept up by the finery and lustful court Ultimately his will loyalty and his own devotion are tested to the extreme and I really enjoyed seeing him challenged and forced to consider his actions and beliefs Wrackwulf is a fairly new character who comes in to this book towards the ending but as he joins the band I think he's worth mentioning He's a pretty amusing fellow and another good fighter and I think he added some good comic relief in some of the darker moments Alongside these stories we also have the story of Abrexta who is an evil sorceress and who has ensorcelled many people in her court to be under her command She's the definition of a stereotypical evil lady in fantasy and yet she's still terrifying and nasty and power hungry and I cant help but enjoy reading about her and hopefully her eventual downfall We also have the storyline of the Seacarls and the power struggle going on for the Ice Islands and although this seems a little minor and background than the other plots in the book I do think this will develop as the story goes on and we will se a lot of some of these charactersIn terms of the world I said in my review of the first one that this is such a well developed world and feels like it has real history to it That statement is still utterly true in this book and all the places we went I felt had their own nobility structure and history The magic of this world is all based around demons and religion and fait in the Redeemer The monks are basically magical because they practise right hand magic and they are able to exorcise demons and foul beings via prayer and psalms They're basically one of the only defences the world has against demon kind and the prayer forms Elan to protect them Along side the right hand magic we have left hand which is the evil magic serving the dark one This is what all the warlocks that our main characters are fighting use and they have to try to eradicate users of left hand magic as they succumb to the dark ways Sometimes there are even places eg Tintagael and Draugmoors which are made of foul magics and which have to be crossed only by the devout and wary Overall this book was a whole lot of fun to read if rather bloody and gruesome in some places trigger there is a rape scene and I found it to be a really solid and wonderful continuation to the first I love this world and I really feel invested in some of the characters and their overall mission now so I can't wait to see what happens in the next one I hope it's not too long to wait for the next D 5s from me and of course I highly recommend this series D

  2. Esme Esme says:

    The first book in this series is a finalist in the SPFBO 2017 and I really loved the first oneI always struggle with books that aren’t the first in a series because many of the plot points would be spoilers and people who have already read the books are familiar with the characters and stuff I usually go over for reviewsTo make matters complicated this is a 600 page book it’s dense there’s a lot to talk about but so much of it I can’t talk aboutEh we’ll see what happensThis book picks up almost exactly where the last book left off The plot like in the last book is split between character groupings but with an overarching plot connecting them all togetherWe have some recurring characters from last time Adelko and Horskram are still together and are still trying to locate the sorcerer who’s trying to bring about the end of the world Some artefacts have been stolen and it’s believed that if they are all brought back together it could be a world ending scenario There are multiple “left handed” magic users who are probably involved in the artefacts theft Abrexta and Andragorix – both rather foul peopleThere’s a newer plot line that focuses on the Northlanders who have a very Norseviking like vibe to them They have a trickster god named “Logi” they love axes and shields and are pretty barbaric – lots of raping and pillaging with these guys first chapter no less It seems to be something on the rise and I expect to see of it in the next book This added EVEN MORE world building this series is insaneIf you like seeing things from the villian POV you may want to check this series out One of the “left handed” magic users Abrexta is seen controlling the King and we get to learn a lot about how the magic works through her We found out in the last book there are several different schools of magic and Abrexta’s uses imagery When she wants to control the King she imagines a hand wrapped around a heart and even when the King is trying to break free of her control he falls right back into line If she needs an entire audience or room full of people to obey her she can picture a net being cast over a school of fish and placate and control many people at the same timeAdelko was my favorite from the last book because he ticks a lot of boxes for my favorite kind of character traits He’s not particularly violent he’s curious he’s easy to relate to he thinks before he acts there’s no angst and he’s a pupil under tutelage – basically all my favorite things He continues to be my favorite in this book as well Horskram tends to info dump in dialogue but I think because the way it was written I didn’t mind that much it was fun to learn about the world with Adelko At first I was kind of sad Adelko and Horskram weren’t as prominent as they were in the last book but once I got to know the newer characters and see how everything was coming together I didn’t mind so muchAdhelina and Hettie are on their own adventure which starts off in a witches cave Hettie has fallen ill with a fever and logic would tell Adhelina to leave her behind and get a move on – her father is hunting for her and there will be severe conseuences if he finds them She refuses to leave Hettie’s side and stays with her making herb remedies to try and help The Witch sells them out though and sends a messenger bird to her father telling him of their location and so they have to flee uickly Hettie isn’t totally recovered and the road ahead is filled with dangerWe get Vaskarian who started as a suire in the last book and grows up a bit in this book Braxus the Knight comes back as well and I find the character interactions between him and Adelko to be rather endearing So many characters I can’t go through them all but I do feel like we got to know each of them they all had their own clear motivations and uniue persona’sThe writing style and speech are somewhat old fashioned with lines like “before yon winged apparition flew from your cave” or “twas nought but deviltry” – so for people who like modern speech this may not be your thing but I think it suited the world so it flowed for me Since this was an ARC I won’t be grading the “editing” portion there were a number of errors that were mostly symbol related – however the first book was very clean so I am going to assume that these are all going to be fixed for the final releaseThe world building continues to be awesome I understand the complaints from some that it was overwhelming but to me this is classic epic fantasy world building Tons of lore and history to go along with the realms tons of culture tons of everything honestlyThere’s so much I feel I didn’t say but this is getting really longSince reviewing a book that’s not the first in the series throws off my formatting and breakdown I can’t uite score it the exact same way either So here’s an abbreviated versionPlot 1115 Characters 1215World Building 1515Writing 710 usually out of 15 but I’m leaving off the Editing portion since this is an ARCPacing 715Originality 1015Personal Enjoyment 1925 8195 85100

  3. M.L. Spencer M.L. Spencer says:

    Warlock's Sun Rising is the second book in the Broken Stone Chronicle series that started with the current SPFBO entrant Devil's Night Dawning This truly is epic dark fantasy that held my interest and was intriguing throughout I'd summarize it asThe Exorcist meets Kingdom of HeavenI had a great experience reading Devil’s Night Dawning so went into this book with high hopes Thankfully this story did not disappoint This novel moved at a much uicker pace than the previous one yet lost nothing of its enjoyability Which means Warlock's Sun Rising is even better than its highly enjoyable predecessor It is much darker with the personal stakes being far greater for the characters The plot is unapologetically brave going places some readers may find unpalatable So let this be a word of warning this is not a book for the sueamish Any novel that starts off with execution and rape in the first chapter is going to command your attention although the following action could divide readers of the genreWarlock’s Sun Rising begins with Adelko and his master Horskram hunting the powerful warlock Andragorix As it turns out there is an even despicable evil at work We get to see characters from the previous book’s various story arcs finally brought together as the larger plot unfolds And then towards the end it appears the plot threads are destined to separate once againThere’s so much to discuss when it comes to this analyzing this novel The most striking element though is the writing which is spectacular Damien Black is not only a consummate writer he is also a medieval historian who is unafraid of using the language of the period to season his prose The reader is submerged in the world delivered on a tide of text that achieves setting with syntaxThe novel is also notable for its compelling religious system which is very much based on crusader era Christianity but tweaked in clever ways Anyone with a knowledge of this period the militant orders and medieval concepts of chivalry will give a nod of appreciation I greatly appreciated the way religious constructs are called into uestion and offered up on the dissecting tableThe magic system is uniue; it reminds me of isomers in chemistry with a left hand and right handed path The way the moral ambiguity of the novel’s religious concepts spills over into Black’s magic system is highly engagingTo conclude I am extremely excited to see what happens next for these characters and how their destinies may change their overall world views For fantasy book fans who like to exercise their minds and truly lose themselves in a story I cannot recommend this enoughAn utterly uniue and enthralling dark fantasy tale which I'll be thinking about until the next entrant in Black's series arrivesreview by ML Spencer and Jamie Tivendale

  4. kartik narayanan kartik narayanan says:

    Warlock's Sun Rising is one of those rare seuels which outperforms the earlier books While Devil's Night Dawning takes a while to get going and a bit simplistic in some plot areas WSR is its superior not just in these two aspects but in every possible wayAs a whole the overall book reminds me of 'A Storm of Swords' when it came to the politics world building twists There is a lot nuance to character development almost everyone gets a decent arc An example of Damien Black's craft an ignoble arrogant character in the first book becomes almost noble by virtue of the circumstances and situation he is in And vice versaOverall I love this series and this book Go for it

  5. The Nerd Book Review The Nerd Book Review says:

    I have an interview with Damien Black up on the podcast The Nerd Book Review where we discuss the first book in the seriesI absolutely loved Damien’s first book Devil’s Night Dawning and I am going to say that I thought this book was even better If you are a fan of the first novel then you will not be disappointed in round 2 The events of this novel take place immediately after the ending of Devil’s Night Dawning Horksram and Adelko are still on their journey to hunt down the evil Warlock’s who are causing imbalances in the world and allowing demons to make their way into our plane They still have Vaskrian who is now the suire to Sir Braxus In addition to Braxus we get a party of the Knights of the White Valrayven lead by Sir Torgun providing protection for the monks Adhelina’s thread will also take her into contact with the main party during this novelI still love Adelko who is likeable and manages to grow his powers while still remaining likeable and amenable to seeing new possibilities and willing to listen to differing viewpoints Horskram is still his implaccable self who is hard to like due to his zealotryThe rivalry that develops between Sir Braxus and Sir Torgun provides tension and uncertainty to the group We see our first cracks in Torgun’s chivalry and see that no matter who a knight thinks themselves to be they are still people who make their living based on violence Vaskrian is one of my favorite characters even though he’s still pretty much a medieval version of a “bro” because he is what he is and I love his interactions with AdelkoThere are new POV characters who make appearances Abrexta is the most prominent of them She is the sorceress who has enthralled Sir Braxtus’ king and led him to seek out help in the East She gives us a cool view into the sorcerous thought process and is a fun female antagonist Guldebrand a young war leader from the north has a fair amount of page time as well The thread with Guldebrand who is leading a group who are basically Vikings has some very violent scenes with a lot of rape and pillaging as a heads up for readersThis book has a bit of a darker feel to it and is much action packed Black continues to do some world building but a vast majority of it has been done in book 1 so the plot moves along at a far uicker pace than the first book There is an epic battle fairly early on between the group and a sorcerer that is very well done I have to admit to being completely surprised by 1 or 2 major twists that changed things up throughout the book and provided some legitimate “oh wow” moments for me There is a jousting tournament that takes place in the middle of the book that is probably my favorite tourney scene in any novel ever Black does a great job setting the scene and describing the each tilt Without getting too long in this review I see no reason why you shouldn’t give this book a shot if you liked the first book in the series I can’t wait for book 3 and can assure you I will be reading it as soon as it is available

  6. Queen Terrible Timy Queen Terrible Timy says:

    First of all I've got an ARC in exchange of a honest reviewThe full review is available on my blog starlitbookcom20180712warlocks sWarlock’s Sun Rising picks the story up right where it was dropped in Devil’s Night Dawning Horskram Adelko and their companions are set out to find Andragorix and put an end to the strange happenings while retrieving the missing stone pieces All the while Abrexta gains even power Braxus’ homeland and Adhelina fights against her faith with Hettie on her side We also get a new set of POV characters besides the ones we already know Wolmar prince of Northalde whose mission is to caution the king of Pangonia and the leaders of the True Temple and the Argolians of the dangers awaiting for the world Guldebrand who wants to unite the tribes and lands of the icy North with the help of Magnhilda Or Hjala princess of Northalde trying to use her influence to have her way in the current political turmoilDamien as you can tell doesn’t shy away from juggling with several POVs keeping them all in line Which is not an easy task I honestly don’t know how he does it but I think in this book even things are happening than in the first book so you really have to keep your eyes open if you want to follow what’s happening One of the criticism about Devil’s Night Dawning was the pacing With all the character and story building in place the pace sometimes dragged and made reading it a rather tedious task Thankfully Warlock’s Sun Rising has no such problem whatsoever You’d think considering the length of the book you are bound to be bored every once in a while But every time you think you are about to reach that point a turn of events gets you off guard and keeps you on your toes and engaged You might even find myself reading on despite other circumstances – I for instance had a minor eye surgery at the time I was reading it and was under healing but even that couldn’t keep me away from this book Besides there is something in Damien’s prose that just hugs you gently like your favorite blanket and leads you gently on your pathHaving story lines to follow definitely does some good to this book it saves it being monotone and gives a glimpse at what happens in the other parts of the world I like how Adelko grows as a character and uestions everything even his own religious order The world building is still going strong we get to know about the world as Horskram Adelko and the others wander from place to place We get some magic political games fighting adventure mystery and of course romance too Not too much thankfully though it was irritating how Torgun and Braxus behaved from the moment they laid eyes on Adhelina Like teenage boys during puberty Seriously And they are supposed to be grown men fighting monsters and all Just Adhelina was irritating acting like she lived in a romantic fairy tale Come on girl get yourself together But then it’s well known I’m not exactly a fan of romance however we have to give credit where it’s due probably this is how romantic relationships and love triangles worked in the medieval age On which the whole setting is builtAlthough we get to visit similar places they can be distinguished from each other The most memorable however is the Earth Witch’s lair where once again we meet a little furry fellow “‘Led by a knight loving suirrel into the heart of a witch’s lair’ said Braxus ‘I’m not sure even I have the craft to put that into song'”Now I’m not easily surprised but some turn of events caught me off guard Others were kind of predictable but nothing can be perfect And if we are talking about perfect I think it would have been better if this book were released as two It would have given time to process the end of part one and keep everyone guessing what happens next the book still leaves us with uestions to be answered so don’t worry The impact would have been bigger because I for one was pretty surprised by the outcome But by the time you finish the book so much things happens that that event just doesn’t feel so significant any Although it isAs for the characters by the end I had the feeling that they were too predictable some bigger changes in their personality would have done some good to them Maybe Adelko Vaskrian Anupe Wolmar and Hettie were able to surprise me with their actions and thoughts not talking about those side characters who turned out to be someone else they were supposed to be Wolmar although not exactly a likeable character turned out to be the most interesting one Almost a year later and I still remember how he struggled and tried to overcome his situation at hand dealing with a powerful and uite persuasive person This storyline was by far my favoriteIn Warlock’s Sun Rising Damien turns the action and the magic up a notch We get everything from battle scenes through demon wakening rituals to political scheming If you don’t find something you love in fantasy in this book then you didn’t look hard enough Warlock’s Sun Rising offers a wide selection of characters you can love or hate from every cast be it noble or peasant rich or poor male or female And that diversity which makes it so damn interesting and enjoyable Plus the fact that it can leave your mouth hanging open with a twist you never saw coming If you liked Devil’s Night Dawning I would strongly recommend checking out the seuel because it raised the bar and is even better than the first book

  7. James West James West says:

    I find it hard to believe but this book was even better than the first one I cannot wait for this series to continue The author is a very talented individual I still like the mixture of horror and fantasy He also threw in some twists that I did not see coming at all Hopefully this series has many books in it to enjoy Great job Damien Black Keep it up sir

  8. Al Burke Al Burke says:

    I received this as an ARC and the Unseen One has demanded a review or my soul will spend eternity as a demon's plaything in Gehenna I loved Devil's Night Dawning and I was excited to get a chance to see where the second part of the trilogy would take us This book like the first is lengthy but there is no drop in pace Almost every word pushes the plot forward as it should as the scope of the trilogy is vast The main story is Adelko the novice and his teacher Horskram Adelko comes on in leaps and bounds as he learns under the tutelage of his mentor to the effect that that Horskram struggles to win debates he ruled in book one and we find out about the mysterious monk There are some surprises for the other major characters too and a couple of new ones and wooden characters are hard to findHere are two things that I have discovered from my reading of Warlock's Sun Rising1 The Author Damien Black is uite the lexicographer If you have to look that up you may want to keep a dictionary to hand when reading his novels2 He is the master of the feint He sets you up with some haymaker ha I knew that was going to happen moments then kicks you in the owey bits instead with some surprising twistsThe author has set the scene nicely for book three and I patiently wait for it's arrival

  9. NormaCenva NormaCenva says:

    Actual Rating 45 Stars

  10. Moonika Leisson Moonika Leisson says:

    A gripping tale of two men one old and the other young set out on a path of saving their known world from the greatest evil ever imagined Having read Damien's first book I was keen to get my hands on the second for the world that he has created was full of possibilities and the two main protagonists adventure far from complete So when I had the opportunity to read it early I jumped at itAnd it doesn't disappoint The story is as exciting as the first one the twist as imaginative as before and the new world is expanding in front of our eyes including some new characters and monsters I found that the second book was actually a uicker read than the first because it seems the author is really settling into his style of writing He still uses unusual words which I enjoy but they don't distract from the storytellingIf you haven't read the first one yet start today because if the second books is anything to go by the third one will be even better

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Warlocks Sun Rising (Broken Stone Chronicle, #2)[Reading] ➽ Warlocks Sun Rising (Broken Stone Chronicle, #2) Author Damien Black – Thomashillier.co.uk As a mad warlock pursues the power to enslave kingdoms two monks seek an unholy alliance with a sorceress to stop himWitch hunters Horskram and Adelko have foiled a wizards’ plot to conuer their hom As a mad warlock pursues the power to enslave kingdoms two monks seek an unholy alliance with a sorceress to stop himWitch hunters Horskram and Adelko have foiled a wizards’ plot to conuer their homeland but the mastermind remains at large Now they face a race against time to find him as he raises a superhuman army of Wadwos bent on conuest of the Free KingdomsAccompanied by five of the best swords in the land and the feckless suire Vaskrian the two Argolians must brave the enchanted Argael forest and seek the elusive Earth Witch Warlocks Sun PDF or to have any chance of locating Horskram's mortal foe AndragorixTime is of the essence as the web of deceit spun by Andragorix’s allies spreads across the realms of mortalkind to ensnare Pangonia most powerful of the Free KingdomsAnd on the Other Side the King of Gehenna watchesThe Broken Stone Chronicle is a riveting tale of war uest magic and horror for fans of medieval fantasy sword and sorcery dark fantasy and epic fantasy Buy a copy now.

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