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Le Petit Santos [PDF / Epub] ☂ Le Petit Santos By Rob Polivka – Thomashillier.co.uk Farrar Straus and Giroux has bought Le Petit Santos a debut picture book biography of Brazilian French inventor Alberto Santos Dumont whose early airship designs made him the toast of 19th century Par Farrar Straus and Giroux has bought Le Petit Santos a debut picture book biography of Brazilian French inventor Alberto Santos Dumont whose early airship designs made him the toast of th century Paris and who nabbed the Deutsche Prize in a death defying sky Le Petit PDF \ race around the Eiffel Tower Brothers Rob and Jef Polivka are co authors; Rob Polivka will illustrate Publication is set for spring .

  • Hardcover
  • Le Petit Santos
  • Rob Polivka
  • 09 May 2016

10 thoughts on “Le Petit Santos

  1. Joanna Joanna says:

    I had never heard of Alberto Santos Dumont before and I find that children's books are the best place to learn about someone or something new If it still doesn't interest you after the charming narratives and amazing illustrations of a children's book then you know you can stop looking into it right then and there Alberto Santos Dumont was such a vibrant sincere and dedicated person I am very sorry I've only just learned of him now He'd hoped sustained flight would help connect the world and make us better people I wish it we could report that that's what happened and as a result never patented any of his designs When he won the Deutsch prize he shared the money with his workers and the people of Paris demonstrating that the money wasn't the goal successful sustained flight was I hope there is much further reading on Alberto Santos Dumont because this book has left me wanting

  2. Raven Black Raven Black says:

    A powerful look at the early years of flight in Pairs Years before the Wright Brothers even A young Brazilian man made history by trying failing trying again and failing until he finally got it right and was able to make human flight possible in something other than a hot air balloon The timeline at the end of the book is an amazing way to put things into perspective Perfect for the flight enthusiast perfect for adults too Classroom or one on one Ages 5 to 8 Fantastic pictures and pieces of the story will show how Santos became the rock star of his time

  3. Tasha Tasha says:

    Alberto Santos Dumont lived in Brazil long before airplanes were invented Fascinated by machines starting at a young age Santos came to Paris in 1892 He took a ride with a balloon maker high above the city where they floated in the clouds Inspired Santos began to design his own balloon but he wanted it to move through the air like a ship rather than just floating He designed one airship after another learning to follow his own instincts create structural stability and built a weight system Each time he flew something went wrong but Santos was not deterred He just designed a new airship and tried again A prize of 100000 francs was announced for the first person who could pilot an airship from the club around the Eiffel Tower and back in less than 30 minutes Now Santos had a challenge and a prize to winPolivka tells the story of Santos with a sprightly tone that is just right for the subject They share enough details about Paris at the time to firmly anchor the biography in a place and time The information about the airships is shared with a tone of wonder and also a nod toward the dangers of what Santos was attempting The art has a vintage feel that works well It depicts Santos’ little automobile the view from the balloon over Paris and the various models of Santos’ airshipsA clever look at flying before airplanes this picture book biography soars Appropriate for ages 4 7

  4. Barbara Barbara says:

    I adore books about the early days of flight and this picture book about a Brazilian born aviator and inventor was uite charming and informative offering a good introduction to hot air balloons and airships The subject of the book Alberto Santos Dumont seems almost larger to life as he falls in love with machinery and then looks to the skies for inspiration once he moves to Paris After a trip in a balloon he begins working on his own version of an airship One by one his models fail but the sixth one flies successfully around the Eiffel Tower in 1901 finishing his race against time in a little than 29 minutes One of the most eye popping illustrations shows him having to climb out of his basket to repair the stalled engine in midair Those scenes that show him high above the city are particularly impressive While many might downplay the importance of humans creating machines that could fly the authors are careful to point out that this form of transportation had many possibilities for connecting individuals from one part of the world with another and enabling them to get familiar with cultures and worlds other than their own Back matter includes a timeline fun facts a bibliography and a photograph of the very dapper Santos Dumont Add this one to a collection devoted to flying to inventions or groundbreakers

  5. Victoria Victoria says:

    This picture book nicely tells the story of a pioneer in the invention of flying machines From Brazil he journeys to Paris to study engineering always with the dream to be able to fly The narration has some nice tension as Santos experiences defeat again and again but never gives up The Polivka team include clear illustrations and diagrams of the various designs helpful biographical info a timeline of Santos' life and a photographic of him in Paris

  6. Jessie Jessie says:

    Tells the story of Santos from childhood dreaming of flight and fascinated by machines through successfully winning the Deutsch Prize going to the Eiffel Tower around and back in a steered balloon in under thirty minutesThere's a really good story of iteration here and of persevering through repeated failure

  7. Jo Oehrlein Jo Oehrlein says:

    The story of a boy from Brazil who moved to Paris to study science There he took his child's dream of flying into reality first in a hot air balloon then in powered airships that he refined himself after each failure

  8. Edward Sullivan Edward Sullivan says:

    An engaging introduction to the Barzilian born aviation pioneer

  9. Kelly Kelly says:

    This is an interesting story of a man and his mission to prove flight can occur It was a bit too text heavy for my taste in a picture book

  10. Parisa Parisa says:

    a really good book teaches about not giving up

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