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  • Playing by Heart
  • Carmela A. Martino
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  • 14 April 2014
  • 9781546799450

10 thoughts on “Playing by Heart

  1. Andrea Way Andrea Way says:

    ARC provided by Netgalley and PublisherEven though this in an arc all opinions are my own This was a sweet historical romance that had me crying from the start Our main character Emilia wants to do nothing than to fall in love and carry on with her music But as the 2nd child this is not possible and she seems to be headed to become a nun She then loses someone close and writes a piece of music that turns everyone’s head and they sit and finally notice her talent She falls in love and discovers herself Would recommend for all those who love a good historical book with a side of romance

  2. Amanda Lauer Amanda Lauer says:

    This is a wonderfully written and intriguing story I'm a fan of historical fiction based on true stories While this book is YA since the protagonist is 13 when the story opens readers from middle school through adult will enjoy this It was so interesting to learn about the two teenage sisters who were prodigies in their field of study in the 1700s when few females even had the chance for an education The best part for me was the fact that the sisters were both willing to sacrifice their future happiness for the other sister

  3. Kathleen Reitmann Kathleen Reitmann says:

    Loved this comprehensive and richly detailed look into a historical Milan The love story was powerful than most because the characters were held to such strict behavior guidelines for the times Soo different from our world today

  4. Sarah Sarah says:

    Emilia Salvini loves music Emilia doesn't want to be forced against her will to join a convent Emilia wants to impress her father Emilia tries to solve Statement B with Statement A If her father is impressed with her skills he might want her to get married instead of making her become a nun She strives to impress her music teacher Maestro Tomassini who constantly berates her for being female Only when her mother dies and she uses that pain to compose a heartbreaking sonata will Maestro finally give her the lessons she desires Emilia I liked her a lot I was really rooting for her; come on it's hard not to The girl only wants to be able to not be held captive in a convent We all want that right? Right? If you don't say right I'm concerned for you Anyway the only time when someone can really be annoyed with Emilia was when she was view spoiler hostile towards her stepmother hide spoiler

  5. Jean Jean says:

    You know that feeling when you wake up excited to pick up the awesome book you've been reading then the rush of disappointment when you remember that you finished it yesterday? sigh This is one of those books I'm a fan of Susan Vreeland and Phillipa Gregory and I think Playing by Heart is in the same genre The characters are vivid likable real; the story is tantalizing in an honest and clean innocent manner I would say this is fine for ages 12 13 and up nothing explicit despite the underlying romantic plot Also if you are a music lover you will especially appreciate what must have been a lot of historic research on the part of the author I did not know very much about this composer or her famous sister Playing by Heart portrays feminism is all the most positive ways I 100% recommend this book

  6. Cynthia Cynthia says:

    This story is exciting but at the same time relaxing The setting of 18th C Milan before Italy became a single unified country is historically interesting and the two talented characters who are sisters bring the period to life I eagerly looked forward to returning to the story each evening for a relaxing visit with all the characters to find out what beautiful gowns the females would wear which gentlemen would show them interest what progress Emilia would make with her music and if Maria would follow her heart Emilia and Maria demonstrate sisterly love respect for parents and selflessness in their choices to make a good wholesome read for teens

  7. Barb Barb says:

    Set in 18th century Milan Playing by Heart is a symphony of romance and faith with an undercurrent of social commentary Will Maria and Emilia's father sacrifice their futures on the altar of his own ambitions to join the noble class? Carmela Martino's new novel for teen readers explores family ties vocations and discernment of the best ways to use God given gifts Cue up some Vivaldi or Pachelbel and settle in for an intriguing tale Review based on ARC provided by the author

  8. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    Playing by Heart is as lyrical as the gifted musicians that inhabit its pages Carmela Martino in an impeccably written story captures both the grace and refinement of 18th century Italy and the timeless dilemmas to which the modern reader can relate the pressure of familial expectations and obligations living in the shadow of a sibling the desire to direct one’s own destiny and love tested by time distance parental resistance and classGifted at both performance and composing young Emilia must not only prove her skill at the harpsichord to her father and teacher but in order to secure her family’s future and her ownWith a gentle romance a peek at European history in the age of dukes and ladies and the push and pull of family life Playing by Heart will warm your heart and leave you marveling at the accomplishments of the Italian sisters who inspired the story

  9. Theresa Linden Theresa Linden says:

    Filled with beautiful scenes and heart wrenching moments PLAYING BY HEART by Carmela Martino is an absorbing story of perseverance the pursuit of excellence and of sacrificial love This story shows the dreams and trials of two talented sisters Emilia excels in music But her father's and the maestro's attitudes lead her to feel inadeuate So she finds herself envious of the praise and attention given to her older sister Maria the older sister is humble and faith filled And while she loves studying languages and philosophy she longs to enter religious life and serve the poor But this is an age where the father chooses the vocation of his children Emilia and Maria’s father driven to gain the title and status of a nobleman makes choices that move him closer to his goals but farther from theirs The characters were inspired by two historical sisters who lived in the eighteenth century so I appreciate the author’s faithfulness to research and time period details The engaging prose brings the scenes to life in full color I especially loved how the descriptions took me into the heart and mind of Emilia a talented young musician who “heard music everywhere—in the whispering of the wind and the rustling of the trees” I also appreciated the way faith is weaved into the story

  10. SheReads SheReads says:

    Reviewed for YA Books CentralAn interesting storyThe StoryEmilia is a young woman in Milan who has become somewhat of a musical prodigy She's a composer as well as being adept at the harpsichord She's also the second oldest daughter in a family with many kids Her father has dedicated his life to gaining a noble title and wants to marry two of his daughters to noblemen The problem? Emilia's older sister desires to become and nun and Emilia herself has already found the man she wants to marry and he has nothing to his name This is the story of two sister navigating a world in which women weren't supposed to have minds of their own What I likedI learned so much in this story about music and like in 18th century Milan It was a fascinating read The writing flows easily and Emilia is such a strong wonderful character She's willing to sacrifice her own happiness for that of her sister She's endearing and brave It was a pleasure to read about her What was just okayThe book is young Much younger than I'd imagined when seeing the cover Emilia is 13 when the story begins putting it almost in to MG territory yet she speaks as if she's much older It was sort of an odd disconnect Final VerdictThis story is a pleasure to read There's no lack of characters to root for or interesting scenes to lose yourself in

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Playing by Heart❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Playing by Heart Author Carmela A. Martino – Emilia Salvini dreams of marrying a man who loves music as much as she does But in 18th century Milan her position as “second sister” means she’ll likely be sent off to a convent instead Ironica Emilia Salvini dreams of marrying a man who loves music as much as she does But in th century Milan her position as “second sister” means she’ll likely be sent off to a convent instead Ironically Emilia’s pious older sister Maria would gladly become a nun But Playing by PDF/EPUB or Father won’t allow it—her brilliant language skills are too important to his uest for noble status Emilia’s only hope to avoid the convent is to prove that her musical talents are as indispensable as Maria’s skills First Emilia must earn the respect of the music tutor who has always disdained her simply for being a girl But before Emilia can carry out her plan Mamma her greatest supporter dies in childbirth In her sorrow Emilia composes a heartrending sonata that causes the maestro to finally recognize her talent He begins teaching her music theory alongside handsome violinist Antonio Bellini the great nephew of a wealthy maruis The two begin as rivals but making music together gradually melds their hearts When Antonio abruptly uits their lessons Emilia assumes it’s because her family isn’t nobility More determined than ever to help Father acuire a title she dedicates a set of compositions to Archduchess Maria Teresa The archduchess is so impressed that she helps Father become a count Having finally won Father’s favor Emilia expects she’ll now be betrothed to Antonio But the repercussions of her family’s new status threaten not only her dreams but her sister’s very life.

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