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A Litany of Good Intentions ❮Reading❯ ➾ A Litany of Good Intentions Author Andrew Harris – Thomashillier.co.uk An end to world poverty is than just a dream for young Chinese philanthropist Jock Lim Through his charity connections Jock has discovered a way to release 26 billion people from the imminent threat o An end of Good eBook ↠ to world poverty is than just a dream for young Chinese philanthropist Jock Lim Through his charity connections Jock has discovered a way to release billion people from the imminent threat of death and disease Unpublished work by Albert Einstein has helped unlock the scientific breakthrough that will remove the A Litany PDF/EPUB ² constraints of Third World living conditions and create a new age of global prosperity But not everyone will benefit Dr Hannah Siekierkowski is a guest speaker at a conference in Sweden where Einstein's legacy and a strategic alliance with Rotary will soon light up the world As the clock ticks down to the announcement Litany of Good PDF/EPUB ä Hannah is drawn into a web of corporate greed racial prejudice and a seething hatred of the new world order A hatred that someone is prepared to kill for.

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  1. Pippa Ainsworth Pippa Ainsworth says:

    I'm so torn by this book and I know I will find it difficult to review First up it's long Rather longer than it needed to be if I'm completely honest That said I enjoyed this gripping thriller and am interested to seek out the first in this trilogyOver two billion people in the world don't have access to a clean toilet Imagine there was a way to cheaply facilitate the rise out of poverty for that percentage of the world's population who live in grinding underdevelopment Two scientists have found a way using unpublished advancement from Einstein's Theory of Relavity their work will take the world by storm when it is announced but can those involved get to the anticipated conference to launch their project to the world?This novel moves around the world at breakneck speed sometimes at the speed of sound We travel from the USA to the UK to India and back in time to Second World War Germany and Russia then Switzerland It's a complex and layered story and at times it was hard to understand how the various strands will fit together There's a similarly large cast of characters although the main protagonists are well developed especially Jock Nisha Lawrence and Hannah There's a real sense of tension and drama that develops throughout the third part of the book especially At times I found I was holding my breath while reading especially in one crucial dramatic point when the story really comes to a head This isn't a faultless novel by any means but it is an enjoyable and thought provoking read I will definitely read by this author

  2. Shirley Revill Shirley Revill says:

    I am half way through this book at the moment and I think it's totally brilliantVery unusual and thought provoking story line by a very talented authorLot's to read yet but thought I would leave an updateCertainly deserves the rating I have given this epic bookRecommended

  3. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    With thanks to the publisher for the copy receivedA Litany of Good Intentions is a slightly different novel for me whilst there are crimes committed they are not just of the murderous kind Instead the focus is on the crimes against humanity from some who have the wealth and power towards those who have nothingMuch of the novel takes place in India and even though it was difficult to read it was the part that interested me the most I had been told years ago of the contrast between the rich and the poor by a family member who had to go on a business trip and was appalled Reading this novel and remembering his account left me feeling sickenedNothing is restrained or made to sound anything different to how it must be The reader can visualise the extreme conditions that some people live in And you could also see that there were people who were prepared to suffer hardship themselves whilst trying to improve the life of othersThere were many characters in the novel at times I had to read back to remind myself who they were In part two the novel goes back to various periods and countries in the 1900s At first I wasn’t sure why but it is explained later in the bookIt is very well written and even though it was part two in a trilogy I had no issues with not reading part one It is strange to read a fictional novel that contains so much fact At times it felt like a documentary but there is enough fiction to keep the storyline going There are many strong characters and I hope that some of them will appear in the final book

  4. Moirelyn Jewula Moirelyn Jewula says:

    This is the second book in the Human Spirit Trilogy but if like me you haven’t read the first one ‘The C Clef’ it’s fine as a stand alone A Litany of Good Intentions is all about Project Amrita the biggest scientific breakthrough in centuries Over 26 billion people have no access to a toilet drink polluted water and die in their millions Jock Lim a Chinese Philanthropist has founded SINAC to eradicate world poverty and with the innovative work of a brilliant scientist Dr Nisha Patel who has established a genius technology to produce limitless electricity for virtually no cost they aim to make this sensational breakthrough purely for the good of humanity They are poised to announce their accomplishment on the world stage at Uppsala University where global TV coverage and world leaders and dignitaries will be present at the ceremonyOil gas coal and nuclear power will become defunct when free geothermal electricity can be generated and transmitted anywhere This is technology that could be worth billions With so much at stake the implications are extraordinarily high and unsurprisingly there are those whose fortunes will be lost as a result and who will stop at nothing to ensure that it doesn’t see the light of day A murder made to look like suicide a violent kidnapping and industrial espionage are just the beginning in this epic tale which takes us to India the USA the UK and Sweden We are also transported back to 1914 Berlin 1943 Stalingrad 2008 Geneva as well as the present dayWhilst I enjoyed the main plot with its riveting and worthy premise I didn’t think the book benefited from the historical strands which just layered up the complexity The introduction of a long line of characters was tiring and too much to absorb and the book was way too long The main characters were well drawn however and a well researched India provided a dramatic backdrop to their hazardous exploits which I particularly enjoyedI would like to thank Netgalley White fox Publishing and Andrew Harris for an advance copy in return for an honest review

  5. Angela Sandford Angela Sandford says:

    Epic crimethriller absolutely loved it Could uite easily see this being made into a movieThe story centres around poverty a need for clean sanitation and free electricity for all A wealthy businessman and his scientist girlfriend have found the formula for free electric and they propose to release it to the public during a ceremony in Uppsala where a host of scientists and world leaders and royalty will be in attendanceA man at the helm of a affluent Swiss Bank his name the Choirmaster will stop at nothingincluding kidnap and murder to stop this project from going ahead I thought the plot was great The characters had background and personality I loved how the author went into Hindu culture and explained about Samsaraand there was me thinking it was just a perfume ☺️ It did niggle me a bit that the Choirmaster who was clearly a raving psychopath had Aspergersbut that is personal to me because my daughter has Aspergers and apart from being extremely intelligent she does NOT have the 'ualities' of a psychopath People with ASD get enough bad press as it is so I would have liked the book better if he didn't have Aspergers But I can see why he probably chose to add it in the book as Einstein was reported to have had AspergersI've not read the first book I'm very keen to get my hands on it now And of course I'll look forward to the 3rd instalment to complete the trilogy 5 stars from me ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  6. Peter Buchanan Peter Buchanan says:

    This is the second book of Andrew's trilogy that I've read For each I appreciate Andrew's underlying motivation behind his plots a cure for cancer in The C Clef and ending world poverty in A Litany of Good Intentions In fact I realise that I was at the same Rotary International lecture that led Andrew to develop this intriguing crime thriller plot around the issue of world poverty Hannah is a key character in common to both books but the second book can be read independently without problemI was stimulated by the fictional premise and challenge of the book a scientific breakthrough that would have an immediate and widespread positive impact to reduce world poverty Actions of benevolence determination generosity greed deception doubt and jealousy then followed by the many maybe too many? characters in the story Of the 3 parts the first sets the basic plot the second provides an historical backdrop to the antagonists and their business empire and the third is a fast paced and gripping unfolding of the storylineI sense that Andrew really enjoyed researching the historical background to the story leading to sections that seemed a bit wordy eg some of Part 2 But my interest was maintained the story is memorable and the book made me think about the motivation actions and prioritisation of poverty reductionI look forward to the third book in Andrew's Trilogy addressing another global humanitarian issue

  7. Michelle B Michelle B says:

    I absolutely loved the second book in Human Spirit trilogy I read the first book “The C Clef” recently which is definitely the best book I have read this year and could not wait the second in the series Although I still say that The C Clef is still the best book I have read this year A Litany of Good Intentions is an excellent read The main characters are back and continue with their work in the world of science They are this time in India and Sweden and fighting against those who appear to want to stop development of a sanitation project in IndiaAndrew Harris is described as someone who writes thrillers with a social conscience He is certainly an amazing author who in my view writes so well and produces books that are different to anything else I have ever read As I said in my review about C Clef I just want to get the word out about these books They are amazing and I think anyone who loves a good thriller and wants something a bit different should read themI cannot wait for the third book in the trilogy although it will be very sad to see the series endHighly recommendedI was very fortunate to receive an advance copy of this book from NetGalley as if I had not done so I would not have purchased the first book in the series and discovered this amazing author

  8. Sharon Chapman Sharon Chapman says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book you want all the people to be genuine and doing things for the right reasons As you get further into the book the corruption and murder gets and intriguing

  9. Renwick Renwick says:

    The subject of this novel sets out the good intentions of the main characters in looking for answers to the problems of world poverty and ineualities that this creates for the ever increasing global population Clearly it was also the intention of the author to create an exciting thriller whilst raising the awareness of these problems to his readers I think that both intentions were met although at times this could have been achieved with fewer historical references to support the storyline Overall this was an enjoyable read with an interesting perspective which I would encourage others to followThanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  10. Patricia Moren Patricia Moren says:

    This was a good story but very frustrating to read Every time the story reached a crunch point it went off to another time and place and you had to wait to see what had happened Each time it was an anti climax as my brain had already moved on reaching my own conclusion Regardless of that I really enjoyed this informative and forward thinking book

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