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  1. Maxine (Booklover Catlady) Maxine (Booklover Catlady) says:

    Well knock me over with a feather If I had not known that Graham Masterton had written this book I never would have guessed He has taken his writing expertise into a whole other direction Graham is famous for his horror novels and his graphic crime series featuring Katie Maguire set in Cork Ireland but this historical horrorthriller really is something else altogetherI was totally sold on the synopsis London 1750 Beatrice Scarlet is the apothecary's daughter She can mix medicines and herbs to save the lives of her neighbours but try as she might she can't save the lives of her parents An orphan at just sixteen Beatrice marries a preacher and emigrates to AmericaNew Hampshire 1756 In the farming community where Beatrice now lives six pigs are found viciously slaughtered; slices of looking glass embedded in their mouths According to scripture this is the work of Satan but Beatrice Scarlet suspects the hands of men As she closes in on the killer she must act uickly to unmask him or become the next victim herselfWe meet Beatrice at different stages in her life with the majority of the book based around her life in New Hampshire married to the local man of the cloth the local Preacher Her love for natural medicines salves liuids and healing through apothecary is somewhat at loggerheads with her husband's strong faith that the Lord God heals all Beatrice has seen too much and learned too much from her Father to just put her knowledge and skills asideThere is a menacing undercurrent in the book as strange and evil events start to disrupt this small and strongly God fearing community Beginning with sick and dying animals and escalating to brutal human death and suffering the town is asking itself if the devil himself is walking amongst them and what does he want in return why is he focusing on themWith Beatrice's husband driving the devil out with prayer and fervour Beatrice is using her mind to try to piece together a picture of what is going on that is destroying this town and sucking the life blood out of it It's an atmospheric story with some truly wonderful and creepy characters Some scenes are a bit gruesome but not that bad and if you think you know the ending think again you are probably going to be wrong I really enjoyed this book the plot is steady and it's a beautifully written book weaving in just enough of the darkness to keep the chills in your bones as you read it At times incredibly sad and at other times a book I wanted to scream at this one won't be forgotten in a hurry 45 stars for Scarlet Widow I like where Graham Masterton took this book I received a copy of this novel thank the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest reviewThanks for reading my review If you enjoyed it please leave me a “like” or a comment I love to interact with other book lovers For of my book reviews plenty of awesome books to win author interviews and features come over to join me for book fun at follow me on Twitter enuire about joining my reviewers team to enuire about my book publicity services

  2. Paromjit Paromjit says:

    This is a superb historical horror fiction which I loved Graham Masterton is an expert writer in incorporating suspense and laying the groundwork for an intricately plotted thriller The story takes place in the 18th century and revolves around Beatrice who practices the art of the apothecary learnt from her fatherHer father was a renowned and gifted apothecary who carried out extraordinary research ably assisted by Beatrice He fell apart and took to drink when his wife died and Beatrice did all the work His murder meant the young Beatrice went to Birmingham to live with her Cousin Sarah She comes to marry Francis a pastor who moves them to New Hampshire They have a young son Noah and are happy However gruesome and macabre acts start taking place and there is talk of demons Satan and witches The villagers are terrified of the growing evil and wickedness and begin to accede to the demands of a sinister Jonathon Shooks to give a large portion of their land to keep a demon happy Francis is murdered in a particularly horrific manner echoing a biblical scene after he set off to follow Jonathon Beatrice has her suspicions that this is not the work of the devil but of human origin She begins to investigate in a subtle and behind the scenes way Francis's murder makes her determined to find out what is going on and avenge his death It is her knowledge as an apothecary that really helps her get closer to the truth She and her son are also in mortal danger as the forces she faces are without mercy and ruthless Beatrice is a worthy charismatic and courageous heroine in times when it is difficult for women to be like her She is clever compassionate and well connected in the community She does however pay a heavy price in pursuing the perpetratorsThis is an atmospheric and well constructed novel that weaves a spell of compelling suspense The historical descriptions show that the author engaged in meticulous research I understand that this is the first in a series I look forward to the next one Many thanks to Head of Zeus for an ARC via netgalley

  3. Tammie Tammie says:

    25 stars This would have been 35 stars but I'm docking a whole star from this book because of the rape scene which I will talk about later When I picked up Scarlet Widow I was expecting something a lot milder; something along the lines of a mild historical mystery I probably should have done research especially on the author before I read this This is an author who has a history of writing horror and that became obvious as I read this book There were some very gruesome murders This is definitely not for the sueamish The things I liked about the book were it kept me glued to it from the first page; the protagonist was a strong intelligent person; and it kept me guessing throughout most of it There was something about the writing style that kept me turning the pages I found Beatrice to be very likable and intelligent and her interest in her father's profession was one part of the book I really enjoyed For a girl back in the 1700s Bea was an independent thinker I liked reading about Bea's past with her parents in London and I found the part with her relatives interesting too although they were not ideal That part with her crazy uncle was shocking and weird and personally I think it could have been left out of the book completely as it didn't really seem to fitAfter Bea immigrated to America the mystery behind what was happening to the townspeople kept me guessing for a long time Not the part Jonathan Shooks played that was obvious but who or what was behind the whole thing Was Bea right about it being a person behind it all or were the townspeople right that it was a demon or Satan himself Logic says that Bea is right but I've read enough supernatural type books to know that it isn't always the logical answer And if it is just a person then who Those were the uestions I kept asking myself The mysterious person in the brown cloak was an easier mystery to figure out I kept wondering if that person was who was behind the murders I'm not going to say if it was or not though because of spoilersThe things I didn't like so much were the strict puritanical views of most of the people; the superstitious beliefs of most of the people; the lack of any real emotion or romance between Bea and Francis whom I didn't find very likable at times; and the rape scene Superstitious Puritans do not always make for pleasant reading It's hard to believe that people could be so ignorant and superstitious but they can The Salem Witch Trials come to mind Also the way women were viewed really angered me Bea was such an intelligent woman and I had a hard time not being disappointed in who she chose to marry He was a good man but I think she would have thrived in a less puritanical setting I felt like her husband Francis was mostly boring and we really aren't given any reason why she fell in love with him Their whole courtship is skipped over Their scenes in bed as husband and wife are just the mechanics with no romance or real emotion I would have rather they had just been skipped over completely because they didn't add anything to the story This might sound sexist but I've yet to read a romance scene written by a man that I've liked That brings me to the rape scene The author couldn't craft a good love scene but he didn't have a problem writing all the awful details of a rape scene I don't know if that was done on purpose or just the way it ended up but it bothered me I've read rape scenes in books before and they fit the story and were a part of the plot They didn't leave me as disturbed as this one did This rape was really unnecessary and I didn't want to read all the details of it It bothered me than the grisly murders did For the writer to put the main character through that after reading through over 80 percent of the book was just needless It did nothing for the story and felt like it was just put there for shock value I kept thinking someone would come and help her but no one did Where was the mysterious person in the brown cloak then I'm sorry if anyone thinks this is a spoiler but I think potential readers need to know this is in the book Had I known I probably wouldn't have read this book It turns out that this is the first book in a series While I would kind of like to know what happens next in Bea's life view spoiler especially regarding Jeremy hide spoiler

  4. Μαρία Γεωργοπούλου Μαρία Γεωργοπούλου says:

    35 stars

  5. Bookread2day Bookread2day says:

    First in a new series from Graham Masterton introducing the apothecary's daughter Beatrice ScarletGraham Masteron was the best selling horror writer who has now turned his talent to crime writing He is also the author of the best selling Katie Maguire series set in Cork Ireland The author Graham Masterton is one the most original and frightening story tellers of our time I was fascinated by this unusual story Scarlet Widow is set in London 1750 Beatrice Scarlet father grounds up herbs and spices for his customers and prepared his medicinal mixtures Sadly Beatrice's mothers coughed with her handkerchief flooded red with blood and dies Her father has taken to drink so bad that some times he didn't know who his daughter Beatrice was When her father dies Beatrice became an orphan Beatrice marries a preacher and emigrates to America where her life begins in New Hampshire but is this for the better or for the worst Next I would like read the Katie Maguire series

  6. Bettie Bettie says:

    115833Description London 1750 Beatrice Scarlet is the apothecary's daughter She can mix medicines and herbs to save the lives of her neighbours but try as she might she can't save the lives of her parents An orphan at just sixteen Beatrice marries a preacher and emigrates to America New Hampshire 1756 In the farming community where Beatrice now lives six pigs are found viciously slaughtered; slices of looking glass embedded in their mouths According to scripture this is the work of Satan but Beatrice Scarlet suspects the hands of men As she closes in on the killer she must act uickly to unmask him or become the next victim herself Not all characters are fully fleshed however this is an acceptable mid range Hallowe'en entry

  7. Tara Tara says:

    Ugh This was almost a DNF for me but I have to admit Masterton has created an interesting enough main character an apothecaries daughter and enough tension that you can't help but skim to the end to find out who the devil is However be warned This is a horror author And it shows There is little of emotion in the book few between characters and lots of horrific murders in gory detail Perhaps most disturbing is a graphic rape scene near the end It made little sense to me Especially since the love scenes between husband and wife were mediocre at best Why make the rape scene the most graphic What does this say about the author and what he thinks women want to read So I don't recommend this Only read if you like horror and gore and can handle that kind of treatment of women Glad this was a library book

  8. Shirley Revill Shirley Revill says:

    I have only recently started to listen to audio books and boy was I in for a treat with this bookAbsolutely loved the story of which their are many reviews so I won't spoil the book for others by adding information I have noticed with the audio books that a brilliant story can be absolutely ruined by the person who is narrating the bookThe voice is everything and this book had it all a totally brilliant story and absolutely wonderful narration by Emma GregoryTotally enjoyed this book and it helped pass the hours on a long journeyMind you i couldn't sleep because I was still listening when I was snuggled up in bed as I had to know who was the villain in the taleHighly recommended

  9. Jen Jen says:

    35🌟This book has given me problemsI found the first 15% of this read a little bit amateurish but pushed on because I was caught up in the premise The writing was uite simplistic and I nearly dnf it but I had read the blurb for the second book The Coven and really wanted to read that one so continued Then a funny thing happened the writing got a lot better and I couldn't put it down I have a load of issues with this book a rather unnecessary sex scene being one but I HAD to finish it and I ended up really enjoying it The story is uite predictable and some of the characters are uestionable evil mute sidekick really but I finished it enjoyed it and will read the second book in this seriesI am confused😳

  10. Albert Albert says:

    Scarlet Widow is book one of a brand new series by Graham Masterton the author of the very entertaining and popular series featuring DS Katie Maguire Beatrice Scarlet is a far different character than Katie Maguire and the series is a grand departure from what is offered in the Katie Maguire series But through it all is the cadence and steady pace of a superb writer enjoying his craft Widow Scarlet is sure to garner its own following as this well written historical thriller carves out its own niche in the growing legion of Masterton fansBeatrice is the apothecary's daughter in 1750's London But the medicines and potions she can mix with the knowledge her father imparts to her from oils and herbs cannot save her mother or her father from a violent death Orphaned at an early age she is sent to live with her only family until she is of age to marry Falling for the young master Scarlet she leaves London with her new husband to minister in the new world of AmericaSatan has come to the small farming community where Beatrice and her husband now live in New Hampshire It is 1756 and the frenzied events that haunt the small Massachusetts town of Salem have plagued the minds of the uaint religious community When six pigs are found slaughtered worse than the condition of their bodies is what is found embedded in their mouths Glass mirrors or even better than known to this community as the devil's communion Further animals begin to die but this does not seem enough for Satan or the Witch the townspeople believe have been sent to their small village soon people begin to die Slaves and husbands and children in the most horrific ways Until Beatrice herself is made to pay the dearest price While the village is willing to accept the works as the Devil himself come to the Americas Beatrice sees the hand of man in all of evil An observation that may make her the next victim of the dark power that has come to her homeFilled with old world superstition and religion and the fears of the new world Scarlet Widow is a crime mystery set in early America with a young widow women battling the prejudice of the religion and the men around her Masterton is one of the better crime writers going right now He made he name in violent horror and then followed it up with the powerfully perverse and visceral Katie Maguire series With the historically beautiful and haunting Scarlet Widow Masterton begins a new series set in the early years of the Americas when the fears and superstitions of the rural people still ruleFor readers who enjoy the tales of early America and so the persecution of women by the church and men of this time ie widows and witches and herbalists; you will find your heroine in Beatrice Scarlet Raised by her parents to think and not to simply accept the status uo with its limitations Beatrice works within the imposed boundaries that are daily realities of her life to solve the mystery and dangers that threaten her home Her knowledge of the apothecary and as wife of the village Minister gives her a place of respect among the women but she is still considered to be a second class citizen and inferior to the men in the village Beatrice will face her greatest challenge and though she prevails it is at great costMasterton writes terrific crimemystery novels whether set in the colonies in the 1700s or in modern day Ireland with strong and yet vulnerable women But one theme that has prevailed so far in all of his novels is rape Whether it be the main female character or a secondary character there is always a rape It is graphic and violent and not always it seems necessary to the tale Perhaps it is what the author thinks is needed To create a strong woman and yet remind her that a man can still break her down in this most evil of manners I'm not sure and perhaps I've only had a small sample size of Masterton's writing to judge this by but it has been a recurrent theme in all the books I have read by MastertonScarlet Widow is a terrific tale and Beatrice Scartlet a character to follow

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Scarlet Widow❴EPUB❵ ✰ Scarlet Widow Author Graham Masterton – Beatrice Scarlet is the apothecary's daughter She can mix medicines to save lives but she can't save the lives of her parents An orphan at just sixteen Beatrice marries and emigrates to AmericaNew Ham Beatrice Scarlet is the apothecary's daughter She can mix medicines to save lives but she can't save the lives of her parents An orphan at just sixteen Beatrice marries and emigrates to AmericaNew Hampshire In the farming community where Beatrice now lives pigs are found dead with slices of looking glass embedded in their mouths According to scripture this is the work of Satan but Beatrice suspects the hands of men She must act uickly to unmask the killer or become the next victim herself.

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Graham Masterton was born in Edinburgh in His grandfather was Thomas Thorne Baker the eminent scientist who invented DayGlo and was the first man to transmit news photographs by wireless After training as a newspaper reporter Graham went on to edit the new British mens magazine Mayfair where he encouraged William Burroughs to develop a series of scientific and philosophical articles whi.