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    This is the update of Crush It the book that changed lives of many people If you want to be the next Internet success, this read may be helpful.

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    Well, this book is great at parts, and really annoying at others Start with the annoying parts so I can move to the great ones Gary Vaynerchuk mentions his previous book like half a million times, everybody in the book mention that book as well, and thank Gary, and God for writing this super super awesome book It goes like this and then read his book Crush It and his life changed of course Brian Wampler even said I probably owe my marriage to this idea from the book, yes.So now after venting, that building a personal brand can be brain washing exercise, and sometime too much, I want to get to the great parts First, Gary does a very good job in explaining what each media is for I think that some of them I really understood better or for the first time thanks to him For example, he explains FB here First, unlike any other platform, Facebook gives you the gift of flexibility Written content and photographs don t work on YouTube Instagram allows for a maximum of one minute videos on a user s main page at the time of this writing There s no way long written content is getting traction on Snapchat, but on Facebook a thirteen paragraph blog post will work You can post pictures, and they ll work You can embed a SoundCloud audio play, and it will work A thirteen second video will work So will a thirty o...

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    This is supposed to be an updated version of the amazing book Crush it in which Gary lays out step by step action on monetizing your passion.

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    When the Standard is Pretty much Nothing, You Have to be Just Altruistic EnoughReaders of CRUSH IT published in 2009 will want to know what is different about CRUSHING IT In this new book, author Gary Vaynerchuk includes lots of stories of folks successfully using the Crush It principles So this book is less of a lecture, and of practical suggestions from others In contrast to his earlier book, Gary isn t the only one talking I want to introduce you to other entrepreneurs who have met with unbelievable success by following Crush It principles In most chapters, a great deal of space is devoted to these stories The idea is, see how others implemented the concepts.For readers not familiar with the earlier book, CRUSHING IT includes a summary of the Crush It principles I found this a valuable section, especially since I wasn t familiar with the first book The author boils it down to a pretty short list What really matters is a pretty short list intent, authenticity, passion, patience, speed, work, and attention The author then discusses in detail each of these aspects It soon became clear to me that CRUSHING IT will require a TON of really hard work and sacrifice, continued for a long tim...

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    Great follow up to Crush It You can almost hear Gary s break neck speed narration in your head.

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    I m glad I borrowed this and didn t buy it Ask Gary Vee felt far informative and useful than Crushing It.Crushing It was repetitive and a complete bore I know Gary has a ghostwriter but his books feel like he s had involvement in it, unlike this one which didn t even feel like it had any.The tips on how to use social media platforms well were closest to useful but not deep enough Create good content and be patient is pretty much all you l...

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    Great Book Opened my eyes to stop seeing social media as a time waster for shallow connections and false views of people s lives I remember when Twitter first came out being so excited about the potential for the world ...

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    Nothing new here other than if you want to be an entrepreneur you have got to be 110% all in Insightful information for anyone unaware of social media platforms or their influence and lots of stories of people who are crushing it.

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    I love Gary Vee however this book is far from his best work.I d recommend you start with his earlier books and then read this only if you re desperately seeking of his social media marketing inspiration.

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    Hmmm, although I don t think reading this book was a complete waste of time, it didn t contain much new insights I think the book is way too long for the points being made and is largely storytelling After a while, I skimmed or even skipped much of the stories of all the people successfully surprise surprise applying the Crush It principles, as outlined in Gary s earlier book I didn t read Gary s earlier books, but I heard that those were at least much better than this book.Main takeaways I got from the book 1 Substance form Without great content you can t build your online personal brand and gain a solid follower base This one might sound a bit ironic now since I found this book actually often lacking sufficient substance 2 Be yourself and always speak the truth without authenticity you can t bring consistent content This also applies to choosing which brands you work with, as you should only work with brands that are aligned with your personal brand.3 It isn t easy to establish your own successful brand and eventually monetize it it requires countless hours of studying trends, producing content, and engaging with others on the various social media channels The...

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Crushing It! Four Time New York Times Bestselling Author Gary Vaynerchuk Offers New Lessons And Inspiration Drawn From The Experiences Of Dozens Of Influencers And Entrepreneurs Who Rejected The Predictable Corporate Path In Favor Of Pursuing Their Dreams By Building Thriving Businesses And Extraordinary Personal Brands.In His 2009 International Bestseller Crush It, Gary Insisted That A Vibrant Personal Brand Was Crucial To Entrepreneurial Success, In Crushing It , Gary Explains Why That S Even True Today, Offering His Unique Perspective On What Has Changed And What Principles Remain Timeless He Also Shares Stories From Other Entrepreneurs Who Have Grown Wealthier And Not Just Financially Than They Ever Imagined Possible By Following Crush It Principles The Secret To Their Success And Gary S Has Everything To Do With Their Understanding Of The Social Media Platforms, And Their Willingness To Do Whatever It Took To Make These Tools Work To Their Utmost Potential That S What Crushing It Teaches Readers To Do.In This Lively, Practical, And Inspiring Book, Gary Dissects Every Current Major Social Media Platform So That Anyone, From A Plumber To A Professional Ice Skater, Will Know Exactly How To Amplify His Or Her Personal Brand On Each He Offers Both Theoretical And Tactical Advice On How To Become The Biggest Thing On Old Standbys Like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, And Snapchat Podcast Platforms Like Spotify, Soundcloud, IHeartRadio, And ITunes And Other Emerging Platforms Such As Musical.ly For Those With Experience, Crushing It Illuminates Some Little Known Nuances And Provides Innovative Tips And Clever Tweaks Proven To Enhance Common Tried And True Strategies.Crushing It Is A State Of The Art Guide To Building Your Own Path To Professional And Financial Success, But It S Not About Getting Rich It S A Blueprint To Living Life On Your Own Terms.