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Night's Fall [PDF / Epub] ☉ Night's Fall Author Richard Parry – This is an alternate cover edition of ASINB071W2J5FDWould you let a stranger take your curse even if it would damn the worldIn the five years since their Pack left the ruins of a Biomne facility Adali This is an alternate cover edition of ASINBWJFDWould you let a stranger take your curse even if it would damn the worldIn the five years since their Pack left the ruins of a Biomne facility Adalia Kendrick has discovered gifts of her own While her mother Danny tries to run from the curse of the Night’s Favor Adalia speaks to those only she can see She speaks to the deadStories of the Night’s dark gift have reached across the seas to Talin Moray a man who will stop at nothing to possess its power With his mastery of Vodou he brings the city of Chicago to its knees Armies fall Zombies roam the streets and no one is safe Talin will become the king of a ruined worldFive years is a long time to run trying to turn the curse of the Night’s Favor into a blessing Will Val and Danny’s yearning to be free from the Night’s Favor mean losing everything Is Adalia’s power – and the dead boy that walks with her – enough to stand against TalinNight’s Fall is the second book in Richard Parry’s gripping Night’s Champion trilogy If you like page turning supernatural thrillers with great dialogue and heart pumping action then you’ll love this Sir Julius Vogel Award finalist novel.

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  1. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    Sometimes you come across a book that is so epic in it's world building and characters so full of depth and heart that you can't help but see it playing cinematically in your mind's eye and this is one of those booksRichard Parry has a talent for not only exceptional story telling but also for being able to immerse the reader in the story that is being woven You are able to feel everything the main characters are feeling from the heady highs to the soul destroying lows you are right there beside them fighting for what is rightNight's Fall comes some five years after the events in Night's Favour and although this Night's Champion series runs to three books each one covers different stories and can be read uite easily as standalones I won't rehash the synopsis as it's all there in the blurb but essentially Night's Fall is a story of family and fighting to protect them as well as the epic tale of good triumphing over evilThere's werewolves humans an evil necromancer a form of wolf zombie hybrid seers and various monster baddies but it is in the main storyline that the author reveals his shining talent a story of true friendship encompassing family and the ability to keep on fighting even when it seems hopeless and you feel you can't go on A story of new friendships and old and the heart breaking reality that some of those friends will fall by the waysideI seriously can't recommend this novel highly enough even if the ending left me blubbering inconsolably cursing both the antagonist and the author for leaving me in this stateI received an ebook of this novel directly from the author I have voluntarily chosen to review the book and the gifting in no way influences my reviewrating which reflects my honest opinion

  2. Walter Scott Walter Scott says:

    Not the first time I have done this – started reading a series at Book #2 I couldn’t put it aside because you can take a Kindle with you to the fridge bathroom bus commute OK not the shower But taking the time to get some sleep? Night’s Fall trumps the need to sleepSnappy dialog Fun pop culture references Lots of flawed characters to learn to love Get used to mental whiplash with Richard Perry’s skilled use of the unexpected because you never see it comingThere are scenes of serious blood letting; a scattering of bad language; characters who should be dead as a result of battles who drag themselves to their feet and back into the fightIt was a no brainer on my part I immediately bought Night’s Favor and Night’s End Plus Upgrade and thinking about Sleepless – and hoping my wife does not find out how much I am spending on ca

  3. Jane Harris Jane Harris says:

    Werewolves and shapeshifters and genetic modification oh myNight's Fall is the second part of the Night's Champion series and it was great to step back into the heads of some of the characters that I'd got to know in the first book Night's Favour especially Detective Carlisle and her acerbic wit New characters seamlessly step into the world and bring their own flavour which keeps the story flowing and the various motives guessing activated There are several storylines threaded throughout; dealing with the past; reconciliations; coming of age and with varying degrees of suspense and keys to the main plot but all fully realised and given their own space to be toldWhile dealing with werewolves shapeshifters genetic modification and humans it's all very familiar as stories of loyalty sacrifice power love and humanityParry's ability to give characters definition and depth really shows here and I'd be keen to have a beer with one or two of them but will just have to wait for the third book

  4. S S says:

    We are following up with Val and his pack after a five year hiatus There are a lot of things that are sort of left out that may have occurred during that five year break There are many uestions some of them get resolved others are left to fallowThis part of the story involves zombieshave to say as a genre I’m not really a big fan of it There have been a few spoof zombie movies that I have enjoyed other than that I don’t read it Of course this author throws them into the mixing pot and I found I didn’t mind them as much with his take on the genre We are also introduced to other forms of supernatural and time traveling or at least time jumping Some of it did get a little confusing but I was still vested enough in Val and his big heart that I kept readingI think one of the reasons I like this author is his dark humor and sense of ridiculous which bleeds through to his characters The sometimes self decrypting humor along with big hearts of his main leads keeps you rooting them on and really feeling their pain and loss when it happensThis author is great at writing strong female characters he allows them to go the full gauntlet of emotions but still remain fierce and very capable When you put them with a male counterpart that is not intimidated by their badassery you have an unstoppable combination It was nice that the ladies took the lead in this part of the story Each strong in their own right but together they are an impenetrable shield The only stumbles were areas felt that felt a bit murky and I had to backtrack and reread at times The introduction of new players at times was confusing as to their place in the story Some characters you got their place in the scheme of things rather uickly others not so much A bit gore than the first book but the story still draws you in and you want to see what happens nextA note to other authors when this author says there are 3 books in the series he doesn’t mean that he breaks up one story into three parts each book is it’s own full story that threads into the next book and so on Plus they are than 100 pages per book please take noteI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review

  5. Ziggy Nixon Ziggy Nixon says:

    4 stars Put it this way my usual rule of 'leave one day of space between finishing and starting books' went out the window its in large part because of my vision but also that I need to remember and notice that I have other responsibilities in life other than just feeding my reading addiction at least the dog if not my kids But with this book I closed book one ordered book two and started reading it right away and well into the night So here I am the next afternoon wondering if I have time before dinner to start with Book 3I rated the first of the 'Night's Champion' books somewhere between 35 4 stars but 'Night's Fall' is easily a 4 star book where so far the sum of the parts of the two books together are definitely greater than the whole Wow what a ride The action is even exciting than the last book and the growing number of people that we genuinely care about the ever growing Pack are just so well created and sympathetic Even the back and forth banter is better than the last book and I'm not one for a big batch of banter But dammit Parry you made me shed a tear or three in this one That is pretty rare for this genre I was just so into it I mean how could you kill but I've said too much I compared Parry's works to various authors last time as well and I'll continue that here simply as a compliment this is some serious shinola that left me with a lot of that 'terror filled thrill' of Scott Sigler's 'Infection' books or even some of Larry Correia's 'Monster Hunter International' thrillers noting a noticeable lack of weaponry based porn Even in this last case as Correia is apt to do if you want to see a plethora of different beasties and occult horrors cross the page then this is one for youAnd hey if various authors want to keep using Trump Tower in Chicago to have their 'kill all the human' antagonists set up their lairs and ultimately destroy that monument to greed and ill gotten gains then by golly be my guest Granted I don't really feel much sympathy when its described that it's all blown up or burned or whatever else it deserves but again thar' ya' goYou'll enjoy these books 'Nuff said

  6. Annie Annie says:

    I really enjoyed the first book of this series but this one took me ages to get into and only really got good in the last part of the book I think there were too many characters and ideas fighting for attention it got a bit confusing There also seemed to be a lot happen to the main characters in the 5 years between book one and two that is never really explained

  7. Patty Patty says:

    This was an awesome book I really liked the first book but this one went beyond that It has a very uniue storyline It is a supernatural thriller Has a lot of action and some death sad deaths Val is a fighter for everything he believes in and some he doesn't understand There are new characters in this one and not all of them are good Evil wants to reign Can't wait to read the next one

  8. Pam Pam says:

    Different take on the title not what I thought it might have been science fiction Thoroughly enjoyed this fast paced lots of action and out of context humour To be kept on my again read list

  9. Scott Scott says:

    After the events of the first book i was very surprised to see how many surprises are in store for our band of heroes Parry has managed to do wonders in creating a new element in the supernatural community Cant wait to see where he takes it for book 3

  10. Alanna Alanna says:

    I don't read Zombie books but this one was really not what i expected I enjoyed this book and the different perspective that it offers

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