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Night's Favour ❮Read❯ ➬ Night's Favour Author Richard Parry – This is an alternate cover edition of ASINB071J1RP9Could just one night — a night you can’t remember — change your life foreverValentine Everard drinks to get through the week — but then who d This is an alternate cover edition of ASINBJRPCould just one night — a night you can’t remember — change your life foreverValentine Everard drinks to get through the week — but then who doesn’t — so waking up with no memory isn’t unusual What is unusual is how his body is becoming faster and stronger This is the Night’s Favor and it is creating a beast within him a werewolf With these gifts come outside interest Elsie Morgan CEO of Big Pharma company Biomne is hunting him for the gift he carries to save her dying heirWhen his newfound Pack mate Danny Kendrick’s daughter is abducted Val must race to rescue her Elsie offers him a devil’s bargain a child for a child a life for a life Even knowing that the child is merely a way to draw him in he cannot resist the call of Pack Will he be able to master the Night’s Favor and save those he loves Will he fall into darkness and anger like his makerNight’s Favor is the first book in Richard Parry’s gripping Night’s Champion trilogy If you like page turning supernatural thrillers with great dialogue and heart pumping action then you’ll love this Sir Julius Vogel Award finalist novel.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 375 pages
  • Night's Favour
  • Richard Parry
  • English
  • 03 July 2016

About the Author: Richard Parry

Richard Parry has worked as an international consultant in one of the world’s top tech companies His debut novel Night’s Favor and its seuel Night’s Fall have been shortlisted for the Sir Julius Vogel Award “Best Novel” categoryHis first trilogy about the Night’s Champion are supernatural thrillers about an alcoholic bitten by a werewolf who then saves the world through action scenes and cleve.

10 thoughts on “Night's Favour

  1. David Rose David Rose says:

    Outstandingly well written this offers a fresh and 'realistic' perspective on werewolves The plot reuires perhaps a little than usual suspension of disbelief; I found Elsie Morgan's motives and actions a bit of a stretch so also the extent of what a private military company might get away with However I was completely invested in the characters and the suspense of the story and I reckon Richard Parry a top rank action and combat writer A werewolf action fantasy that breaks the genre mould it's a great read My response was to buy the remaining two books in the series

  2. Kitvaria Sarene Kitvaria Sarene says:

    UF with some romance 35 Had uite some gripes as you can see below but overall I did enjoy the story and happily kept reading13 through and I like it still Some things feel a bit cheap to me somehow like a low budget movie compared to Dresden or Helleuin if you know what I meanThe big showdown at the emd is about as believable as me and Marielle killing a whole Roman Legion with our bare hands And why the hell would someone who never shot a crrossbow especially get a crossbow to bring to a rifle fight? And then be able to shoot it well im no time at all Wonder if the author ever tried it I sure did Also I sure as hell wouldn't grin and stand around joking around while rescuing my daughter from ruthless murderersAlso I don't like it so much Annoying that between the sentences grumble about it at random places within the sentence did I say that yet? are thoughts interspersed And not just werewolf pack thoughts but with human other characters she thought tooI reall yliked the characters though and I cared about what haooened to them It fast fast paced and fun so even with those gripes I'll go for 33 stars

  3. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    This is a 35 star readWell this novel was a horse of a different colour altogether or should that be wolf? Not one word of the sexiness of the panting breath and hirsuteness of a wolf in this story Thank god I'm thrilled that the author took the alternate view of werewolves something based on reality than romance and the accompanying action that unfolds I was sitting there energetically flicking the pages of my Kindle app nodding and saying to myself That makes perfect sense when lo and behold we hit the conspiracy part of the book And you know what? That made perfect sense as wellIt's hard to say without giving away major spoilers but this novel is perhaps one of the best werewolf novels I've read simply because if they did exist you could totally see the various theories playing outIs it shameless of me to try and claim the author as a brother from another mother? Richard Parry hails from New Zealand a close cousin of Australia and another extraordinarily good local writer to follow Highly recommended thrilling read

  4. J.C. Hart J.C. Hart says:

    Thank goodness a werewolf book that isn't YA isn't 'sexy' and has gritty awesome werewolves in it This is Parry's debut novel so I wasn't sure what to expect but I was pretty happy with what I got A great combination of action witty banter great characters humour death and destruction and cop stuff with a smattering of romance on the side this story moves along at a rapid pace and leaves you feeling satisfied

  5. Melissa Bryan Melissa Bryan says:

    This book grab me and wouldn't let gowhat an adventure It has a new twist on a wonderful werewolf story I really enjoyed the plot it kept me guessing and wondering what was going to happen next He writes smoothly and has done his research so the storyline is believable and enjoyable to read A book I didn't want to put down Mr Parry gives you enough information on each character so you either like them or hate them I like back ground on the characters but not overkill and Mr Parry knows how to give you the right amount a sign of a good writter This is book 1 of a trilogy and I can't wait to get the next book Night's Fall to see what happens next to the heros from book 1 I don't think you go wrong in reading this book it's a great story

  6. Dee Dee says:

    I luv this book It was entertaining and intriguing and kept me wanting I would read it again I thought it was well written and will definitely read another book by the author

  7. David Green David Green says:

    The story hooks you from the first pages and keeps your attention through to the last Hard hitting action scenes interspersed with clever snarky dialogue finish off a well written and thoroughly satisfying read

  8. David David says:

    FavourI haven’t read a Werewolf book in ages and this is one of the best I’ve read Really great storyline it’s got everything you could want love betrayal revenge redemption all wrapped up in a great adventure I loved Val the main character and his friend John they are a great double act with plenty of humour I won’t say to much about the story as it’s always best to find out for yourself But for a freebie it’s Fab

  9. Sue Wallace Sue Wallace says:

    night's favour by Richard ParryValentine’s an ordinary guy with ordinary problems His boss is an asshole He’s an alcoholic And he’s getting that middle age spread just a bit too early One night — the one night he can’t remember — changes everythingfantastic read with brilliant characters I could not put this down such a different read for me 5

  10. Patty Patty says:

    I really enjoyed this book I have had it on my kindle for awhile Was searching for something to read and seen this one and the second one so thought I would give it a try I am glad I did It starts out as a regular police procedure book but the you get into it you realize it is so much The fire fights are awesome John Wick style Love it In this book you get an alcoholic personal trainer detective romance kids and some supernatural It has it all and you will not want to stop reading It held my interest throughout

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