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Goodbye Clutter, Hello Freedom ➾ [Download] ➾ Goodbye Clutter, Hello Freedom By Lena Bentsen ➳ – The key concept for Danish Hygge is to enjoy life in peace and harmony Whether we want to admit it or not we are affected by our surroundings Danish Hygge is about caring and when we do not care for o The key concept for Danish Hygge is to enjoy life in peace and harmony Whether we want to admit it or not we are affected by our surroundings Danish Hygge is about caring Goodbye Clutter, PDF/EPUB ² and when we do not care for our surroundings clutter begins to spread its way into our lives and Hygge is no longer a possibility The good news is that we can deliberately change this situation When you start caring about your home and your surroundings you will find that you have much time for fun and Hygge Once you know what you appreciate where your stuff is and can understand the difference between what is good and what is bad for you to own you will be free to enjoy the life that you truly deserve Start now and experience the amazing feeling of freedom that comes from living in a home that reflects the best part of you.

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  1. Leila Summers Leila Summers says:

    Seeing as I am moving into a smaller house in three months this book found me at exactly the right time It’s the perfect time to declutter and start new with just the things that I love or are useful and everything that doesn’t have a place in the new house must go I’m really looking forward to following all the great advice in this little book and also to start introducing Hygge into my life – such a fabulous concept from the Danes that really resonates with me If you feel that you are suffocating from having too much stuff in your house then read this book It will give you the inspiration you need to get started on the road to freedom

  2. Christy Christy says:

    This is a humorous and uick read with tips about how to declutter and move toward Danish hygge Her best tips include the following There will never be a perfect time to declutter; it is ok not to keep gifts forever; and if you haven’t gotten around to repairing something in two weeks get rid of it

  3. Ivinela Samuilova Ivinela Samuilova says:

    This little book has a big impact on motivating the start of the decluttering process Very sound points that bring relief from the sense of guilt My biggest problem with clutter is the remorse I feel to throw out presents I have a dung hill of useless gifts But this is not the only clutter I have stored at home Piling up things of no use or that lose their utility with time seems inevitable nowadays And here comes the point I liked best ‘Anything that isn’t any longer in harmony with you and your life – out’ Great advice that I’ll put in action right away The practical tips for getting rid of different kinds of clutter are pragmatic too which I also liked about the book

  4. Araceli Araceli says:

    It reminded me very much of Marie Kondo but with less spiritual talk and very focused on creating the right space for you Straight to the point short easy read I've read other books on the topic so I didn't find anything particularly new or strikingI liked how it points out the most common problems with clutter at home and gives tips on how to address them Also a nice introduction to the Danish concept of 'Hygge'My main take aways Start now Clutter is a collection of homeless items crying out for a place to stay Change focus to can I do without x? Don't acceptkeep something in case it becomes useful in the future Life is too short for bad movies

  5. Astria Astria says:

    Shorter and straightforward that Marie Kondo which gave me a sense of creeping dread My copy has tons of highlights so many good and simple instructions Recommend

  6. Mancmummy Mancmummy says:

    inspired me to sort out the bathroom found 5 boxes of paracetamol at the back of the cabinet 😎

  7. Susan Susan says:

    Some useful tipsI enjoyed this book but found it uite simplistic in parts particularly towards the end which was recommending always completing a task before moving on to the next That's a great aim but doesn't take into account interruptions or other demands on your time The assumption that it is the woman who will want to tidy the house and declutter and that she has a 1950s life of kissing her husband goodbye while he goes off to work dropping the kids off at school then returning home with the shopping in time to prepare a cosy family meal is very dated and sexist to both women and men Many women work now and have to fit all these 'complete circles' into a busy life balancing home and career Many men are just as involved in tidying and decluttering as their partners Maybe I'm much too British to be dedicated to Hygge However overall there was some decent food for thought on how we can better manage the extensive stuff in our homes and some good hints and tips for how to get past blockages

  8. Tweedledum Tweedledum says:

    I downloaded this from kindle unlimited feeling I needed a mental boost to encourage me to carry on the attempt to get on top of some of my accumulated clutter A uick and somewhat repetitive read serving to instill the Bentsen's favourite mantras It did inspire me to go through an over brimming bookcase again and clear out one shelf load of books but I am not sure I am ever going to enter Hygge nirvana I notice Bentsen did seem to be directing all her advice to the female of the species even commenting that she anticipated the male partner's response to his wife or partners clearing out was likely to be don't touch my stuff She feels that the best policy is either to lead by example Or to put all his stuff out of the door Hmmm

  9. Melissa Taylor Melissa Taylor says:

    A practical guideSome very sound advice that I will definitely use I just felt it took a while to get to that part However I would still recommend it as a reference tool to get started

  10. Sparrows Sparrows says:

    This was much my speed than the similar Marie Kondo book More straightforward and less New Age y I'm looking forward to letting a LOT of stuff goespecially those inherited things I've been hanging on to

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