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  1. Guerric Haché Guerric Haché says:

    I'm the author so no star rating here Just a friendly note for potential readers In some ways of all the books in this series I've published and that are yet to come this is the one that makes me the most nervous A big part of the series' heart is properly exposed here some of the big unknowns of the world are brought into the light in a way that I can only hope creates uestions than answers and the ending instigates a major structural change that will shape the second half of the seriesMy goal with this series has always been to create something fantastical and sweeping while also remaining personal and adventurous If you've gotten through the first two books and have arrived here I can only say thanks for riding along and I hope you enjoy where this is going

  2. Nate Nate says:

    Alda and Isavel's story continues but this time the threat doesn't come from the Ghosts but the humans The third book in the Digitestiue series was a lot of fun Several plot lines from the previous stories are tied up nicely but a new one emerges at the end to propel the story further along Ada is now my favorite character in the series She stared off as my least favorite but she's completely redeemed herself Science for the win My only real complaint is that secondary characters aren't fleshed out very well It could be cool to get some short POVs from these characters to learn about them and how they see the world Also what happened to Cherry?? While I hated the name for Alda's ship she was kind of a fun fake character I'm not certain she'll ever be back

  3. Aneta Aneta says:

    'Ada' She mouthed it silently wondering why she was praying to a mortal Second Contact begins a few weeks after the explosive finale of the previous book and we reconnect with our characters right before another disaster takes place And things can go only worse from there But in the midst of war something beautiful bloomsTHE GOOD I'm really invested in the story and so anxious to find out everything all the things There are some very important reveals about the Fall notably its cause some of the reason behind it and how the technophage was made and breakthroughs I really appreciate how we get to see little new pieces every book Not everything is explained and there's still many many mysteries but I like how we aren't kept completely in the dark about everything until the very end Seeing of the thousand worlds beyond Elysium was cool Also is Mars really a thing? I feel like that will come into play later The romance The romance The romance I just I really liked it I'm really happy I saw from the beginning where this was going and that I was correct I feel like it was the most important thing in this third installment not the war not the outers' escape but this And it was beautiful This book did not feel disjointed like the first 2 The ending was very sad but also very excitingTHE CHARACTERS They talk about you like some monster but you’re obviously not”“I am a monster to them” Ada smiled but it was a feral smile hungry and fierce “I want to destroy everything they love” What can I even say about Ada at this point Ada is bae and I love her She did get a bit overpowered in this book in my personal opinion I would have liked some struggle instead of Ada comes up with something crazy that shouldn't work but somehow does because her powers seem to be pretty limitless at this point as a solution to every problem I loved seeing some of her backstory Also nervous Ada trying to talk to her crush was too adorableShe takes most badass line of the book “Try me lizard” Isavel looked at the stars the moon the glittering ring She should feel they were watching her guiding her doing somethingShe felt nothing I still like Isavel though I felt like she was kind of all over the place in this book especially re her attitude towards the gods I wasn't sure what to make of it I did start to understand her as I went in further but her beliefs in the beginning didn't feel in line with her previous arc and with the rest of her arc in this book I am excited to see where her path leads now tho her and the gang I guessTHE NOT SO GOOD Unlike in the first 2 books this time I had minor issues with the main characters at certain points mentioned above The side characters don't really bring anything to the table Of all of them Hail was actually doing things other than stand around and comment on certain plot developments and having feelings about things This is a big shame because I actually really like some of them especially Tanos Zhilik and Sam and want to see them not be useless Somewhat tied to this view spoilerElder Kseresh dies hide spoiler

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Second Contact ❮KINDLE❯ ❤ Second Contact ❧ Author Guerric Haché – Ada and Isavel still aren't sure if they are enemies allies rivals or something else entirely but the world is conspiring to force them into a decision Peace between humans and their inhuman neighbour Ada and Isavel still aren't sure if they are enemies allies rivals or something else entirely but the world is conspiring to force them into a decision Peace between humans and their inhuman neighbours is crumbling a millenium of stasis can no longer hold ancient gods are losing their grip on Earth and something from beyond the world is comingThere are cities to save curses to lift and exiles to end Ada must say goodbye to the few allies she has and her time to solve an ancient wrong done to humanity is running out Isavel must save a city that will no longer listen to her and is rushing into a war it may pay far too dearly to winTo achieve anything at all the two of them may need to close the gap that separates them and start anew.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 380 pages
  • Second Contact
  • Guerric Haché
  • English
  • 25 August 2014

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