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  1. Linda Hart Linda Hart says:

    This is a very good post Civil War historical romance about honor and redemption I learned a few new things re history of the period and really appreciated this strong moral message constant religious undertone and occasional scripture passages Gilbert Morris is a popular and prolific Christian writer I have read a few of his other novels via audio books and am always looking for them on my library trips

  2. Ed Ed says:

    This is the second book that I have read by Gilbert Morris I was not disappointed it was just as exciting as 'Through a Glass Darkly' Morris uses the time of the post civil war to tell of the dangers and fears of people living at that time The problems of a Yankee doctor moving into the South to live and doctor with Southerners

  3. Cindy Cindy says:

    Excellent bookespecially if you like historical fiction It takes place at the end of the Civil War and deals w medicine and surgery in those days Really interesting Has a good love story things about faith and family ethicalmoral dilemmasI really enjoyed it

  4. Natalia Natalia says:


  5. Donna Breylinger Donna Breylinger says:

    I really enjoyed this book It took place during and post civil war era It was about a man who was in the middle of his medical training in a growing New York City when he was called to the front lines to assist the wounded Something happened during the war that changed and plagued him for uite awhile This event took him to a small town in Arkansas where his life was about to change

  6. cheryl k woods cheryl k woods says:

    Loved the characters This was not predictable and provides such a wkndow into the Post Civil War series Of course what would a redemptive series be without a little romance thrown in? Enjoy I hope you have as hard of a time putting it down as I did

  7. Sandra Barnett Sandra Barnett says:

    WonderfulAs always it was beautifully written Thank you Mr Morris for speaking to the heart of hate during the Civil War Sadly it's still going on today

  8. Lin S. Lin S. says:

    This book goes on the list of one of my all time favorite books I loved every single character and they will each stick with me for a while A post Civil War story of love hate and strong faith

  9. Willa Frizzell Willa Frizzell says:

    Great character development Setting is late Civil War Christianity shines through ‘

  10. Mallory Mallory says:

    A well educated young doctor from the North named uentin Larribee is conscripted into the Civil War just as it’s nearing its end His guilt over accidentally killing a surrendering enemy soldier leads him to seek out that man’s widow and do anything he can to help her and her children A Yankee in Arkansas is not a welcome sight to most folks after the war is over but uentin slowly wins over the small town and the Breckenridge family with his kind heart and good deeds However when he ends up falling in love with the woman he came to help he is torn between two very different lives I like historical novels especially ones related to major events in history like the Civil War I had also never read a Gilbert Morris novel before so those were two reasons why I gave this book a try The funny thing is how I always seem to read the right books at the right time After just going through a major surgery myself and now in the process of recovering I could really relate to a number of characters in the book When Eden Breckenridge is laid up with a mysterious illness I completely understood her uestioning why this was happening and her feelings of helplessness Another character injures his back severely; as I had back surgery I felt total empathy with his pain and struggles The story also briefly touches on PTSD which I found relevant Though some parts are predictable a really enjoyable novel overall Favorite uotes “It was as if a giant scythe had gone through the South harvesting the finest and strongest of the youth so that now all that was left was the very young the very old or the maimed” “Most of the things we worry about never happen” – Hannah Larribee

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Edge of Honor ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ Edge of Honor By Gilbert Morris ✩ – Thomashillier.co.uk A powerful novel of honor forgiveness and unuenchable faith set at the end of the Civil War uentin Larribee is a surgeon but in the confusion at the end of the Civil War his healing hands brought deat A powerful novel of honor forgiveness and unuenchable faith set at the end of the Civil War uentin Larribee is a surgeon but in the confusion at the end of the Civil War his healing hands brought death to an enemy soldier To ease his troubled conscience he visits the man’s impoverished widow only to find himself falling in love Now he is torn between two Edge of eBook ↠ choices a bright medical future with his wealthy fiancée in New York City or an impossible love with a woman who knows nothing of his terrible secret In this unforgettable novel good is found in the unlikeliest places and God’s unseen hand weaves a masterful tapestry of human hearts and lives.