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  1. Jon Nakapalau Jon Nakapalau says:

    Brought back such wonderful memories the fencer in me was happy to read this

  2. La Coccinelle La Coccinelle says:

    Rumbling clouds grumbledAnd that's why I can't recommend this book Aside from there not being much character development beyond left out little sister this book promotes dangerous behaviour Not only are the kids running around with pointy sticks but they then use them as lightning rodsSee Ruby wants to play with her brothers but they're bigger and faster and run away from her with a misplaced modifier in the very first sentence that did not bode well for the rest of the book When she realizes she's on her own she does her own thing and finds three sword like sticks lying in the grass She shares them with her brothers hoping they'll play with her but the sexist little jerks just play with each other So Ruby goes off on her own and finds stuff to do with her own sword Eventually a storm blows up complete with thunder and presumably lightning so Ruby uses her sword and a sheet that blew off the laundry line to make a tent When her brothers see what she's doing they want to help So they use their sticks and they build a shelter which is basically three lightning rods supporting a saggy sheetNope Can't recommend this one The safety implications are too grave Had it just been a rainstorm I could've gotten on board with it But the mention of thunder just makes the kids' actions too dangerous For a better book about dealing with thunderstorms try Franklin and the Thunderstorm by Paulette BourgeoisThe illustrations in Ruby's Sword are cute though At times they reminded me a little of Gyo Fujikawa's work Have a look at this one for the pictures but if you give it to a child you may need to have a talk about outdoor safety

  3. Michelle (FabBookReviews) Michelle (FabBookReviews) says:

    Ruby raced through a sea of summer grass after her brothers their long legs leaping ahead Wait up she called out But only their laughter trailed behind like the tail of a kite just out of reach On review is the dynamic and buoyant picture book Ruby's Sword by photographer producer author Jacueline Véissid Caspian Finds a Friend and illustrator Paola Zakimi Secrets I Know by Kallie George Ruby seems to be forever chasing after her big brothers asking them to slow down and wait for her But one gloriously sunny and summery day Ruby decides to pause and as she lies back on the grass she discovers wooden swords in the grass Ruby picks up one of the magical marvelous swords and faces a fearsome dragon in the sky swishing lunging and swooshing all the while feeling invincible In the excitement Ruby rushes off to share the other two swords with her brothers who unfortunately end up leaving Ruby out of their own fun As Ruby marches off she decides to continue with her own fun and imaginative play working on her fantastic swordsmanship as wind clouds and rain attack Ruby's Sword allows for a sweet reconciliation between Ruby and her brothers culminating in them all building something magnificent together A bright and innovative story story and art are so gorgeously matched here that speaks to the delight of imagination play problem solving and sibling togetherness Ruby's Sword is a terrific read I received copy of this title courtesy of Raincoast Books in exchange for an honest review All opinions and comments are my own

  4. Jenny Jenny says:

    Ruby's big brothers always go off to play leaving Ruby chasing behind calling Wait for me or My turn Then Ruby finds some swords in the ground and uses them to help her loyal subjects ants cross a creek and swipe a feast apples from a tree When her brothers see her using her sword to build a castle they add their swords and other offerings to build a wonderful castle togetherThe illustrations are really wonderful

  5. Molly Cluff (Library!) Molly Cluff (Library!) says:

    I thought I'd like this book best for it's imagination theme but I ended up liking it best for the sibling relationship Warm fuzzies The little sister finds swords for her and her brothers to play with When they ignore her and play with each other she finds her own ways to be creative and ends up building a fort that joins them all together I love books that make me want to go play outside Awesome

  6. KDV KDV says:

    An excellent book about a girl making her own fun after her older brothers ignore her hits very close to home Ruby is imaginative tough and independent and completely adorable Beautiful illustrations of the natural world and a happy ending for all Yes

  7. Nancy Nancy says:

    Ruby’s brothers consider her a pest and always leave her behind One day Ruby finds three “swords” long sticks hidden in the grass gives two of them to her brothers so they will “swashbuckle” with her and after they run off without her uses her imagination to fight a dragon have a royal feast and save loyal subjects all on her own When she begins building a castle with sticks and a sheet her brothers return with “honorable offerings” twigs rocks dandelions their swords and together they build a magnificent castle perfect for three noble knights Argentinian illustrator Paola Zakimi’s illustrations rendered in watercolor pencils and digitally capture the challenges and sweetness of sibling relationships in author Jacueline Véissid’s first book

  8. Nate Nate says:

    Because you always want to encourage imaginative sword play Book includes all sorts of play activities including fort building

  9. Mary Mary says:

    Loved this picture book The story is really cute and I loved the illustrations

  10. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    A perfect book for any younger sibling who has felt left out Very cute illustrations and a sweet imaginative story

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Rubys Sword ☁ [PDF / Epub] ☀ Rubys Sword By Jacqueline Veissid ✎ – Chronicle Books has bought Rosie's Sword by Jacueline Veissid to be illustrated by Paola Zakimi in which a girl always feeling left out of her older brothers' play uses a stick and a big imagination t Chronicle books has bought Rosie's Sword by Jacueline Veissid to be illustrated by Paola Zakimi in which a girl always feeling left out of her older brothers' play uses a stick and a big imagination to transform the world around her Publication is slated for spring .

  • Hardcover
  • Rubys Sword
  • Jacqueline Veissid
  • 14 March 2014