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Together We Grow ❰Reading❯ ➾ Together We Grow Author Susan Vaught – From award winning novelist Susan Vaught comes a poignant picture book that celebrates inclusivity acceptance and the importance of rebuilding a community in the wake of disaster Lightning gash Windy From award winning novelist Susan Vaught comes a poignant picture book that celebrates inclusivity acceptance and the importance of rebuilding a community in the wake of disaster Lightning gash Windy lash A storm drives all Together We Kindle - the farm animals indoors except for a lonely fox family The barn isn’t their home But where will they go for safety This stunning picture books explores themes of acceptance and belonging Large or small Short and tall There is room There is room There is room For us all.

  • Hardcover
  • 40 pages
  • Together We Grow
  • Susan Vaught
  • 14 July 2015

About the Author: Susan Vaught

sign Librafavorite book Harry Potter all of them and His Dark Materialsall of those toofavorite songI Will Follow You Into The Dark by Death Cab for Cutiecurrent pet total if you don't count the chickens Together We Kindle - peafowlturkeys ducks geese pigeons or guineasnames of my schoolsVanderbilt University MS PhDUniversity of Mississippi Ole Miss BAGermantown High School Germantown TN th thGermantown Middle School Germantown TN thCan't Remember but the mascot was a purple dragon Sandy SpringsAtlanta Georgia thGreen Street Elementary Tupelo MS th Frances Patterson was a very cool teacher there I write because of herPierce Street Elementary Tupelo MS rd thCan't Remember but it was big Corinth MS ndOxford Elementary Oxford MS K stUniversity of Mississippi Day Care Playschool.

10 thoughts on “Together We Grow

  1. Sandy Sandy says:

    The illustrations in this book are fantastic I like how the animals are realistically draw and their facial expressions are fun What wonderful messages this book expressesThere is a large barn where a variety of animals are safely tucked away during a rain storm Snuggled inside all the animals feel safe and secure As the lightening scatters overhead and the rain pours down a family of foxes is left outside Discovering a light in the barn the adult fox glances into the broken barn window as the barn animals stare up at her their eyes wide A fox Some of the animals feel threaten by this predator and the message they send is not friendly As the fox moves away from the window and returns to the family the barn door is opened Why? Good uestion Who exactly opened the door that is another great feature that I liked about this book A beautiful illustration awaits me as I turned the next page The other animals watch from afar as the brave animal approaches the fox There is a line that separates them a line that can be crossed if they are brave enough and ready to cross I really enjoyed the illustrations in this book It’s a beautiful book There were some strong messages in this book which could be applied to many situations in our own daily lives The text and language that the author uses was dynamic Short simple sentences composed of familiar words mixed with some challenging words dapple prevails gash asunder I’m going to have to pick up a copy of this one I think my grandchildren will enjoy it

  2. Tasha Tasha says:

    When a storm blows in the farm animals and wildlife take shelter together in the barn There are pigs goats horses cows sheep geese cats dogs chickens raccoons turtles turkeys suirrels mice and But outside in the storm a fox family is caught in the rain after their home is flooded The adult fox heads to the barn carefully looking inside She is sent away the other animals saying that the barn is too full to take her in But then one little yellow duckling steps out into the darkness and a connection is made Soon all of the animals are inside drying off together Other wild animals come later and room is found room for allVaught writes here in simple paired rhyming lines that carry the story forward She is incorporates interesting words into her poetry such as “asunder” and “dapple” They will have children stretching and building vocabulary in the most organic and natural of waysThe illustrations are truly the star of this beautiful book Filled with a compelling mix of two page spreads one page images and sometimes groupings of vignettes the illustrations are detailed and just right to pore over Murphy’s art gives each of the animals their own personality showing clearly how attitudes change from the beginning to the end of the book The final pages offer a wordless look at the farm after the storm with everyone happily mingling togetherA look at prejudice and inclusion in a way that all children will understand Appropriate for ages 2 4

  3. Beverly Beverly says:

    Read for the Mock Caldecott Awards Beautiful illustrations and a great messagethat when we all pull together we can make things better for everyone I just didn't care for the way the message was written To me the pictures themselves told the story better than the written description

  4. Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance says:

    A storm has come All the farm animals are safe and dry in the barn A fox family is in the rain but one of the foxes approaches the farm animals Go away We're full today Then a little duck connects with the foxes and talks the other animals into accepting the foxes In they come and they are accepted into the community There is room there is room there is roomfor us all And we as readers are left with a satisfying feeling of love and acceptanceBeautiful picturesBut I can't help thinking should you really let a fox in with the chickens?

  5. Lisa D Lisa D says:

    Cute book

  6. Zan Porter Zan Porter says:

    A storm drives all the farm animals indoors except for a lonely fox family The barn isn’t their home But where will they go for safety?This stunning picture books explores themes of acceptance and belongingLarge or smallShort and tallThere is roomThere is roomThere is roomFor us all less

  7. Chris Chris says:

    As storm clouds roll overhead and the wind picks up the animals in “Together We Grow” hurry to take refuge in the barn As they enter the welcoming structure a bedraggled fox stands off to the side surrounded by puddles a foreshadowing of what’s to come The fox needs to take cover too as lightening streaks the sky his “home asunder”With hesitation the fox climbs a woodpile to peak into the barn window a glow radiating from inside where a menagerie of animals have gathered frightened hungry and in need of care Noticing the fox they cry “Go away We’re full today”Despondent the fox retreats into the night where he joins his mate and kits but not before turning back to gaze at the barn one last time There he sees a young duck in the open door A page turn shows the fox and duck natural enemies peacefully standing close bill to nose as the kits look on copper eyes shiningThough the duck’s uite small he proves to be a compassionate peacemaker in this heartwarming story providing a bridge of goodwill that settles the fox family’s dilemma Illustrations by Kelly Murphy are wondrous — the farm scenes like paintings of American masters the animals’ emotions as they move from shock to acceptance easily recognizable The broad array of the animals included in this book will appeal to little ones who will be eager to point and name each one

  8. Christine Turner Christine Turner says:

    We all need a bit of help from our friends Subject Thunderstorms Juvenile fictionDomestic animals Juvenile fictionAnimals Juvenile fictionCommunity life Juvenile fictionFear Juvenile fiction

  9. Becca Becca says:

    Lovely illustrations for this book of hope

  10. Amy Amy says:

    A truly beautiful book about inclusivity and the incredible need we have for each other Beautiful illustrations

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