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Pirate Jack Gets Dressed [Reading] ➿ Pirate Jack Gets Dressed Author Nancy Raines Day – Thomashillier.co.uk Ahoy matey Join jaunty pirate Captain Jack as he uses every color of the rainbow to pick out his outfit in this bright and bold read aloudIt’s the crack o’ dawn and dapper Pirate Jack is ready t Ahoy matey Join jaunty pirate Captain Jack as he uses every color of the rainbow to pick out his outfit in this bright and bold read aloudIt’s the crack o’ dawn and dapper Pirate Jack is ready t’ get dressed for a day out on the high seas with his motley crew He’ll need every color of the rainbow to make his outfit complete—from his itchy gray long johns and his toasty pink socks to his bright red sash and his cozy purple coat And he won’t be forgettin’ his black eye patch and Pirate Jack ePUB ½ trusty brown peg leg eitherBut just as he’s about to step outside he realizes he’s still missing one color green Thank goodness a certain feathered friend is ready to jump from her swing and onto his shoulder to complete his colorful look Suawk.

10 thoughts on “Pirate Jack Gets Dressed

  1. Abby Johnson Abby Johnson says:

    2020 Firefly Award Nominee Read this one with a pirate voice and you'll get all the votes In rhyming piratical verse Pirate Jack gets dressed putting on one item of every color including gold silver and pink Perfect for pirate storytime getting dressed or colors I also love the cute little details in the illustrations like the little mouse with an eye patch which appears on every page for little eyes to find

  2. KC KC says:

    A delightful story about Pirate Jack and choosing the most colorful wardrobe

  3. Emily Emily says:

    Bright bold colors everywhere in this piratey color book I love how the pirate wears all the colors including pink and purple though I wish his pink socks showed in his final outfit and that there are lots of fun patterns that may be pointed out to older kids or on rereadings The rhyming text isn't bad but is nothing exceptional either

  4. Stefanie Stefanie says:

    Who knew pirates and colors would make for such an adorable picture book? Bonus points for being a great storytime pick

  5. Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book* Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book* says:

    Pirate Jack Gets Dressed by Nancy Raines Day illustrated by Allison Black PICTURE BOOK Beach Lane Books Simon Schuster 2018 18 9781481476645BUYING ADVISORY Pre K EL K 3 ADVISABLEAUDIENCE APPEAL HIGHJack the pirate takes us through his process of getting dressed each morning His outfit has a lot of layers and each layer has a distinct color Gray longjohns black eye patch gold earring silver hook yellow britches and so forth ending with a green parrot The illustration are bright and crisp with lots of energy This is a fun book to read aloud because of the pirate phrasing of “me” instead of “I” I am completely charmed by the illustrations they are cute without being “cutesy” The concept is clearly for younger readers who are learning their colors but might engage a few readers beyond that stage Jen Wecker HS English Teacherhttpskissthebookjrblogspotcom20

  6. Jane Jane says:

    Pirate Jack gets up in the morning and gets dressed one clothing item at a time Each item of clothing is a different color Pirate Jack Gets Dressed is a cute picture book to reinforce color names Nancy Day has written the text in rhyming format which makes the book appealing to young children Allison Black used Adobe Photoshop to create her brightly colored illustrations There are details included in the illustrations than in the text which also contributes to the appropriateness of the book for younger childrenIf I had had this title when we were working on our Mock Caldecott unit I probably would have included this in the list of titles for the students to choose from It meets many of the Caldecott criteria maybe all of themI want to thank Curiosity City and Beach Lane Books for the copy of Pirate Jack Gets Dressed I won the book in one of their giveaways

  7. Meredith Meredith says:

    Pirate Jack gets dressed illustrating the primary and secondary colors as well as some neutrals and metallicsThe colors are vibrant and bright and I liked how a swatch of the color named highlights the word for that color The text is simple and peppered with pirate speak As parent I would have preferred it if author hadn't used me for my because my preschooler likes to mimic the incorrect English Unlike using poor grammar picking up words like avast gangway and landlubbers merely get annoying after awhile Personally I found it strange that Pirate Jack didn't change out of his itchy gray long johns and instead layered on clothing despite being in a tropical climate Won't he be swelteringly hot?While there are dozens of superior concept books to teach young readers colors this would be a good book to read with any child who loves pirates as it features a pirate acting like a stereotypical pirate while reinforcing a basic concept

  8. Anthony Anthony says:

    Pirate Jack wakes up and starts to get dressed for the day His clothing is as colorful as a rainbow and as he gets dressed he speaks in rhyme as he selects his attire before joining his motley crew on the deck of his ship

  9. Monique Monique says:

    I really want to hang out with Pirate Jack as he seems to know how to have fun He never dresses in all black like some pirates and he has a terrific attitude Kids and adults alike will love this rollicking rhyming tale of a pirate on the seas

  10. Joelle Joelle says:

    I LOVE this book and I especially love Pirate Jack who is one eccentrically dressed pirate It flows from page to page using rhymes to introduce colors to kids Pirate jack gets dressed is a great addition to any story time or home library

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