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  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • The Mediated Mind
  • Susan Zieger
  • 05 November 2016
  • 9780823279821

6 thoughts on “The Mediated Mind

  1. David Wineberg David Wineberg says:

    It’s hard to tell from the title but The Mediated Mind looks at print in the 1800s as we look at the internet now – as a disruptor In Susan Zieger’s view mediated means affected by external media and therefore tainted or at least transforming in some ways It’s an interesting angle but not particularly well executedZieger divides her book into chapters that wrap around a print vehicle One focuses on ink and what writers had to say about it And Rorschach tests Another dwells on Sherlock Holmes and his vices of smoking cocaine and reading And how he made them all acceptable if not fashionable There’s Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray and a discourse on cigarette cards which were used to stiffen the package but ended up being printed up with all kinds of trivia Temperance tracts is a long examination of the movement and some of its star performers There’s the novel Peter Ibbetson which is apparently responsible for the idea that one’s whole life flashes just before death and therefore that all memories are stored in complete accuracy It is mass printings that enable such things is the point I guess For Dorian Gray Zieger says “It answers a century long cultural uestion ”How does one find oneself within mass mediated modernity?”There are a few interesting anecdotes along the way such as how the fairly absurd word teetotal came to be In 1833 a reformed alcoholic with a stutter stood up at an anti drink rally to claim “Nothing but t t total abstinence will do” It spread and became the world’s first meme reprinted everywhere And the first instance of a meme becoming a recognized word in the dictionary But for the most part The Mediated Mind is bone dry and doesn’t provide a great deal of insight anyone can useDavid Wineberg

  2. Annie Annie says:

    Originally published on my blog Nonstop Reader The Mediated Mind is an academic treatise on the interrelationships between media and society and how it affects and drives consumerism The book specifically deals with the impact of printed media and ephemera cheap printed media such as magazines cigarette cards etc from the 19th century onward and postulates a direct link between the early mass print market and todayTwo details going into the review My grandfather was a Polish Jew who came to the USA without prior working knowledge of English He learnt English by reading comic books and inculcated the same love of comic books in my father I am thus a third generation comic book and general ephemera nerd I am also a keen fan of sociology and the impact of media I am especially interested in how control and spin in the media relates to resistance or passivity in our societyI remember asking my grandfather over and over and over how the holocaust could possibly have happened His answer was that nobody knew what was going on and that demanding to know was very dangerous The control of information was critical to controlling the population Anyhow the point is that this book examines the direct line between printed media and society and extrapolates to our current day daily media overload and how it affects our own collective psycheThis book was emphatically not an easy read The author's expository prose is very academic and the text is written formally with exhaustive citations and cross references The author follows a fairly rigid formula In the introduction tell the reader what you're going to tell them use the body of the exposition to tell them in detail and in the conclusion tell them what you told themThe introduction takes up roughly 10% of the page content and discusses what is covered in the book The body of the book 80% deals with temperance ephemera and tracts tobacco and cigarette cards and the driving of 'addiction' to collecting and acuisition our subconscious Rorschach blots among other things along with mass cultureThe final chapter draws interesting comparisons between the 19th century everyman and our modern western everyman; still largely ignorant crass willfully uneducated politically repugnant andor naiveThe conclusion is followed by a whopper of a footnotereference section with citationsI've mentioned a couple of times that this book is a very dry academic read I read every word and I'm still not 100% convinced it's not an elaborate joke on the pretentiousness of academia I found it worthwhile but I would definitely recommend it only readers who are especially interestedFive stars but only for readers who are especially invested in the material Extra points for being an original treatise on a subject which doesn't have a lot of academic representationStats 256 pages e Textbook Hardback softboundAuthor Susan Zieger PhDPublisher Fordham University PressAvailable 5th June 2018Disclosure I received an ARC at no cost from the authorpublisher for review purposes

  3. Kristine Kristine says:

    The Mediated Mind by Susan Zieger is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in late AprilI had come in thinking that this book was about alternatives to incarceration but no it's about the consumption and production of media and advertisements like books collectible cigarette cards sobriety medals and Rorschach ink blots at a heightened rate during the 19th century It's fairly interesting and even fun but it's also extensively and exhaustible sourced  I learned about the hypocrisy of collecting sobriety items if temperance and public oration is a reward within itself; the musing pondersome solitary activity of smoking;  and cigarette cards being designed with literary authors and caricatures thereby linking on an existing cultural addiction of reading

  4. Annarella Annarella says:

    An interesting subject for a well written books full of interesting facts and information It is a very good book if you don't know a lot about the subjectEntertaing and informationalMany thanks to Netgalley and Fordham University Press

  5. Sandra Sandra says:

    The Mediate Mind was not really my type of book Although I enjoyed the subjects covered I found that the way the facts were told was boring like an encyclopedia when just read straight through I would have liked the book to be less academic and lifestyle in writingI couldn't give this book than two stars as it didn't hold my attention and I had a hard time wanting to finish it although i did

  6. Mills College Library Mills College Library says:

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The Mediated Mind❮Epub❯ ➜ The Mediated Mind Author Susan Zieger – How did we arrive at our contemporary consumer media economy Why are we now fixated on screens imbibing information that constantly expires and longing for direct or authentic kinds of experience The How did we arrive at our contemporary consumer media economy Why are we now fixated on screens imbibing information that constantly expires and longing for direct or authentic kinds of experience The The Mediated Kindle - Mediated Mind answers these uestions by revisiting a previous media revolution the nineteenth century explosion of mass print Like our own smartphone screens printed paper and imprinted objects touched the most intimate regions of nineteenth century life The rise of this printed ephemera and its new information economy generated modern consumer experiences such as voracious collecting and curating fantasies of disembodied mental travel and information addiction Susan Zieger demonstrates how the nineteenth century established affective psychological social and cultural habits of media consumption that we still experience even as pixels supersede paper Revealing the history of our own moment The Mediated Mind challenges the commonplace assumption that our own new media lack a past or that our own experiences are unprecedented.