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Honey Moon Scary Little Christmas (Honey Moon, #2) ❮Epub❯ ➥ Honey Moon Scary Little Christmas (Honey Moon, #2) ➤ Author Sofi Benitez – Thomashillier.co.uk Honey Moon has had it with the scary stuff at least for Christmas She wants Sleepy Hollow to celebrate her favorite holiday like normal people Honey and her friends Becky Claire and Isabela have one c Honey Moon has had it with the scary Scary Little PDF ☆ stuff at least for Christmas She wants Sleepy Hollow to celebrate her favorite holiday like normal people Honey and her friends Becky Claire and Isabela have one chance to take the holiday back but it means solving a decade old mystery and ringing some bells YIKES.

  • Hardcover
  • 180 pages
  • Honey Moon Scary Little Christmas (Honey Moon, #2)
  • Sofi Benitez
  • English
  • 15 November 2016
  • 9781943785698

About the Author: Sofi Benitez

Sofi Benitez loves telling stories of living in Scary Little PDF ☆ bravery and enjoyinga joyful life Believing everyone has an important story to tell Sofi’smotto BE BRAVE has become an empowering saying for Honey Moonand her friends Her favorite things are playing with her dog Romeosinging and helping friends and strangers in need The rest of her timeSofi spends creating enchanting adventures for young gi.

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  1. [Shai] Bibliophage [Shai] Bibliophage says:

    The latest book in the Honey Moon Series is about how Honey Moon wants to celebrate normal Christmas in their town of Sleep Hollow a place where it is Halloween all year round even on Christmas Honey Moon's school is planning to have a Nativity re enactment on Christmas Eve but Mayor Kligore had put up a Haunted Holiday Festival where Halloween theme Christmas is to be celebrated Because of this the school play is on verge of cancellation and Honey Moon wants to prevent it from happeningHoney Moon's mother told her that there was a time on their town before it was converted to its current setting by the Mayor the church town had the tradition to rung its 12 golden bells on Christmas eve This gave Honey Moon an idea to make their Christmas normal in Sleepy Hollow Along the way Honey Moon and her friends discovered a lot while they were digging evidences and trying to persuade the reverend to bring back the ringing of the church bells The Enchanted World Of Honey Moon A Scary Little Christmas is a short yet meaningful story that will teach and reminds everyone that Christmas is on the hearts of those who believe in it; not on the tangible things that we can see and touch Thanks to Rabbit Publishers and Netgalley for the reading copy provided

  2. Schizanthus Nerd Schizanthus Nerd says:

    Honey Moon just wants to be able to celebrate Christmas like they do in normal towns but nothing seems to be going right this Christmas First Honey is cast as a shepherd in the annual Christmas pageant when she’s certain she would be perfectly cast in the role of Mary Then she discovers that the pageant is in jeopardy this year because evil mayor Kligore is organising a Haunted Holiday Festival instead Honey also stumbles upon a town mystery and is determined to solve it with the help of her friendsThroughout the story Honey reminds us to stand up for what we believe in even when it seems like we’re alone in our convictions Honey is uite bossy with her friends in this book with her assertion that she is the leader and it was nice to see her flaws along with her good intentions She also reintroduced me to the word numbskull so I should be thanking her for that I haven’t heard that word used in years and am now determined to find a way to use it in everyday conversationThe illustrations were so much fun and a great blend of Halloween and Christmas I particularly loved that the scenes depicted at the beginning of each chapter were inside snow globes My favourite snow globe scene was the snowman in a black cape with fangs If I ever see snow I’m sure this will be the inspiration for my first snowmanOne of my pet peeves showed up freuently in this book The detail in the illustrations didn’t always correspond to the description in the text This happens a lot in children’s books and I’m not sure whose role attention to detail is but it really frustrates me Each instance is only minor but if the text specifically describes how something looks then I expect that something in the illustration to match its description Some of the examples in this book include Mrs Keys is wearing heavy boots In the illustration she’s not wearing boots Miss Fortissimo was wearing a necklace that was so long it reached past her belly button I didn’t see a necklace in the illustration Honey and her friends have fries and milkshakes In the illustration there are milkshakes but no fries Honey is sitting on a bench with her little brother Her little brother is not in the illustration The spots on a turtle shell are all different colours In the illustration the turtle is only green On the front cover the turtle is green with white segments on its shellWhile overall I enjoyed reading Dog Daze than this book although I am uite partial to the first book in a series I was still entertained and it made me laugh I liked the story and the development of the mystery and I love Honey’s determination and courage I’m definitely interested in reading Honey Moon booksI received a copy of this book from NetGalley thank you so much to NetGalley Rabbit Publishers and Diamond Book Distributors for the opportunity in exchange for honest feedback

  3. Wendi Lee Wendi Lee says:

    35 starsThis book continues the adventures of Honey Moon a ten year old girl who lives in an unusual town Sleepy Hollow MA is not the Sleepy Hollow of Irving Washington's famous short story That doesn't stop the new mayor from hosting non stop Halloween events through the year That's right even through Christmas Honey Moon's school's traditional Christmas pageant is cancelled because a Christmas Haunted House is scheduled at exactly the same time Honey Moon wants to bring Christmas back to her town but it's hard to compete against the gruesome and creepy For the most part I enjoyed this book Honey Moon is a smart girl who isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in I was also interested in the shadowy mayor and his henchmen but we only get to see glimpses of him in this installment Thanks to Diamond Book Distributors and Netgalley for an ARC

  4. Reading Reindeer Cobwebbed Reading Reindeer Cobwebbed says:

    Review THE ENCHANTED WORLD OF HONEY MOON A SCARY LITTLE CHRISTMAS by Sofi BenitezChristmas is supposed to be joyful and loving not scary and horrendous It's not supposed to be another version of Halloweenunless you live in Sleepy Hollow Massachusetts a small community which is NOT the site of the Headless Horseman but is run by a mayor who is both evil and greedy Honey Moon is a force for good ten years old and a warrior on the side of the angels Older brother Harry is a magician with actual magic When the Mayor tries to make Christmas Eve another Halloween Honey and the town librarian decide to bring the real joy of the seasonThe Honey Moon series created by Mark Andrew Poe is a delightful engaging and thought provoking set aimed at middle graders but which can be enjoyed by any age even adults Do the right thing and Be where you're needed are Honey' s mottos but we could all adopt them

  5. Jill Jemmett Jill Jemmett says:

    Honey’s hometown is called Sleepy Hollow It isn’t the famous Sleepy Hollow though the mayor likes to pretend it is This means that instead of Christmas he planned a Halloween festival for the townThis story reminded me of A Nightmare Before Christmas The town only celebrates Halloween like the town in that movie Honey wants to celebrate Christmas just like Jack did in the movieHoney was a brave and smart character She’s so smart that she volunteers to help an eighth grader with his essay Honey is in fifth grade She also took it upon herself to search for the town’s church bells so she could ring them on Christmas Eve That was brave of her since everyone else in the town wanted to celebrate HalloweenThis is a great Christmas story for middle grade readers It teaches you to stand up for what you believe in even when everyone else wants something differentI received a copy of this book on NetGalley

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