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Sexo Entre Mujeres ➿ Sexo Entre Mujeres Free ➶ Author Allison Moon – Sexo entre Mujeres es un libro de educación sexual como ningún otro Ofrece información útil para las mujeres y les amantes de mujeres de todos los géneros e identidades sexuales Contiene ilustrac Sexo Entre Mujeres es un libro de educación sexual como ningún otro Ofrece información útil para las mujeres y les amantes de mujeres de todos los géneros e identidades sexuales Contiene ilustraciones divertidas e informativas en cada página refleja más de voces y además contiene historias eróticas ue te explican cómo funciona lo apprendido Aprende cómo navegar todos los aspectos de la sexualidad de la mujer de la mano de los consejos de educadores sexuales Sexo Entre PDF/EPUB ² como Nina Hartley Sex Nerd Sandra Jiz Lee Ignacio Rivera Julia Serano Reid Mihalko Kelly Shibari y mas Sexo Entre Mujeres te enseñará Todas las piezas de la anatomía femenina Formas simples de comunicarte en los momentos de pasión Como crear un mapa del placer erótico de tu pareja Trucos de cunnilingus del uso de arneses con dildo sexo con la mano y mucho más Posiciones sexuales para evitar el cansancio y generar la potencia ue necesitas para darle todo el placer del mundo a tu pareja Ganarás confianza en ti misme para darle placer a tu chica sin importar tu experiencia práctica ¡Abróchate el cinturón y prepárate a dar un paseo.

  • Kindle Edition
  • Sexo Entre Mujeres
  • Allison Moon
  • Spanish
  • 24 September 2016

10 thoughts on “Sexo Entre Mujeres

  1. Tobi Tobi says:

    Let me tell you a bit about this book To begin when I was first asked to write a little bit for it about ueer sexuality and trans women I thought it’d probably be yet another instance of something written just with cis women in mind and one little section mentioning trans women I was happy to be told that information for trans women would be included in every chapter of the book freeing my writing to be than just the basics Even so when I got my hands on the final copy I was amazed at just how much it exceeded my expectationsThe colorful playful illustrations throughout the book just casually include trans women alongside everyone else In one of the narrative sections describing sex between an older dyke couple there’s a simple mention about how sex is different for one of them because she has a prostate In the section on hormones birth control and transition are discussed in the same paragraph In the section about post surgery bodies hysterectomy menopause and vaginoplasty are discussed side by side The anatomy chapter uses “phallus” instead of “penis” and the explanation of why includes “Remember a clit is basically a small penis A penis is basically a big clit And both of them are phalluses” In the chapters on hand sex and on cunnilingus there’s a ton of techniues and several pages of discussion about how those techniues may work differently for trans women who haven’t had vaginoplasty with illustrationsThe care put into integrating information for trans women alongside everything else is just one example of all the things this book got right It also does a great job talking about disability flirting consent healthy relationships polyamory and monogamy and A lot of guides can feel a bit academic or bland in part because they are never written for me It’s like they are letters written to straight andor cis folks that I have intercepted and I have to interpret the information and figure out what applies to my life and my body This was the first time I read a guide and felt it was speaking directly to me The fun and friendly tone throughout the book is incredibly inviting alongside cute stories small comics strong encouragement clear guidance for dealing with difficult situations and a ton of puns and silly humor I’ve been teaching sex ed for than 15 years and there was still a plenty here new to me I found myself laughing getting playful and kinda turned on

  2. Amanda Amanda says:

    This book felt like what would happen if Your Body and You from the American Girl publishers and Erika Moen of the Oh Joy Sex Toy comic decided to write a book together Topics range from how to pick up on signals of interest and flirt without being a creeper to dealing with relationship drama from both inside and outside of the relationship to options for a whole slew of sex acts It scales well and regardless of one's sexual interest or gender identity there is something interesting to be learnedThere is also a series of narrative interludes that pop up between each of the chapters following friendsexes Jamie and Layla and their sexual encounters as they travel across country The effort to connect the story to the educational chapters is a nice attempt but one that felt a little forced However this book would still be a particularly useful read if you are a woman or someone interested in being involved with a woman at some point

  3. Alexandra Calaway Alexandra Calaway says:

    So amazingly inclusive for Trans Women no matter what their anatomy is I realize this is a book for ladies looking to love other ladies but a huge part of the book is devoted to self love too which includes masturbation but is certainly not limited to it I'd recommend this book to anyone who has a vulva or anyone who wants to spend some uality time with someone else's vulva Straight guys included Definitely a fantastic sex ed book that is so much than sex ed

  4. Nicole Nicole says:

    THIS BOOK You will wish you had this book when you were younger You will wish your lover had this book when they were younger You will want to fall to your knees and praise the collective wisdom of our ueer sex positive elders contained in this book Just read this book if you have sex with women please

  5. Emmy Emmy says:

    The ideal sex Ed book Aimed at lesbians but perfect for anyone with a vulva and anyone who is a womanfemme Interesting informative extremely useful easy to read

  6. Cecilia Cecilia says:

    I highly recommend reading this book Even if the only girl you’re having sex with is yourself The first three chapters communication consent anatomy alone are super important for anyone of any identity even for non sexual romantic relationships This book is full of information presented in an easy to read and relatable way There’s even an erotic short story woven throughout I learned a lot not just about how to have sex with women cis trans nb gnc intersex but also what I might like for myself partnered or not and how to communicate these needs and desires to a partner of any gender It even helps take a bit of the nervous and awkward out by reading that loads of people experience the same or also don’t know much of this stuff starting out either And it’s kind of funny Any woman or any person who has or wants to have sex with women should read this book

  7. Ietrio Ietrio says:

    Wow Finally the antidote to the now so present speed dating seduction whatever It takes a human approach I think More Than Two A Practical Guide to Ethical Polyamory has much information about relationships even if it involves just two humans but this is fun both in rythm and presentation

  8. Queen Queen says:

    This was a great book It was very inclusive and very detailed I even learned a few tricks I liked the additions of stories in between chapters and the illustrations I particularly liked the comments coming from a wide range of people It certainly makes you think that you're normal whatever your normal is Good job

  9. Nina (Death, Books, and Tea) Nina (Death, Books, and Tea) says:

    Wide ranging comprehensive basics Loved the illustrations and the colour scheme Also enjoyed the stories and the many perspectives both from the 16 named contributors plus anonymous commenters

  10. Riley Riley says:

    So inclusive So rad This one deserves a permanent spot on your shelf

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