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  1. Angela M Angela M says:

    Alice McDermott is one of my very favorite writers I found in her new novel the same subtle uiet storytelling with simple prose descriptions that defy you to stay in your present place and send you to this place this Catholic Irish American Brooklyn in the early twentieth century She invites you through her ordinary characters living their everyday lives in spite of their flaws to see the extraordinary things of our humanity This is a story of a family beginning with life before Sally is born to Anne and narrated by Sally's children It begins with the fate of Sally's father as he commits suicide and the nuns enter their lives In a time when the nuns cared for the poor and the sick and the orphans and then taking under their wings a widow and her infant daughter even before she is born They will impact Anne and Sally throughout their lives So this is a story as much about these nuns as it is about this family The Little Nursing Sisters of the Sick Poor Sister St Saviour Sister Illuminata Sister Jeanne Sister Lucy I couldn't help but love these nuns I was raised Catholic and attended Catholic school so found a real affinity to them There was something about being near to them that made you want to be like them so it was understandable to me why Sally as a young woman thinks she wants to join the convent Is this about the Catholic Church? Sure in some ways Is it about people's relationship with God? Sure in some ways But it's also about life so of course there is death It's about family not just mothers and fathers and children but about how those who care for each other are family and so it is about love I enjoyed this as much as I have several of McDermott's novels because she has such command of the language and it through the simplicity of her prose that she gives us these beautiful stories Highly recommended to any McDermott fan and to anyone else who hasn't read her work she's an amazing talent

  2. Annet Annet says:

    But it was at this hour when the sun was a humming gold at the horizon or a pale peach or even just as now a gray pearl that she felt the breath of God warm on her neck It was at this hour that the whole city smelled to her like the inside of a cathedral damp stone and cold water and candle wax and the sound of her steps on the sidewalk and over the five cross streets made her think of a priest approaching the alter in shined shoes Or of a bridegroom perhaps out of one of the romances she had read as a girl all love and anticipationImpressiveRather dark and rather hopeful And oh those Sisters need to read of this author On a gloomy February afternoon in Brooklyn Jim sends his wife Annie out to do the shopping before dark falls He seals their meagre apartment unhooks the gas tube inside the oven and inhalesSister St Saviour a Little Nursing Sister of the Sick Poor catches the scent of fire foused with water and hurries to the scene a gathered crowd firemen and a distraught young widow Moved by the girl's plight and her unborn child the nun finds Annie work in the convent's laundry where in turn her daughter Sally will grow up Not a happy storyrather grim actually but beautifully told Beautiful insights too into the lives and thoughts of a number of nuns in the convent who guide and guard Annie and Sally About McDermott's prose Her endearing details and graceful sentences value the ordinary confusions of day to day lives Times Literary Supplement

  3. Diane S ☔ Diane S ☔ says:

    I absolutely adore this author and have been waiting for a few years for this her next offering Her novels aren't suspense filled no thrill a minute no car chases or knife wielding psychopaths just slices of life in all it's messy permutations Early twentieth century Brooklyn a neighborhood of Irish Catholics during a time period when most medical care was performed by nuns in this case the Little Nursing Sisters of the sick poor the only recourse for those who cannot afford a physician A young man commits suicide leaving a young pregnant wife enter Sister St Savior who will be this woman's guardian angel Providing her with a job in the convention laundry as well as finding her needed baby things and even a new friend with children of her own Sally is born and is raised with the help of the good sisters in the convent laundry We come to know some of these sisters travel with them as they visit the elderly and the ill in their homes The sisters very much present in the lives of these families We watch as a young woman struggles with a decision regarding her vocation and her mother tries to find a new path to happiness one in which the sisters very much disapprove In a uniue twist we also hear from voices from the future about forthcoming events second and third generations A wonderfully told story about a time long past about love and morals and the many places and times these same crcumstances repeat McDermott's novels are so realistic her writing simple but heartfelt her characters flawed but for the most part good intentioned People just doing the best they can in the lives they find themselves and in the paths they have chosen whether this is married life or a life dedicated to the church Struggling with many of the same things we struggle with todayIf you enjoy Call of the Midwives I think you will enjoy thisARC from Netgalley

  4. Linda Linda says:

    Fairness demanded that grief should find succor that wounds should heal insult and confusion find recompense and certainty that every living person God had made should not willy nilly be forever unmadeAnd when the suffocating weight of despair visits upon the souls of the hopeless choices will fit into the maze of forever Jim sends his young wife Annie out the door of their delapitated Brooklyn tenement in order to do the weekly shopping The turn of that knob clicks off something within him Like the closing of this door Jim chooses to shutter any ray of light remaining in his self perceived worthless life He turns the switch slowly on the gas stove and snuffs out the future in a single gesture The lives of Annie and his unborn child will be chiseled with anguish and desperationBut when sorrow visits the doorsteps of these tenements it ushers in the Little Nursing Sisters of the Sick Poor The bend and the turn of the 20th Century reveals the fate of the recent immigrants and the destitute who live on the streets of Brooklyn We will come to know Alice McDermott's chosen characters who reveal a stamina and a resilience reflecting life choices that will leave a darkening stain upon themselves and those who follow in the future She saw how the skim of filth which was despair which was hopelessness fell like soot on the lives of the poorAnnie is offered an opportunity to work in the convent's basement laundry The labor is hard but Annie has her little daughter Sally in a basket by her side and is able to stay in her apartment We will focus on these two characters who were handed the roughest end of the stick It will be Sally's future that will turn the wheels on this brilliant novelAlice McDermott crafts this novel with words hitting bone upon bone Lives are complicated Period Nothing fits perfectly into boxes labeled good and bad And does fate seal the deal? McDermott hones her characters with the uneven curves of simple humanity She has been given a fine talent for allowing the readers to feel to the core every profound action within these pages This will be a novel that you won't be forgetting any time soon A Brooklyn Guarantee

  5. Jen Jen says:

    I went into this blind having only skimmed over some reviews but trusting my GR friend's high ratingsSo little did I know that as dark as this starts off and moments during McDermott's prose rubs off like a balm for both the spirit and the soulIt starts with a suicide in the early 20th century The darkness just before death and that which immediately follows Nuns are brought in to help those grieving; those dyingThis is mostly Sally's story the path her life took after her father committed suicide leaving her mother pregnant with herHow the nuns stepped in and provided her with a job to help sustain both Sally's early years in the convent while her mother worked; The relationships that developed and the decision to take the habit become a nurse and take on a calling to help others in their time of need However things take a turn early on in her journey and things she thought clear became muddled But the nuns never waivered or when they did they did so with the best intentions Loved the way McDermott tells a story what starts in one direction turns you around on your head in a completely different one I didn't know until the very end how much I took to the one nun JeannieDid I love this? Close but no cigar It took me uite a few pages to get into and I wasn't sure of the nun angle growing up in the catholic school system nuns were already a dying vocation The closest I got to them sadly but with much joy were The Trouble with Angels and its seuel I love me a Hayley Mills film Overall it was worthy read and I will definitely check out her other works 4⭐️

  6. Dem Dem says:

    The Ninth Hour a story by Alice McDermott is well written vivid and an interesting insight into 20th Century Irish Catholic Brooklyn and while I found the book well written prose wise I did find the novel uite disjointed and at times difficult to follow The Story starts out uite strong with Jim a young Irish immigrant recently fired from his job as a subway motorman takes his own life in the Brooklyn apartment he rents with his pregnant wife Annie Sister St Saviour from the Little Nursing Sisters of the Sick appears on the scene and takes the young widow under her wingThe life of the Little Nursing Sisters was to go out in the very Catholic Brooklyn community and nurse those who were sick or suffering and I found this really interesting and informative in the book Their nursing went far and beyond what was normal duties for a nurse as the sisters would also cook clean take in laundry provide company and sustenance for people in need The sisters contributed immensely to the community they worked in and it was nice to see that portrayed in this story as there are many wonderful caring nuns who dedicate and have dedicated their lives to the poor and sufferingThere is much to like about this novel and I could possibly rate the writing 5 star as the scenes were vivid and so well written and yet the book dragged for me and became a little bit of a chore I liked the characters and yet I never felt I got to know them or connected with them A short novel and yet a book that became a long read and therefore a 3 star rating from me

  7. Karen Karen says:

    45 from me for this book written by an author whose work I have never read before I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the writingThis book starts off with the suicide of a man who leaves behind a pregnant wife The story is a coming of age story of the girl born to this woman much of their time spent inside an Irish Catholic convent in Brooklyn with The Little Nursing Sisters of the Sick Poor The Ninth Hour is the afternoon hour of prayerIllness loss faith and sacrifice are running themes in this story

  8. Elyse Walters Elyse Walters says:

    Wowso this was kinda A M A Z I N GBeginning with a grim suicide this book grabs our heart and won’t let go The Jewish religion shared something in common with the Irish Catholic in the early 1900’s — there was a stigma a dire sin against a proper burial for those who committed suicide I know things have changed since then in the Jewish religion but I don’t know about the Irish Catholic today However — in this story at the start of the 20th century— when Annie’s husband takes his life and pregnant with his child it’s one of the Little Nursing Sisters of the Sick Poor Sister St Saviour who takes her in After Annie delivers her child the infant named Sally is baptized This story is so beautifully written —weaved around the life of Sally and stories of the Civil War to the present day Death dying grief struggles and sin are explored —while principles and faith and forgiveness are too It’s incredible how much is packed into this slim book So much beauty thought compassion and wisdom The writing is outstanding Alice McDermott’s portrayal of the sisters was a deserving tribute to nuns for the service they doin taking care of the sick disabled and impoverished A Magnificent treasure

  9. Cheri Cheri says:

    “It was a dark and dank day altogether cold spitting rain in the morning and a low steel gray sky the rest of the afternoon” Two weeks ago Jim was working as a trainman for the BRT But he felt he should be the master of his own time and so he took that liberty so convinced was he of his inalienable right to refuse the constraints of time “Sometimes just the pleasure of being an hour or two late was enough to remind him that he at least was his own man that the hours of his life—and what precious commodity did he own? —belonged to himself alone” And so he was discharged from his job they claimed he was unreliable and defiant unwilling to follow the rulesHis wife Annie cried when he shared his news and then she shared hers there was a baby on the way Jim had sent his wife to do the shopping at four so she would be back before dark That would give him enough time to prepare and finish his planOn the streets below Sister St Saviour a Little Nursing Sister of the Sick Poor was on her way back to the convent after collecting alms for the poor in her basket Despite the needs of her body she is drawn to another building on the way feeling called there ”Despair had weighted the day God Himself was helpless against it—Sister St Saviour believed this She believed that God held His head in His hands all the while a young man in the apartment above slipped off this gray life—collar and yoke—not for lack of love but for the utter inability to go on to climb once again out of the depths of a cold February day a dark and waning afternoon God wept she believed this even as she had gotten off her chair in the lobby of Woolworth’s an hour before her usual time had turned onto the street where there was a fire truck a dispersing crowd the lamplight caught in shallow puddles even as she had climbed the stone steps—footsore and weary and needing a toilet but going up anyway although no one had sent for her” Ordinary people mistakes are made their flaws are shown but never flaunted There’s a subtle gentle delicate approach to this story that sometimes made me feel as though it was being told in a whisper – but not as a secret More as if to imbue a sense of reverence for these people their humble lives an aura of “there but for the grace of God go I” These nuns embrace them as a part of their family Sister Saviour Sister Illuminata Sister Jeanne Sister Lucy become as much a part of Sally’s life as if they were family She sees their kindness their desire to help others their inner strength and their calm Eventually she decides she wants to be like them to be one of them While this is a religious setting beginning in the early days of the 20th century partially set in a convent with Irish Catholic characters in an Irish Catholic Brooklyn neighborhood there is about the way of life in caring for those in need lending aid to the indigent and needy and very little beyond the basic concept of showing love to God by giving love to and trying to help eliminate the suffering of our fellow manThis is the first Alice McDermott book I’ve read but it won’t be my last I loved her simple prose that contains such a sense of grace; it feels almost like a prayer for kindness in the world

  10. Perry Perry says:

    My Best Novel of 2017 and a New All Time FavoriteIn the middle of something at work I will not have time to put into writing a full review until the weekend Yet I'm bursting to rave about this novel and recommend it as a must The book is named for the hour of afternoon prayer and God is a prevalent presence Yet this parochial novel's reach is as universal as Graham Greene's The End of the Affair and Joyce's Dubliners I'd rank it with these books in terms of how it evoked a time and place here a bygone Brooklyn and seemingly irreconcilable moral conflicts and the way it stirred my soulFor the moment I'll rely on a few short words of two reviewers whose rave reviews convinced me to read this novelLily King The Washington Post superb and masterfulthere are so many ways to read this beautiful novel as a Greek tragedy with its narrative chorus and the sins of the fathers; as a Faulknerian tale out to prove once that the 'past is not even past'; as a gothic tale wrestling with faith punishment and redemption a la Flannery O'Connor; or as an Irish novel in the tradition of Anne Enright and Colm Tóibín whose sentences like hers burn on the page But it's also a love story told at a languid desultory pace and fulfilled most satisfyingly at the endRebecca Steinitz The Boston Globe McDermott reminds us of the pleasures of literary fiction and its power to illuminate lives and worlds she is a virtuoso of language and image allusion and reflection reference and symbol

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The Ninth Hour ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☃ The Ninth Hour Author Alice McDermott – From the National Book Award winning author comes a luminous deeply humane novel about three generations of an Irish immigrant family in 1940s and 1950s Brooklyn – for fans of Anne Tyler Anne Enrigh From the National Book Award winning author comes a luminous deeply humane novel about three generations of an Irish immigrant family in s and s Brooklyn – for fans of Anne Tyler Anne Enright and Colm TóibínOn a gloomy February afternoon Jim sends his wife Annie out to do the shopping before dark falls He seals their meagre apartment unhooks the gas tube inside the oven and inhales Sister St Saviour a Little Nursing Sister of The Ninth ePUB ½ the Sick Poor catches the scent of fire doused with water and hurries to the scene a gathered crowd firemen and the distraught young widow Moved by the girl’s plight and her unborn child the wise nun finds Annie work in the convent’s laundry – where in turn her daughter will grow up amidst the crank of the wringer and the hiss of the iron In Catholic Brooklyn in the early part of the twentieth century decorum superstition and shame collude to erase Jim’s brief existence; and yet his suicide although never mentioned reverberates through many generations – testing the limits of love and sacrifice of forgiveness and forgetfulness In prose of startling radiance and precision Alice McDermott tells a story that is at once wholly individual and universal in its understanding of the human condition Rendered with remarkable lucidity and intelligence The Ninth Hour is the crowning achievement of one of today’s finest writers.