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Sea Born (Chaos and Retribution #3) [KINDLE] ✾ Sea Born (Chaos and Retribution #3) By Eric T. Knight – The fragments of the Key begin to surfaceAfter saving the woman he loves from the dark sorcerers of Ankhara Fen realizes for the first time that his power can be a force for good But the power is wild The fragments of the Key begin to surfaceAfter saving the woman he loves from the dark sorcerers of Ankhara Fen realizes for the first time that his power can be a force for good But the power is wild and uncontrollable and he doesn't have long before it devours him as it did his father His only hope is to summon one of the ancient Shapers and convince it to teach him what he needs to knowAislin has kept the secret of the strange artifact she found in the alien underground vault But her secret is not as safe as it seems The agents of the Devourers know what she has found and they will threaten everyone she loves if she doesn't give it to themThe Guardian Kasai has created new powerful warriors to threaten Karliss and his clan As powerful as Karliss is he knows he will inevitably lose to Kasai Seeing no other options he conceives a desperate plan to retrieve the lost words of power but their origins are shrouded in legend and to track them down he and his companions will have to complete a dangerous uest.

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  1. Lana Lana says:

    Just finished reading this magnificent 3rd book of this awesome epic series and i cannot believe that the books could get any better but this one just did The three children are coming into their own and realising their own strengths and how to manipulate them Aislin was always sure of her power and never afraid to use it Karliss is realising his own strength and how to harness the aranti to his will and Fen is still struggling to accept what he is They are shapers of sky stone and sea and the tablets have the words of power for all three and only they can protect the key from the devourers and the chaos power which comes from the abyss but they don't even know about one another and alone they face so much danger I loved the lightness Eric introduced to the section about Aislin and her new friend Liv both girls so full of spunk and Aislin learning how to be a friend Also in Karliss section Nergui gives the lightness needed in the book but Fen's section is full of the stress caused by war and it's cruelty especially when the Fist is being manipulated and he loses all he stood for Cannot believe i have to wait till 2018 for the next book This series is one of the strongest epic fantasy sagas i have ever read and just needs to be read by all fellow lovers of fantasy

  2. Alex Campbell Alex Campbell says:

    Irresistibly WonderfulThe first two books in this series which were amazing did not prepare me for how fast paced and utterly fantastic this one was going to be I’ve said it before and I’ll say it twenty two million times I love the multiple POV’s and the way the book is broken up into each characters’ parts It really builds the suspense anxiety and need to keep reading I am helplessly addicted and I don’t want a treatment plan Eric T Knight has found my Achilles heel and shoots arrow after literary arrow right to my fantasy loving soulThese three kids Fen Aislin and Karliss continue to grow in every way and continue to amaze and enthrall me with the way they stay true to who they are no matter what I am getting way too attached to all the people in this story and they aren’t even real or are they? Don’t judge I’m perfectly fineAislin oh Aislin She is a spitfire and I don’t think the world is uite ready for that little girl but they need her and don’t even know it She is on a journey of discovery discovering who she is Discovering secret places Discovering why she might need a friend Discovering that she a girl with extraordinary gifts that love having fun especially in the seamay be than even she understands She is also discovering that when she gets angryWell let’s just say people don’t like it when she’s angryKarliss or as I have dubbed him; wind for brains He is the Tlacti for the Spotted Elk Clan and their only real hope at stopping a seemingly immortal being from destroying his clan and maybe everything else Oh yeah that being Kasai has it out for Karliss and lets him know it Our buddy Karliss has a hard time balancing being barely than a child and the responsibility of being someone everyone looks to for guidance and safetyFen solid as a rock Fen This guy he is everything we love about epic fantasy heroes Heck I want to be him Strong sincere loyal to a fault and a great leader at this point the reviewer sobs uncontrollably seeing how far he is from that goal Fen struggles with telling the truth and keeping people safe You will root for him no matter what he’s doing because you know he is trying for what is right Yeah Fen is pretty awesomeOne of my favorite things in Sea Born are the support characters They are the depth that makes everything feel solid and real Eric T Knight keeps blowing me away with the way he molds personalities to tug at your heart and make you feel like they are a part of your own world Personally I think Batu and Hulagu are my favorites but I’ll let you decide however they are great friends and extremely funnySo if you could look into my brain after I finished reading Sea Born I imagine you would see some mix of fireworks tornadoes chainsaw jugglers and adds for whoopee cushions That is to say that Eric T Knight has written one crazy action packed epic that will make you laugh until you’re sore and keep you on the edge of whatever you’re sitting on with a nail biting storyline as you follow our three would be heroes on their paths to figure out what is coming and how to fight itI’ve said before that Knight’s books can’t get any better That dang guy makes a liar out of me every time Each one better than the last Chaos and Retribution is the series of the decadeHappy Reading

  3. Lidia Lidia says:

    When I started the series I thought it would be a trilogy I don't know where I got that idea from now I know it's a six part series which is both regrettable because I still have to wait for the next three books to be written and wonderful because that means I don't have to say goodbye to Fen Karliss and Aislin yet So we are at the peak of the story with this book; all three youngsters now know how powerful they can be and that power means responsibility otherwise you easily become a monster All three of them realize what's at stake and try to look for some answers some clues as to what they are supposed to be doing and how they are supposed to save the world All of them also at least once meet their great enemies and come out of those meetings or less victorious And what about us? Well we are left biting our nails and impatiently waiting for the next book to be publishedAs always with Eric T Knigh's books you can't ask for a gripping tale It's not a simple fantasy where your hero just hops on his horse rescues the princesslady in distress and thus saves the world No Eric's tales are much darker peopled by characters who have tons of doubts who make mistakes choose wrong and go through turmoils and heartbreaks; but they also feel love and happiness and can be merciful and forgiving and never really lose hope And they grow and change and we somehow grow together with themAlso Eric's a master at world building a word here a word there and you just see the barren deserts the rocky mountains the claustrophobic forests and the unnerving deapths of the sea So if you like good fantasy if you like your tales to be complex and peopled by psychologically believeable characters this is definitely a series for you

  4. Linda Linda says:

    Once again 45 stars for the 3rd book in Eric T Knight's Chaos and Retribution series Sea Born continues the story of growth development and burgeoning powers of Fen Stone power Karliss Air power and Aislin Sea Power They were all young children at the beginning of the series and now are in their mid to late teen years struggling to understand and control their powers as well as the cataclysmic evil now endangering the world and struggling as teenagers to understand lifeIt can be difficult for an adult writer to credibly recreate the twists and turns of teen psyche but Knight outside of a few bits that didn't ring true to me does a fairly good job at it most of the time and a bang up job on numerous occasions I'm well involved with the main protagonists and the other characters who surround them with super affection for a few secondary players that make me smile every time I read about themThe bulk of the novel focuses on Aislin We follow her exploration and increasing comprehension of human emotions and her touching happiness on finally finding a true friend who doesn't fear or mock her But Aislin is being threatened and attacked by those who are in thrall to the Devourers who want to destroy the world Her inborn abilities help protect her and those she cares about but Aislin finally realizes she must work harder to develop her Sea Power Sea Born also includes healthy segments on Karliss and Fen moving their story along and providing exciting action and glimpses into the looming peril all three of these young champions will face I've now moved on to the fourth series book still fascinated to learn what will happen next

  5. Kathleen Nichols Kathleen Nichols says:

    I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book I love these epic stories when their told properly and completely Dividing up a story like this gives the author the ability to tell a story fully and in detail This story has been told richly with characters that catch the readers imagination and a world at war Their struggles draw the reader into the story and engages you You find yourself rooting for each of the children as they work to master and weld their mighty powers I was a little surprised and frustrated though to learn that the story is still on going and I will be forced to wait for the next book These children are guardians of the world and mankind They are what keeps chaosevil at bay as best they can Great responsibilities have been put onto their shoulders but some light by way of new friends enters their lives Aislin and Karliss have accepted and gained control of their powers and they continue to grow in confidence in themselves as well Poor Fen is still struggling to gain control of his power He is the most affected by what the children face and the heavy weight of what is expected of them all Deep dark mysteries must be solved so that the children might save those they care about and save their world from darkness uestions remain unanswered as to whether the children will be up to the challenges that now face them Will they be strong enough to overcome all that they face? Will they find the answers they need before it's too late? Is Fen going to get control of his power? Does he have the strength to weld it? I wonder what we'll see in the next installment of this great story

  6. Wally Kennedy Wally Kennedy says:

    Thought this was a trilogy UNFORTUNATEI really do love this author The first trilogy was complete and very good With this one I've had to work a little to like the characters Also in 3 books now not much has really happened Then this book ends with a cliff hanger I Hate That When I read reviews if a author does that especially unexpectedly I tend to steer clear I also check page count I'm not paying for novellasTwo stars because the story is basically a good one Could have gotten stars if there had been needed brevity to the book When I start scanning paragraphs I want to say Stick to the storyline without so much repetition

  7. BobA707 BobA707 says:

    Summary Interesting universe good characterisations well written and hopefully a plot that will eventually come together This book is really a coming of age book Book 3 carries on from book 2 The 3 main characters coming of age but still no interaction between them A bit frustrating that by the end of book 3 not much has happened well individually it has but Plotline We just see the foundation of an overall plot but it has promisePremise Very interesting universe different with lots to learnWritingVery good descriptive and entertainingEnding More to comePace Never a dull moment

  8. Scott Scott says:

    In this we finally find out of where we have been heading and things begin to piece together a lot satisfactorily although I wasn't sure about some of the characters to begin with at the start of the series they have begun to settle into a comfortable place in our heartsI was a little surprised by how it all ended up and where that direction took me but my biggest complaint is the first 3 books were reasonably fast to come out and it looks like this might be a bit of a wait and on such a cliff hangerSuffice to say I shall still be eagerly awaiting this with baited breath

  9. Connie Fogg-Bouchard Connie Fogg-Bouchard says:

    when the pieces begin to fitAislin is not a people person the sea speaks to her and that is where she wants to be but there is loneliness in the sea and her mother is not there learning about human love helps her unfold the tools she needs to save others and herselfthe plains are big and the winds have their own words what if those words were reAl?what if even stone isn't strong enough to make a foundation? a candle has flickered Will it die?

  10. Gayreth Walden Gayreth Walden says:

    Love itThis series just gets better and better The main characters continue to develop and grow The storyline just keeps getting interesting I like how the author goes from character to character It feels like you get to know each of them better I am excited about the next book Wish I had it right now

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