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The Sumage Solution [EPUB] ✾ The Sumage Solution ❃ G.L. Carriger – Listening Length 10 hours and 1 minute Can a gentle werewolf heal the heart of a smart mouthed mage New York Times best seller Gail Carriger writing as GL Carriger presents an offbeat gay romance in w Listening Length hours and minute Can a gentle werewolf heal the heart of a smart mouthed mage New York Times best seller Gail Carriger writing as GL Carriger presents an offbeat gay romance in which a sexy werewolf The Sumage PDF/EPUB or with a white knight complex meets a bad boy mage with an attitude problem Sparks and other things fly Max fails everything magic relationships life So he works for DURPS the DMV for supernatural creatures as a sumage cleaning up other mages' messes The job sucks and he is in no mood to cope with redneck biker werewolves Unfortunately there is something oddly appealing about the huge muscled Beta visiting his office for processing Bryan AKA Biff yeah he knows is gay but he is not out There is a good chance Max might be reason enough to leave the closet if he can only get the man to go on a date Everyone knows werewolves hate mages but Bryan is determined to prove everyone wrong even the mage in uestion.

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  1. Line Line says:

    I am THIS fucking close to giving this book a 5 star rating Like THIS close BUT there were some issues with the worldbuilding that still has me scratching my head and that makes me leave it at 4 stars for now but seriously I'm gonna say itThis is almost Klune like humour in TLSH ALMOST And that for me is a HUGE plus not Tronald Dump 'juge' but monumentous hugeWe have sass and snark galore as well as inappropriate magical creatures Kitsune without it being a copy of the aforementioned bookThis book was thoughtful as well as brilliantly written there were a few spelling errors eg thenthan but not enough to annoy me I LOVED Bryan just not his nickname Biff and I have SOOOOO many uotes that I wanna splash all over this review but I'll rein it in So I looked after him when we were kids ’Cause he’s not a big guy He’s tall and lean like you Pretty like you Gay like you I figured that’s why I was born so big to compensate Maybe why I’m gay too so I’d understand”“You think your whole existence is built to balance your brother?”“That’s what Beta means”Bryan was goddamn WONDERFUL and Carriger stayed true to the character throughout making his silent ways WORK #MANCRUSHALERTMax was a wee bit harder to love but not by much He definitely had the angst DOWN pat but with his childhood it is no wonder ALSO his snark and banter was ON POINT for me again see inappropriate Klune humour He was definitely the reluctant hero but the story was well 'plotted out' so the angst part never bothered me'Max was bad at most things He was bad at being the son his father wanted He was bad at being the mage his family needed He was bad at being gay too self conscious to be promiscuous too much self doubt to offer himself on the altar of love He was bad at so many things but what he sucked at the most apparently was being happy'The worldbuilding was the 'problem' for me Not that it was lacking or that it was a 'typical' story because it was not But I admit that I googled than one word for their meaning and I'm still not uite clear on what uintessence Plugs Pinchers Siphons Sluices and sumages MEAN as well as their differences in terms of how they 'work' Also the Super Saturation has me a wee bit confused since I sort of thought the Sphere was like the sun but then people were flying around IN the Sphere and yeah Edit see comments for my rambling ideas of what the Sphere could be if interestedI don't know if it has any meaning for the story but it still feels like an important part as well as view spoilerthe backgrounddevelopment of Magistars and what they can dowhat they meancome to mean for that world hide spoiler

  2. * A Reader Obsessed * * A Reader Obsessed * says:

    3 StarsLook I absolutely adored the The 5th Gender and this is a very good MM romance with very little fault to it I think it will be liked by many people and already has because it’s got plenty of goodies There’s different kinds of mages shifters and other creatures There’s werewolf packs and a fated mates trope with lots of varied smexy all of which was well put togetherHowever and I mean this in the nicest way the obstacles that present themselves as challenges for Max and Brian were just too simple or I guess to myself these types of roadblocks I’ve seen done many times in my very long history of reading both supernaturalparanormalurban fantasy MF and MM sooooo the miscommunication the no communication the assumptions galore and self sacrifice when no sacrifice was ever needed just did not titillate me as much as it might've done so in the pastPoints for snark and banter and a good audible narration by Kirt Graves this was very reminiscent of Carriger’s MF steampunk series that I enjoyed eons ago both having a good amount of fun and lightness with this having some dark undertones of abuse and homophobiaAgain many have loved this and no doubt will continue to do so with this series and with obvious good reasons Sadly my world just wasn’t as rocked as I wanted it to be

  3. Jenni Lea Jenni Lea says:

    So much better than I ever hoped it could beI have to admit that I was surprised by how well this turned out for me I read the preuel Marine Biology and thought it was a cute little shifter fluff story It wasn't bad a bit silly perhaps but there wasn't really much to it I thought I would be getting of the same with this bookI couldn't have been wrongI was blown away by this story I loved it so much The banter between Max and Bryan was off the charts and I laughed out loud many many times This is my kind of humor; a mix of witty banter clever one liners with some juvenile shenanigans thrown in to sweeten the pot It sparkled on his tongue with tiny bubbles of carbonation Really Max? Fizzy jizz?I see werewolves do have a heightened sense of taste It's a mage thingThe champagne of cocks?See how I spoil you? I mean how can you go wrong with a mage whose jizz is carbonated and a werewolf whose is spicy like hot sauce? I like it when you call me BryanNot Muscles?I like it when you call me that too Trouble You can call me anything you like so long as you smile that wayWhat if I call you Habanero? Max waggled his eyebrows suggestivelyOnly if I can use SparklesEw noSeltzer?Stop it Was Max blushing? Super hard to tellCarbonation Man? Biff pressed his advantageMax sputtered coffee Here I cum to save the day?Mighty jizz is on it's way?With the power of fizzy dick This wasn't all humor and shenanigans; there was uite a bit of depth here too Max is a sumage a dud who never manifested his powers He's been reduced to being no than a dumping ground for real mages to off load their excess magic when it builds up too much Having grown up hearing how much of a disappointment he is from his abusive father he's a bit bitter Okay that's a lie He's way bitter than just a bit I may or may not have wanted to shake him a few times or at least sit him down in front of a mirror a la Stuart Smalley until he could see how wonderful a person he is and how valuable he is to those who love himBryan came along just in time it seemsBryan oh Bryan sigh I love that big stoic werewolf something fierce He doesn't say much but when he finally opens his mouth the most gorgeous words flow out I won't spoil it by uoting it here because some things you need to experience for yourself but when he finally spoke up and told Max how he really feels it was exuisite It had me swooning like a proper Southern lady I must have read that passage about ten or fifteen times it was so beautifulWhat surprised me the most about this book was how smart the writing was The story is told in such a way that you don't get how clever it really is until you're smacked in the face with a chapter title and a couple of paragraphs a little than halfway through the book I was just reading along enjoying the humor when WHAM and it was like a lightbulb going on over my head It was so clever Very tongue in cheek if you willI loved all of the other characters as well Every one of them had a distinct voice; there were no cookie cutter or throw away characters to be found Even the villain had uite a bit of depth to them The only thing I found a bit lacking was the world building when it came to the magic It wasn't that the actual world building was lacking per se but sometimes I felt like the author was referencing things from a previous book or series and I was supposed to already know what this stuff is and the history of it But seeing as how I've never read this author before I got a bit lost in the telling of how it worksThis was a fun story packed with tons of feels I really hope the author writes many books for this series If you like a good shifter story this is the book for you If you like witty banter and shenanigans this is the book for you If you like a story with depth and angst and romance this is the book for you Hell if you like to read this is the book for you Cause really you can't go wrong with this story

  4. Optimist ♰King& Optimist ♰King& says:

    425 HeartsI find I'm having a bit of separation anxiety upon finishing this book I keep thinking about it and that always counts for something with meWhat started as a seemingly run of the mill opposites attract shifter romance turned into an obsession I listened to the whole thing in one day I know Crazy right?Bryan beta werewolf and Boston accented big un is Cupcake book boyfriend material If you know me you know what tics my boxes and Bryan colored them in with permanent magic marker gentle giant except when it counts lover not a fighter has that vulnerability thing happening sighDude is hot is all I'm sayingBryan's recently relocated with his newly formed pack of misfits to the Bay Area As beta of the pack he takes his caretaking responsibilities seriously never wanting to disappoint or hurt anyone He's closeted briefly and coming to grips with his sexuality So virgin and bashful and blushing #SWOON He gets volunteered to go to the local DURPS office to register the pack and meets Max Max is a sumage and a little abrasive He tends to use humor and sass to mask his feelings of inadeuacy Childhood was a nightmare he's generally a loner and feels inferior in most all ways and has some truly awful body image issues so he's in need of some TLC in a bad way Sparks fly between them and the dating and sexytimes occur pretty uickly The sex is ON FIYAH to me Thorough and messy Rimming marking biting big guy bottoming manhandling toys hands free orgasm and a little bossiness Cupcake might've danced a jig The Sumage Solution definitely meets criteria for the hurtcomfort trope and is rife with misnon communication Almost immediately there is conflict which even though I thought was somewhat overblown and dramatic on Max's part I understood why he would do what he did However the conflict at the end employed the dreaded martyr plot device I really hate that one and I was ultimately dissatisfied with how it played outDespite my uibbles the romanciness of this first love story will stick with me for the foreseeable future I do love a mates story and Carriger takes us along for the journey of them falling in love and getting their hard fought HEA It was like the werewolf filled all his empty broken lonely parts with liuid fire Scary and exhilarating Biff felt odd floaty but tethered anchored to Max A shard of toffee sharp and sweet was being melted inside him into hot liuid caramel The taste and smell of Max The pack and other various sassy and endearing secondary characters rounded out this story I do love a chosen family and this has all the hallmarks of adding countless misfits to an already adorable pack This world that Carriger has created will make it impossible for me not to proceed with the series Admittedly there were times where I felt like I was missing something and wishing like crazy for a prologue or glossary of terms or something But the cleverness of this interpretation of an urban fantasy with all sorts of shifters and paranormal beings won me over The action plot takes a backseat to the romance thoughAs far as the narration this is my first Kirt Graves and he's going to get listened to again Each character got their own voice though all the women were variations on Southern which was confusing for a book set in the Bay Area Other than that his Boston accent for Bryan and Alec had me swooning all over the place I ❤️ me a Boston accent I forgot how much until I heard Bryan speak Reminded me of that time I legit recorded the vendor hawking CHOWDAH HEYYYAH at Fenway Good times Yeah I did itAnyways where was I? Oh yeah recommending this book Smartly written droolworthy likable characters sexytimes romancey first love romance with mates entertaining plot and fantastic narration What's not to like? If you like urban fantasy or romance this should be a win for you A review copy was provided

  5. Heather the Queen of (Smut)Books Heather the Queen of (Smut)Books says:

    This was absolutely snarktastic I'll admit to being a bit confused through part of it but I didn't give a shit I was entertained The banter was awesome Highly recommended to my fellow banter whores

  6. Sarah Sarah says:

    I usually love Gail Carriger's books so I really expected to enjoy this one but unfortunately it just isn't working for me I hate to leave negative reviews but I had to force myself to get to 60% and I've been putting off reading any further for weeks now so there's no way I'm ever going to finish itThe banter between the two main characters felt so over the top and where I'm sure it was meant to make me laugh it mainly had me rolling my eyes There is a major case of Insta love and the story so far has been pretty much one long sex scene after another I love my smut books but this one has just been too much for me to take and when you find yourself skimming sex scenes trying but failing to find a plot it's time to walk awayI don't really feel invested in either of the main characters and I'm just not interested enough in what is happening to force myself to read the rest I can see from the reviews that most people are loving this book so I'm sure it's just a case of it not being a good fit but this is my honest opinion

  7. Eugenia Eugenia says:

    I had a tough time with this one I’m not sure why but I wasn’t hooked by the writing nor the convoluted unveiling of this universe which I still don’t get I found the banter to be a bit much and much of it not that great Maybe it’s a “it’s me not the book” but I have an inkling that the book was partly to blame for this ho hum rating

  8. Elena Elena says:

    25 stars I really liked the world building even if it was confusing at first and this unusual pack The romance was pretty average the MCs didn’t really jump out of the page enough to make it than that and the only real obstacles and conflict were a little contrived view spoilerMax’s issues were realistic but the drama of the separation was completely unnecessary hide spoiler

  9. ☙ nemo ❧ ☙ nemo ❧ says:


  10. Lost in a Book Lost in a Book says:

    4 StarsI’m really glad I FINALLY got this off my TBR It’s been carrying one of the top spots since it came out last year Hopefully prior to cracking this open you have realized there's a preuel I didn’t pay too much attention to that little tidbit when I dove in and was thoroughly confused Especially because I was listening to the audio and all these names were dropping like I should know them So I highly recommend you read the preuel first it provided a lot of clarity once I read it and restarted this oneWhat happens when you get a Beta werewolf and a mage with a huge chip on his shoulder? Epic one liners snark galore new levels of sassiness and some smokin’ smexy times“Really Max? Fizzy jizz?” “I see werewolves do have a heightened sense of taste It’s a mage thing” “The champagne of cocks?” “See how I spoil you?”“You got all that from prostate wand?” Alec smiled stiffly no canines “It’s like a tarot deck You can tell a lot about a man from his toy collection”Bryan is calm loyal large and protective of those in his life He's the perfect blend to balance out Max’s snarky outwardly fuck it attitude Max has a lot of baggage from his childhood and Bryan helps soothe his hurts I really enjoyed them together appreciated the growth Max made and swooned over Bryan’s solidness They did some work to get a HEA and the journey was believableThis book has a diverse and entertaining cast of secondary characters from drag ueens to fiery kitsunes I’m eager to read other stories about the werewolves in Bryan’s pack and see how they possibly pair up with others that were introduced They’ve built a patchwork family with love humor and lots of feelsFor some reason besides the preuel issue which I sorted within the first 5% it took some time to get into this book and hit my stride I’ll chalk it up to some RL craziness and once 50% hit the pace picked up There are some missing explanations about different elements that were mentioned throughout Towards the end I was happily chugging along getting all warm and gooey and then I turned the page gasped and went all “where’s my damn epilogue?” That’s my fault and reading preferences with being greedy and wanting to see the HEA The Sumage Solution is an enjoyable and uniue take on shifters and mages The snark alone makes it worth reading Recommended”Why fight it just for what the world thinks we should be? I’d rather fight the world”Note about the narration I started out doing audio only but had to switch to reading for a bit and then returned to audio I recently listened to Kirt Graves read another shifter book which was almost 19 hours long and I couldn’t stop hearing the voices from the other pack The narration for this one was done well the characters differentiated and I was eventually able to hear Bryan and Max through their voices The audio is recommended

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