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Quiet Leadership: Winning Hearts, Minds and Matches [PDF / Epub] ✅ Quiet Leadership: Winning Hearts, Minds and Matches By Carlo Ancelotti – Thomashillier.co.uk Pouruoi Carlo Ancelotti est il sans doute avec Guardiola le plus grand coach actuel En plus d'un sens tactiue aiguisé tous les joueurs passés sous ses ordres louent son inégalable science du manage Pouruoi Carlo Ancelotti est il Winning Hearts, Kindle × sans doute avec Guardiola le plus grand coach actuel En plus d'un sens tactiue aiguisé tous les joueurs passés sous ses ordres louent son inégalable science du management Car gérer un effectif composé de grands joueurs c'est savoir mettre au service du collectif Quiet Leadership: PDF/EPUB ² les égos hypertrophiés des plus grandes stars du vestiaire Après le succès de son premier livre consacré à la tactiue Carlo Ancelotti livre ici ses secrets sur le management du vestiaire Comment asseoir son leadership Comment faire cohabiter des stars Comment intégrer un joueur à un collectif Comment gérer Leadership: Winning Hearts, Kindle × les tensions au sein d'un groupe Comment faire rebondir un joueur en situation d'échec Des uestions ue tout entraîneur rencontre mais auxuelles peu savent répondre Ancelotti nous dévoile à la lumière de son parcours de ses expériences et de l'influence de ses modèles ses méthodes pour parvenir à guider Leadership: Winning Hearts, Minds and eBook ↠ une éuipe jusu'aux sommets Son meilleur argument pour vous convaincre Ses Ligues des champions Zlatan Ibrahimovic Ancelotti est de la vieille école mais c'est une personne formidable C'est le coach le plus fantastiue ue j'ai pu côtoyer Je n'ai jamais eu une relation aussi forte avec un autre entraîneur Il n'était pas un Leadership: Winning Hearts, Minds and eBook ↠ simple entraîneur c'était aussi un ami un père Pas seulement avec moi mais avec tous les joueurs uand il est parti nous étions tristes bien sûr Mais le football est comme ça.

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  1. James Hartley James Hartley says:

    This is a good uick read Its not half as enlightening as a business manual as its co writers think but as a football book it´s interesting and Carlo seems a nice man His view on life can be summed up by one of his stories there is a horse standing in front of a fence how do you get it over the fence Some people would whip it Carlo would stand on the other side of the fence and offer it a carrot

  2. Dany Garcia Dany Garcia says:

    After much anticipation I ordered this book the day it came outFrom humble beginnings on a cheese farm to professional football player and manager Ancelloti gives you an insight into the lessons he has learnt from 40 years in football the way he leads through building relationships with his staff and players and how he wins their hearts and minds This book is relevant whether you like football or not whether you are in business or at university and only if you aspire to become something great This book is academic and only towards the end is there a chapter about his personal life Overall I found the book insightful although sometimes he does go into too much detail on football tactics and formations and found those bits abit boring but he is a manager nevertheless the bulk of the book is stimulating and thought provoking

  3. Mariana Ferreira Mariana Ferreira says:

    A delightful read it alternates chapters in which Ancelotti describes his leading style and short pieces from players and managers who worked with him making the short chapters perfect for an in depth analysis of the game that is never tiresome A light autobiography by a captivating charming funny man

  4. KnowledgeSpecter KnowledgeSpecter says:

    This book was phenomenal It was great how they bridged the high performance of sports to businessreal life Carlo Ancelotti walks us through his life playing career and experiences as a manager He explained his philosophy to ''uiet leadership'' I absolutely loved that at the end of each chapter players he had coached spoke of Ancelotti The players were Cristiano Ronaldo Zlatan Ibrahimovic Paolo Maldini Alessandro Nesta David Beckham etcAncelotti is brilliant His zen like approach to leadership and life really inspired me His calmness is appreciated especially from the players It leads to great decision making and the troops you're leading will feel this calmness It's a thin line to not become too nice but like Ancelotti said in the book ''if you bring the whip out too much there's a chance that the horse might stomp on you instead of following your lead'' Differentiate between the political leader not considered a leader by their teammates but important to the club in terms of the press and fans personality leader positive and always speaking to teammates and technical leader the utmost professional they're often uiet and lead by example in training on the pitch and off the pitchArt truly imitate life and I could defineatly sense the parallels between sports business and life Since I'm a huge fan of football and specifically italian football I loved the inside look I got in to the game of football from a managers perspective The politics egos of presidents pressure from media and establishing communication with the players as a new manager etc key takeaways clearly state your non negotiables and never break them always trust your intuition integrate the group through meal sharing and common activities before laying out expectations bond with the group and earn their trust always integrate within the culture of the teamcountry and be flexible with rules that don't have a big impact on the result when to start training etc the players will respect you for respecting them and will go to war for you never forgot the humanity of the people you're leading and genuinely ask them how they're doing eradicate the energy sappers from the team ''one bad apple can spoil the bunch''

  5. Siva Banda Siva Banda says:

    One of my favourite episodes was when I attended the last training session on the evening before the Champions League final against Liverpool in Athens in 2007 Pippo Inzaghi our centre forward was completely out of sync he was barely able to trap the ball We had another strong centre forward Alberto Gilardino who has scored in the semi0final against Manchester United As I was standing at Ancelotti's side on the field watching Inzaghi miss every single ball I said to him 'Why don't we let Gilardino play He looks to be in much better shape than Inzaghi Carlo simply said 'Inzaghi is a strange animal Maybe tomorrow will be his night' Inzaghi scored two goals in the final Adriano GallianiThis guy took revenge against the scousers 2 years later on a gut feeling Damn An insightful read on the guy with the raised eyebrow the Milan legend and how he shook up Europe with his uiet Leadership both as a player and a manager

  6. Sourya Dey Sourya Dey says:

    A well written book which describes Ancelotti's approach to football management in the high profile teams he has managed over the years in Europe's top 5 leagues Although a bit boring in places there are some excellent tips on management and life in general such as being empathetic towards others instead of enforcing the fact that 'I am the boss do as I say' The anecdotes shared by other people are humorous such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic asking Ancelotti 'Do you believe in God' and on receiving an affirmative reply saying 'Then believe in me'

  7. Harsh Arya Harsh Arya says:

    This is of a conventional business book than a book on Ancelotti's leading style This book has been written exactly how Ancelotti appears stern and direct A bit disappointing on the flow of the writing style but the book feels like a direct dialogue with Ancelotti The leadership insights are uite conventional lead by example manage talents manage leadership expectations etc It almost appears that the leadership lessons are being force fitted in Carlo's life A life story like Carlo's could have been otherwise been interesting inspiring had it been put down well with the reader left to draw the lesson However the book tries too hard to become a leadership lesson book and thus fails to do justice to Ancelotti's story

  8. Sander Sander says:

    Wonderful book about Ancelotti his man management and view of life It seems to be very much in correlation with his management style in a view of a bystander In my opinion it is well written and writers have managed to accomplish exactly the objective I liked that it isn't only about being a football manager but also how to be leader in general that can be followed also in business Actually the uiet leadership is very easy to follow at least in theory Treat everybody with the same respect and you will be respected Although you have to do it genuinely If you fake it you won't make it

  9. Le Cuong Le Cuong says:

    A very good book about leadership with lots of examples from the most competitive industry in the world with the best performers Tons of lessons learned indeed

  10. Ibrahim Ibrahim says:

    A great book for every coachmanager

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