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Black Car Burning How Do We Trust Each Other Alexa Is A Young Police Community Support Officer Whose World Feels Unstable Her Father Is Estranged And Her Girlfriend Is Increasingly Distant Their Polyamorous Relationship Which For Years Felt So Natural Is Starting To Seem Strained As She Patrols Sheffield She Senses The Rising Tensions In Its Disparate Communities And Doubts Her Ability To Keep The Peace, To Help, To Change Anything.Caron Is Pushing Alexa Away And Pushing Herself Ever Harder A Climber, She Fixates On A Brutal Route Known As Black Car Burning And Throws Herself Into A Cycle Of Repetition And Risk Leigh, Who Works At A Local Gear Shop, Watches Caron Climb And Feels Complicit.Meanwhile, An Ex Police Officer Compulsively Revisits The April Day In 1989 That Changed His Life Forever Trapped In His Memories Of The Disaster, He Tracks The Hillsborough Inquests, Questioning Everything.As The Young Women Negotiate The Streets Of The City And Its Violent Inheritance, The Rock Faces Of Stanage And Their Relationships With Each Other, The Urban And Natural Landscape Watches Over Them, An Ever Present Witness Black Car Burning Is A Brilliant Debut Novel Of Trust And Trauma, Fear And Falling, From One Of Our Best Young Writers.

About the Author: Helen Mort

Helen Mort is a poet and author from Sheffield, South Yorkshire Her collection Division Street was shortlisted for the Costa Prize and the T.S Eliot Prize and won the Fenton Aldeburgh Prize in 2014 She was described by Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy as among the brightest stars in the sparkling new constellation of young British poets She is a Cultural Fellow at the University of Leeds, and o

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    In this evocative paean to the city of Sheffield and the Peak District, the rugged landscape is given its own lyrical voice in a poetic metaphor for the steely grit of the rock climbing community Juxtaposing the underpinning of common purpose and mutual support of this climbing fellowship is the betrayal of another sporting community s trust as shown in the Hillsborough Stadium tragedy, which overshadows the narrative.With ancestral...

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    A love letter to Sheffield, South Yorkshire and climbing Having loved Mort s poetry collection Division Street named after a street in Sheffield city centre and the title of a poem in the book I was eager to check this out Black Car Burning takes its title from the name of a climb at Stanage Edge, a popular destination for climbers in the Peak District and not too far from Sheffield The book is character and place driven than plot driven, although the whole story takes place with the backdrop of the characters links to the events of the Hillsborough disaster of 1989.I never thought I d say this but I actually enjoyed Mort s poetry than this novel, however the mediums aren t exactly directly comparable I don t think this novel will be for everyone I lived in Sheffield for 3 years and loved all of the local references, but if you don t have a link to the ci...

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    I just can t stop having nightmares You and the rest of South Yorkshire, love, Alexa is a polyamorous cop with a climbing obsessed girlfriend Her estranged dad was a cop on duty during the Hillsbrough disaster It s an oddly eclectic premise if you don t know anything about Sheffield, but if Sheffield were to write a novel I m sure it d sound a lot like Black Car Burning And the neighbourhoods and landscapes of South Yorkshire do speak in short segments throughout the book, acting as an omnipotent sounding board for the characters lives As if the chatty landscape is there to amplify the human silences that blanket the whole story It is unapologetically landscape bound what could have so easily become a phony device never did because the story wouldn t make any sense in any other place, told any other way.It s a story about trauma how it ricochets off everyone it touches into everyone else too, connecting than you might expect It s also about mundane stuff what happens when someone you love stops talking What happens when relationships change.It s clear to me that it s a novel written b...

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    I ll direct you to Ellie s review for a complete description of the review I d write if I was not so lazy I ve never been to the Sheffield area, so did a lot of Googleing, especially for images I loved the character sketches of pla...

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    Black Car Burning is the poet Helen Mort s first novel Set in her native Sheffield, it weaves multiple strands into a finely stitched tapestry of the city and the neighbouring Derbyshire Peak District Anyone who knows Sheffield will also know how the western side of the city merges almost imperceptibly with the moors and gritstone ridges of the Dark Peak Helen Mort brings together the stories of a seemingly disparate group of characters a PCSO working against the odds to keep the peace in inner city Page Hall as the influx of large numbers of Roma immigrants transform the nature of the local community, her partner Caron, addicted to the thrill of risky climbs on Stanage Edge and Leigh, who works in an outdoors shop in the popular climbing base of Hathersage Linking them all is Pete, haunted by his experience as a you...

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    Reading Black Car Burning was an interesting experience as well as an interesting book I am no climber I can understand the appeal without having any personal interest and even less ability but I wonder if some of my experience, the occasional nails down a blackboard sensation, the gritted teeth echo a climb The book has lots of characters and points of view and that is even without considering the device of places as characters with their own perspectives I enjoyed all of this even though some bits were successful than others The complex interplay between personal issues and big events, both cataclysmic, like the Hillsborough disaster atrocity or slower, the community conflicts made for a challenging experience.I found the polyamory aspect of the book difficult There were suggestions that this is a personal identity what I am cf this is my situation and I am happy with it and that there s a straw man made of other forms of relationship This seems to me to diminish the opportunity to say something worthwhile about the negatives of those other...

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    I am always excited when I see that a good poet has written a novel, hoping for a poet s care for language and atmosphere brought to the extended form Mort did not disappoint my hopes This is a beautiful book rich in a sense of place To say it is about Sheffield, climbing and the Hillsborough dis...

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    Fantastic book for anyone who is Sheffield or Peak District based The whole book is grounded in very familiar places pubs roads parks etc in Sheffield and the edges villages sights and scenes in the Northern peaks Loved every page of it.

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    Beautiful I appreciated the landscape point of view, the platting of storylines, the finding a way up the face, beyond the face of things Detachments and connecting lines Loved the geography of the place and the relationships mapped across it Inspirational.

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    Found the constant references to specific areas of Sheffield clunky I m sure some people will enjoy ticking off place names in the A Z Light on story and what there was was very linear and obvious Ultimately didn t go anywhere, found myself wondering what the point of the book was.

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