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  1. Aristotle Aristotle says:

    The year 429 BC the Golden Age of GreeceA time where Socrates Plato and Pericles walk the streets of AthensAs war raged on with Sparta and the plague ravaged the city Rhea was set to marry a man she despised An arranged marriage by her uncle to settle his gambling debtsWill her prayers to the Goddess Athena save her from such a cruel fate?Or have the Gods on Mount Olympus forsaken her and the residents of Athens?This was a well written coming of age story set under the shadow of the ParthenonI hope to spend time with Rhea and see how her life turned outThe sense of frustration for all that i have been deprived of because i was born a female Rhea

  2. Anji Anji says:

    I was lucky enough to win a free printed copy of this novel I enjoyed the story of Rhea and I liked that she refused to just accept her fate

  3. Jane Jane says:

    Enjoyable coming of age novel that would appeal to adults and teens who are into historical fiction It was refreshing to read something set in Ancient Greece I won a copy of this book as part of the Goodreads giveaways

  4. Linnea Tanner Linnea Tanner says:

    The World Beyond is a coming of age story set in 429 BC ancient Athens where slaves and women do not share the freedoms extolled by the city The young rebellious Rhea has lost her entire family to plague and is betrothed to a cruel man than twice her age in an arranged marriage After becoming infatuated with a handsome young athlete she climbs the Acropolis so she can pray to Athena to spare her from the contractual marriage There she meets an intelligent and skilled sculptor slave Maron who challenges her traditional beliefs about foreigners and the role of slaves and women in Athens Rhea’s budding relationship with Maron emboldens her to explore Athens and to meet other people outside her social class She must ultimately decide whether to resign herself to an unhappy fate decreed by the Greek paternalistic society or choose her own destiny with a slave she learns to love and cherishDeanna Madden masterfully tells the tale from the first person perspective of Rhea The storytelling is engaging as we experience Rhea’s journey into a new world outside her social class The compelling historical tale is relatable to modern day women trying to figure out who they are and what they want in life The powerful theme that friendship and love can bridge cultural differences makes this a poignant and heartfelt novelThe World Beyond is an ancient historical novel with modern day relevance for both young adults and adults Highly recommendedI voluntarily reviewed this book for the Historical Novel Society and the review is posted in the Historical Newsletter HNR Issue 85 August 2018

  5. Debbie Debbie says:

    I finished reading the World Beyond A Novel of Ancient Greece by Deanna Madden I loved it It was a historical romance of a fifteen year old girlRhea who is growing up in Ancient Greece It was about her trials and tribulations in that time period It was very good

  6. Kelly Kelly says:

    A nice easy romantic read with some history thrown in It would make a great beach read

  7. Mary Mary says:

    A bit of a lightweight story but I enjoyed reading about places and events from history A young girl tries to escape her forced marriage to a brutal older man chosen by her uncle arranged to pay off a gambling debt Takes place during the rule of Pericles a siege by Sparta and an outbreak of the plague in Athens Not many in Athens other than the male leaders seem to enjoy real freedom But the author imagines that some not granted euality still find ways to choose their own destiny

  8. Meri Meri says:

    'The World Beyond' set in Ancient Greece is a light read that follows Rhea who at 15 is forced to marry someone she detests Rhea struggles against the society of the time where women were neither seen nor heard and confined themselves to their homes and looms Rhea however wants from life but in a world where women are kept illiterate because it's considered a waste of time her future looks pretty bleak I think the one thing that made me knock off a star was the YA cliches of view spoilerthe female protagonist having to choose between two eually hot guys hide spoiler

  9. Gaja Gaja says:

    I won this book in a Goodreads giveawayThis book is basically exactly what the back synopsis tells you it's going to be which is really nice when everything seems to want to have a mysterious twist or gotcha moment in it somewhere The pacing clips along tidily so you're never sitting there slogging through waiting for the story to get back to happening nor do you get slammed with everything happening all at onceIt's a nice uick read with a good direct story to it

  10. Melissa Ann Melissa Ann says:

    I love stories that involve historical aspects Makes them interesting and mysterious

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The World Beyond [Reading] ➾ The World Beyond Author Deanna Madden – 429 BC After losing her family to the plague that strikes Athens in the second year of its war with Sparta fifteen year old Rhea goes to live with her aunt and uncle But when she fails to measure up t BC After losing her family to the plague that strikes Athens in the second year of its war with Sparta fifteen year old Rhea goes to live with her aunt and uncle But when she fails to measure up to her aunt’s expectations she finds herself facing an arranged marriage to a cruel man than twice her ageAs she struggles to find a way to avoid the unwanted marriage she hears about a handsome young athlete named Doros and resolves to The World eBook ✓ catch a glimpse of him—no easy task in a society that believes daughters and wives belong in the home and should not go out in public without a chaperone And is one glimpse enoughWhen she climbs the Acropolis to appeal to the goddess Athena for help she encounters another young man who intrigues her Maron a gifted sculptor and a slave As their friendship grows he urges her to risk everything for the life she wants But does she have the courage to take such a leapWith time running out Rhea must decide whether to resign herself to the loveless marriage her society and the gods decree or defy them and choose her own destiny in this poignant coming of age tale of love and the longing to be free.