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The Other Miss Bridgerton She Was In The Wrong PlaceFiercely Independent And Adventurous, Poppy Bridgerton Will Only Wed A Suitor Whose Keen Intellect And Interests Match Her Own Sadly, None Of The Fools From Her London Season Qualify While Visiting A Friend On The Dorset Coast, Poppy Is Pleasantly Surprised To Discover A Smugglers Hideaway Tucked Inside A Cave But Her Delight Turns To Dismay When Two Pirates Kidnap Her And Take Her Aboard A Ship, Leaving Her Bound And Gagged On The Captain S Bed He Found Her At The Wrong TimeKnown To Society As A Rascal And Reckless Privateer, Captain Andrew James Rokesby Actually Transports Essential Goods And Documents For The British Government Setting Sail On A Time Sensitive Voyage To Portugal, He S Stunned To Find A Woman Waiting For Him In His Cabin Surely, His Imagination Is Getting The Better Of Him But No, She Is Very Real And His Duty To The Crown Means He S Stuck With Her Can Two Wrongs Make The Most Perfect Right When Andrew Learns That She Is A Bridgerton, He Knows He Will Likely Have To Wed Her To Avert A Scandal Though Poppy Has No Idea That He Is The Son Of An Earl And Neighbor To Her Aristocratic Cousins In Kent On The High Seas, Their War Of Words Soon Gives Way To An Intoxicating Passion But When Andrew S Secret Is Revealed, Will His Declaration Of Love Be Enough To Capture Her Heart

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    I should rate this book a 4 or 5 because the writing is so good Julia Quinn writes great dialogue that is smart and funny every time And, the book was enjoyable enough that I didn t want to put it down.BUT..I just couldn t get over the fact that he kidnapped her in the first place He really didn t have to, even though he continually acts like he was forced to do it He s a spy, and can t let her go when she discovers his secret pirate cove because she might blab about it.But, mistakes were made Choices were made.It turns out that his brother is married to her sister and their families are extremely close He realizes this before they set sail, so he really could have taken her into his confidence, told her who he was, and asked her to keep things secret, and she would have done so He should have known this and let her go So, it annoyed me that he forced her to live in his cabin, with no change of clothes and no one to talk to but him occasionally , and not allowed to leave the room for a solid week I mean, hell, even death row inmates get to leave their cells for an hour a day Yeah, and that s another part of my problem with this storyline.So, she is trapped, alone, for a week straight He comes in a couple of times a day to check on her, and they usually argue But, as time goes by, she is excited to see him and appreciates any kindness he shows her Eventually, he allows her out of the room for a few minutes, and she is so overwhelmed with gratitude that she thinks she is falling for him.Um yeah But reality These are brainwashing techniques and she totally has Stockholm Syndrome.So, I felt kind of pissed off the whole time and it made it harder for me to enjoy an otherwise good book I didn t like him all that much, I didn t think he deserved to get the girl , and I also thought he made a lousy pirate He broke the pirates pledge See He took an oath, dammit And, he totally broke it

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    I pick up each new Julia Quinn expecting to feel the magic that I did when I first read her books than a decade ago Instead, she has become increasingly formulaic to the point where I can predict this is where the first kiss happens and this is where they fool around and oops, I have X pages left, so they must have sex about yup here we are and we re at an epilogue, which means BABIES NOTHING BUT BABIES I feel like my tastes are moving on from Quinn I can still recall in great detail the earlier Bridgerton books These Not really I have zero memory of Billie s story, and I read it not that long ago They are interesting reads, but they don t stick with me I wish Quinn would take the risks that she did in her earlier books They were far memorable.I liked Poppy and Andrew, but I wound up skimming through most of their banter because it just got overly repetitive They made great friends, but I just wasn t feeling the sexual chemistry for most of the book How consent was utilized was excellent, A there The ending was funny and great, but then the epilogue was so boringly predictable that I nearly threw my Kindle.So this was an OK read I d give it 2.5 stars I liked most of it, but not all But most of all, I wish for the magic of a Quinn book again To get that, I m going to have to go back to the original Bridgerton series.

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    I ve given this a B at AAR, so that s 3.5 stars rounded upThe Other Miss Bridgerton is the third instalment in Julia Quinn s series of novels featuring members of the previous generation of Bridgertons and their neighbours and long standing family friends the Rokesbys In the first book, Because of Miss Bridgerton, Sybilla Billie Bridgerton married George Rokseby in the second, the story focused on the next Rokesby brother, Edward, an officer serving in North America Andrew is the third brother and, when we met him in the first book, he was on leave from the Navy while he recovered from a broken arm Handsome, good humoured, and well liked by all, he s a convivial chap with a sharp mind, a quick wit, and a reputation as the family jokester.He s also unbeknownst to his family a spy.Poppy Bridgerton cousin to Billie and niece of Viscount and Lady Bridgerton has had two London seasons and has not, so far, found a man she wants to marry She s starting to think she never will perhaps it s too much to hope that she will find a man who is interesting to talk to and who can make her laugh With the season winding down, Poppy has gone to stay in Dorset with a friend who is expecting her first child, and is enjoying the small freedoms afforded to her away from the eyes of society On a ramble along the beach, Poppy stumbles across a cave she s never seen before and decides to investigate only to find herself captured by members of the crew of the Infinityand forcibly taken aboard and into the presence of its captain, the devastatingly handsome, charming, witty and completely infuriating Andrew James aka Andrew James Edwin Rokesby Of course.When Andrew learns Poppy s last name he s surprised, to say the least, and also thankful that her being from a different branch of the Bridgerton family means they ve never met Time is of the essence if he is to deliver the packet of important documents which he has been tasked to deliver to the British envoy in Portugal, so he has no alternative but to take her along on the two week return journey to Lisbon.Neither Andrew nor Poppy is pleased about the change to their respective plans, and Poppy is certainly dismayed at the fact of having to spend the entire voyage below decks, cooped up in the captain s quarters Here you are on what will probably be the biggest adventure of your life, and you are bored Sailors are generally superstitious, and it s known to be bad luck to have a woman aboard ship, and for Poppy s personal safety she must remain out of sight Fortunately, Poppy is not one of those TSTL feisty types who spits and claws and tries to escape at every opportunity she s not stupid and although not happy, realises that the captain s reasons are sound and that she will just have to wait it out She can t and doesn t deny that she s bored, though, and Andrew, recognising in her something of a kindred spirit in terms of her lively mind and natural curiosity, tries to find ways to help alleviate that boredom, even as he s berating himself for his concern over her As the days pass, Andrew and Poppy start to realise that the hours they spend together over dinner are ones they look forward to than they should, and that their conversations and quick fire exchanges are stimulating and entertaining Pretty much the entire first half of the book consists of such scenes between Poppy and Andrew, and they re both clever and charming The pair are clearly very evenly matched in their battle of wits, even though Andrew has sailed the world and Poppy has never ventured outside England Andrew is charmed and impressed by Poppy s intelligence and curiosity, while she comes to realise that he s a kind, decent and fair man, in spite of his profession as a privateer and the fact that he s basically kidnapped her.So we ve got two likeable individuals who are smitten from pretty much the get go, are forced into proximity by unusual circumstances and thus allowed time to get to know each other through their various interactions Their verbal sparring is well written, sharp and often funny, and there s no question these two people are made for each other But some time before I reached the half way mark, I realised that I was reading or less the same thing over and over again and I was ready to move on from the flirting and banter and for something to happen But it didn t, until considerably later, and when it did, it was pretty weak I can t go into detail without spoilers, but it s pretty much crushed into the last quarter of the novel, which also has to include the resolution of that plotline, reunite Andrew and Poppy, include a proposal, a sex scene and an epilogue After the leisurely pace of the first three quarters of the book, this final section feels truncated and the ending is sadly rushed.I liked Poppy she s clever, has a mind of her own and is bright as a button But she doesn t really do anything other than get kidnapped and the same can be said of Andrew Sure, he captains a ship and, as we learn early on, undertakes covert missions for the government which are, presumably, quite dangerous, but for most of the book he s fairly passive, too.I admit that I had a hard time grading this one On the one hand, it s tightly written and the dialogue is excellent On the other, Andrew and Poppy are not particularly memorable, not much happens in the story and it s unbalanced due to the large amount of time dedicated to the outward voyage I could say this is one for die hard Bridgerton fans only but I m a die hard Bridgerton fan, and it didn t work all that well for me So I ll say this If you re in the mood for something light hearted with hardly an ounce of plot or depth but plenty of snappy banter, then The Other Miss Bridgerton should while away the hours pleasantly enough If, however, you re looking for a romance with complex characters who exhibit growth, and an engaging plot, then I m afraid you ll have to look elsewhere.

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    I accidentally read this one out of sequence which irritates my OCD side a little but I guess does not really matter in the long run It was a lot of fun, a bit silly in parts , but overall a very enjoyable and entertaining read.I liked both main characters and loved the verbal sparring between them It was the situations they found themselves in that were a little over the top but this is supposed to be light hearted, not a piece of serious literary fiction, so who cares I loved the ending and in fact wished the author had played it out a bit longer before the ultimate and obvious conclusion.It was all very sweet and now I must get back to finishing the Bridgertons series and restart the Rokebys after that

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    DNF after only 10%This is a sad, sad day I am giving up on a book written by one of my all time favorite authors I m sorry, but I just can t I spent almost two months on this, and every time I picked it up again, I ended up seething and quickly put it away after a page or so.So this book opens with a Bridgerton girl aimlessly traipsing around the countryside, only to stumble across a cave used by smugglers Who promptly kidnap her because no one EVER has managed to discover this oh so secret cave before, and we can t kill a lady, after all They drug her and drag her off to their ship whose captain just oh so happens to be a Rokesby who I m assuming works undercover as a smuggler for some reason After annoying everyone, she is tied to a bed and locked into her room by the HERO of this story Who knows who she is But decides that kidnapping is the best way to go I m sorry, but I don t care for anything that happens after this To me, this does not say healthy relationship I m sorry, but I can t give this book another chance Even if it actually physically pains me to abandon any book by Julia Quinn Favorite quotes from the first two chapters She hated him Oh how she hated him It had taken less than five minutes, but already she was certain she d never hated anyone with quite the same intensity.Sure You make a rather fine argument for killing you Said by the hero I have no words And the saddest thing is, I agree with him I m off to re read Colin now, trying to forget this exists.

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    This series by Julia Quinn has been my favorite from her The books have been absolutely stealing my heart There wasn t any doubt in my mind that I would be picking up The Other Miss Bridgerton Like with the previous books, this was a feel good story with a lovely couple.Poppy Bridgerton was undeniably the star of this book She was sweet and charming and so kind While visiting a friend in Dorset, she stumbles upon a cave where she discovers pirates smuggling some goods She finds herself kidnapped on a ship on its way to Portugal led by Captain Andrews Poppy was in somewhat of a very tough situation, but she was smart and courageous and handled the discomfort of being kidnapped like a pro On the ship, though she was bound and confined to the captain s room, she somehow found her a way to befriend a few people that s how much of an adorable and friendly human being she was Honestly, I don t know how Poppy handled it all so well If it were me in her place, I d be a raging mess It helped that Andrew wasn t a complete scoundrel to her You see, he isn t actually a pirate his duties are to deliver important government documents, but Poppy does not know any of this Sure, it was frustrating that he kidnapped Poppy, but it was to protect his duty to the Crown I adored Andrew too I loved that he wasn t your typical historical romance hero and that he was such a multi faceted individual I loved getting to know how he got into his career Despite being a privateer, Andrew was very much still a gentleman It was sweet how he cared about his entire crew and would go to lengths to ensure their happiness aboard the ship.As Poppy and Andrew set sail towards Portugal, the two begin to know about each other I loved how much the two of them simply talked There was some subtle flirting, but than anything, I loved watching them push each other s buttons The romance was sweet and slow burning and I loved every minute of it The scenes when they finally embarked in Portugal and galivanted around the city were just my favorite The biggest conflict in the book arose from Andrew keeping his background as a Rokesby, a very close family to the Bridgertons, from Poppy It was resolved really well though and Poppy being the kind and forgiving young woman she was, wasn t one to hold grudges against Andrew.The short publication delay for The Other Miss Bridgerton was well worth the wait, in my opinion Julia Quinn s books always leave me feeling happy and this was no different If you love a good historical romance, definitely check this one out.

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    As I continue to say this is good but not as good as Bridgerton s series.Both Poppy and Andrew are good characters, maybe Poppy a little bit LOLI liked how she reacted to her abduction and how she made Andrew mad Nice and easy story with predictable outcome

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    december 18 it was delightful, surprising, compelling, delightful AND SO ROMANTIC oh yes, i love it from book one, andrew looked like the perfect romance hero and he delivered just that, simple and utter perfection and poppy was a splendid heroine and a great match for andrew the banter scenes were so well written, the adventure storyline was good surprisingly interesting to follow and really good for a romance and the two characters were just wonderful apart and simply brilliant together LOVE IT.also let me tell you about that wonderful, perfect, funny, gorgeous, witty billie bridgerton, playing joan of arc or queen elizabeth when she was little and then giving sex ed classes to younger cousins. god bless this pure soul LOVE HER.on the bright side only THREE MONTHS LEFT TO WAIT FOR MY OTHER FAVORITE ROMANCE FAMILY TO BE BACKis the title new i like it BUT NOT AS MUCH AS I LIKE THE FIRST MISS BANDREW ROKESBY FALLS IN LOVE NO JOKE JULIA GIMME MORE

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    After loving the first in this series, then feeling rather meh about the second, I wasn t quite sure what to expect from the third But the blurb high seas Pirate y adventure Bridgerton heroine I was pretty excited to give it a try I m so glad I did.JQ is back in full Bridgerton glory Her trademark witty banter and complex characters seem fresh a new set of characters within the same family we ve all loved for years I loved how Poppy and Andrew actually communicated the turn in romance novels from feisty heroine who gets a blistering setdown from an alpha hero to feisty heroine who can get the alpha hero to actually treat her like the functioning adult she is, is something I m loving JQ is nailing this new time period, too She s not bogging me down in details of the 1700s instead, she s giving me enough to make me interested in it She gives the pertinent details who s on the throne, what political parties are at play, and the dress expected behaviors of the time but I never felt I had to sit through a history lesson which happens in many of these novels These details were artfully sprinkled in, never overwhelming or distracting from the story itself.Poppy was fantastic She s a smart woman smart enough to know when she s being outsmarted She knows when to keep her mouth shut, showing a degree of maturity that many Regency heroines lack She s quick witted, knows when to do what she s told, and doesn t make stupid decisions I adored that.Andrew is a good, honorable man He gains respect through hard work and treating people right the subject of racism is brought up, handled, and accepted not the racism itself, but there s a point when Poppy realizes that she s been insulated from it and wants to change, yet doesn t know how yet Andrew accepts all people based on who they are, not what they look like or what their rank is, and his general good guy vibes shine through, despite the situation Poppy is in kidnapped by two of Andrew s men.The romance was fun, the adventure was well played, and the Bridgerton name carries on as one of the best literary families to read But I think that what I loved most about this book was that I can really see the changing tide of the romance novel inside of this historical romance s pages In the beginning of romance novels, it was 100% female submission he bodice rippers, if you will Then it became strong women, but stronger men the woman who had to learn to accept that she did not always know best because, actually, the alpha hero did But now, there s a tide towards true feminism equality The heroine and the hero are two imperfect sides of the same coin They complement each other, and are strong where the other is weak The hero doesn t always know best, but neither does the heroine They communicate openly and as honestly as the storyline provides, and while the attraction drives the lust, the mutual respect is what drives the romance and it s THAT which makes me believe in this couple s happily ever after.Well done, JQ You ve once again given this reader a modern story in a historical setting with wonderful, relatable, lovable characters Five stars I received an eARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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    Archetypical JQ book sweet and funny and not terribly angsty It was just a matter of time before the inquisitive and indomitable Poppy Bridgerton s curiosity got her into trouble While exploring caves near her friend s home after expertly ditching her assigned maid chaperone, she finds far than she intended and consequently gets napped by pirate smugglers keen to protect their secrets Only these pirates are unlike any other pirates she has read about They neither rape nor plunder, they appreciate fine food on board and their captain has the manners and speech of a gentleman, albeit one with a perchance for shocking flirtatious innuendos and who can effortlessly match her verbal wit the latter a rare feat indeed Captain Andrew James omitted his surname of Rokesby when he introduced himself to his unexpected captive of the famed and powerful Bridgerton family On a secret mission for England, he cannot afford to divulge his true identity, not when even his own family has been unaware of his clandestine work for the Crown these past many years The third son of an earl, he is shocked to learn that his men have abducted a Bridgerton daughter, in fact the cousin of his very own brother s lovely wife With no time to spare, he has no choice but to take the highly loquacious Poppy along to Portugal, intending to return her to her family within a fortnight Fully aware of the potentially irreversible damage to her reputation, he is prepared to do the right thing by her upon their return, as ingrained in him since birth Only as the journey progresses, Poppy s presence becomes less of an uninvited inconvenience and a highly pleasurable answer to his recently unexplained restlessness They gravitate towards one another as they trade witty barbs, appreciating the other s astuteness and intellect Out the door he went, leaving her alone with her breakfast and her thoughts, which unfortunately consisted of one part pleasure at his compliment and twelve parts annoyance with herself for feeling that way She supposed she d better get used to such inner conflict She had a hunch it would be with her the rest of the voyage.He did that to her sometimes Jumbled her thoughts, tangled her words She, who prided herself on her gift of conversation, her ready supply of wit and irony, was rendered without speech Or at least without intelligent speech, which she rather thought was worse Something began to tumble inside him He was weightless, and it was like the time he d fallen from a tree, except there was nothing below, just empty expanse of space and her Light but enjoyable reading with amusing dialogue between the leads Poppy is a sensible and pragmatic heroine without a tendency for histrionics, which is refreshing Andrew too is highly likeable, honorable and gallant but with than just a glint of mischief in his eyes The ending was a bit too abrupt when they reunited again, but otherwise, this book was a great way to pass a couple of lazy summer days and brought frequent smiles and occasional grins to my face If I m going to die I d like to have a proper kiss Poppy, he finally managed to say I She looked at him expectantly, and God help him, his gaze dropped to her lips The universal sign He wanted to kiss her so bad But he said, This isn t a good idea Of course it it isn t But I want to do it anyway So he did But he wasn t going to One of them was insane He was sure of it He just didn t know which

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