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Preaching in the New Testament [PDF / Epub] ✪ Preaching in the New Testament ☆ Jonathan Griffiths – Many Christians share the assumption that preaching the word of God is at the heart of God's plans for the gospel in our age that it is vital for the church's health and that it is the central task of Many Christians the New PDF/EPUB ✓ share the assumption that preaching the word of God is at the heart of God's plans for the gospel in our age that it is vital for the church's health and that it is the central task of the pastor teacher Many helpful books on preaching are available The vast majority are concerned with how to but relatively few focus primarily on the character and theology of preaching according to ScriptureTwo key interrelated uestions need to be addressed First is Preaching in PDF or there such a thing as preaching that is mandated in the post apostolic context—and if there is how is it defined and characterized Second how does post apostolic preaching relate to the preaching of the Old Testament prophets and of Jesus and his apostlesIn this New Studies in Biblical Theology volume Jonathan Griffiths seeks answers to these uestions in the New Testament In Part One he gives an overview of the theology of the Word of God surveys Greek terms related to preaching in the New ePUB ↠ and looks at teaching concerning the scope and character of other word ministries in the life of the church In Part Two his exegetical studies concentrate on teaching that relates especially to the post apostolic context In Part Three he summarizes the exegetical findings sets them within the context of biblical theology and proposes a number of broader theological implicationsGriffiths's accessible scholarly investigation will be of value to scholars pastors preachers and Bible teachersAddressing key issues in biblical theology the works comprising New Studies in Biblical Theology are creative attempts to help Christians better understand their Bibles The NSBT series is edited by D A Carson aiming to simultaneously instruct and to edify to interact with current scholarship and to point the way ahead.

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  1. Laramie Gildon Laramie Gildon says:

    This was an excellent read If you have the desire to preach have been a preacher for a while or want to better understand the role of the preacher this book will be really helpful I like to think of myself as a simple man who likes simple books or at least read things in plain English or explained plainly This book was a bit technical but was very pastoral in its delivery I believe I’ll be able to pass this book along to lay people and they will be able to grasp the intent of he book I’ve really grown to appreciate this series and look forward to reading of them in the very near future This book comes highly recommended from me so take that for what it’s worth 🤷🏽‍♂️

  2. Parker Parker says:

    Griffths takes nothing for granted in this brief survey of NT literature on the nature of preaching which makes his findings very useful for establishing a firm foundation for our understanding of the pastor's weekly task The author demonstrates exactly how important and weighty the uniue work of proclaiming the word of God to the assembled Church is Highly recommended for anyone who preaches plans to preach or wonders why we need preaching ministers

  3. Jimmy Reagan Jimmy Reagan says:

    This recent release in the New Studies in Biblical Theology NSBT series written by Jonathan I Griffiths and edited by D A Carson is a winner It matches the depth of the series that is respected all around while having something to say about preaching that will be meaningful to every preacher While I have read and enjoyed many volumes on the subject of preaching in the New Testament this one is different and lives up to its subtitle in that it goes hard after being an exegetical and biblical theological study In other words it’s less a motivational approach and of a declaration of what the New Testament specifically says about preaching By the end of the volume you will have no doubt that the task of the preacher or “authoritative public proclamation” is the design of the Lord revealed in the New TestamentAfter a brief Introduction explaining the purpose of this book the author tackles in Part 1 what he calls foundational matters He will explain in three chapters the basis of the Word of God in biblical theology as well as the key Greek words for “preaching” in the New Testament That chapter on those keywords is fascinating don’t miss the fine charts and really proves the authors premise by its end This section is followed by an excursus on who the preachers are in Philippians chapter 1Part 2 covering chapters 4 through 9 exegetes six key passages where preaching is discussed in the New Testament 2 Timothy 3 4 Romans 10 1 Corinthians 2 Corinthians 2 6 1 Thessalonians 1 2 and Hebrews are all superbly covered In some cases the focus is on a few chapters while others trace words for “preaching” throughout an entire New Testament book The author succeeds in both of these approaches and again in my opinion proves the place of preaching in the New Testament beyond doubtChapter 10 shares a summary and conclusions He gives a summary of exegetical findings followed by his biblical–theological conclusions I found it easy to agree with every one of his conclusions made here after reading this book In a day when preaching is held in less repute than former days this book is just what we need I’m glad it’s been written and glad to recommend itI received this book free from the publisher I was not reuired to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR Part 255

  4. Kiel Kiel says:

    Part of a long academic monograph series dedicated to biblical theology this work focuses on mining the most salient exegetical data of the New Testament in order expose and expound a robust and clear biblical theology of preaching I think it than succeeds at its task This series is especially helpful to the professional class and laity because it transliterates all original language references into English characters and is designed to serve both scholar and pastor After the analysis of linguistic data on preaching in then New Testament is complete the author asserts that it can be authoritatively said that preaching is a proclamation of God’s word carried out by recognized leaders with a commission to preach is an authoritative proclamation and is carried out in a public context The evidence leads the author to theological statements such as Christian preaching stands in a line of continuity with the preaching of Jesus and the apostles and the Old Testament prophetic tradition and that the nature of preaching uniuely reflects the nature of the gospel among others Two of the uestions that are addressed that I found helpful are what are “word ministries” other than preaching that apply to the whole church and not just those commissioned to specifically preach? These were things such as other forms of teaching or discipleship or evangelism Another key uestion addressed was if there is evidence for a post apostolic practice of preaching like the apostles did embedded in the New Testament? Has just been created from church tradition as an addition to it? The clear answer provided in the study is that there is indeed a mandate for this manner of preaching especially in Paul’s letters to Timothy Overall just an excellent and uplifting book 133 pages of biblical scholarship on the act of preaching and role of the preacher in the New Testament and after

  5. Ian Caveny Ian Caveny says:

    Jonathan I Griffiths' helpful monograph on preaching in the New Testament as the title suggests follows the contours of NT preaching ministries through a careful look at specific Greek terms ευαγγελίζονται καταγγέλλω κηρύσσω thorough reflection on our typical presuppositions and uick and sharp investigation of key moments of NT discussion on the topicGriffiths' narrow focus allows for a helpful summation of views near the end bolstered by his exegesis of the various passages leading to a suitably authoritative set of claims But there is a bunch of uestions that in the end he leaves unanswered that the curious reader will surely be interested in pursuingFor instance Griffiths emphasizes the Scriptural insistence that the preacher is speaking the Word of God a profound and heavy statement But what are the bounds of that reality? Is this some type of Word Sacrament? Can this be neutralized by a false preacher? What constitutes the real Word of God proclaimed by the preacher and the false?Nevertheless his regular focus on the specific task on hand is admirable the desire to universalize and generalize is a common temptation to theological writers and his readings in Hebrews are clearly well versed by his own previous work on the bookOverall Griffiths provides a solid foundational text for beginning a theology of preaching allowing for future theologians to begin to wrestle with the complexities revealed therein

  6. Jeff Short Jeff Short says:

    This book is a biblical theology of preaching in the New Testament The author seeks to find the link if it exists from prophetic preaching to Jesus to Paul to Timothy and to post apostolic preaching today He makes a good argument in exegetical fashion with examination of three key terms for preaching in the New Testament and some key textual passages relevant to preaching This is not a how to book so it will not be much help to learn how to preach The book deals with the why of preaching and emphasizes that preaching God's word as he has given it is how God's voice is heard today He focuses on the public proclamation of God's word in the assembly of God's people but he also give some remarks to other facets of word ministry This book is a foundational study of preaching Though not teaching how to preach explaining the foundation of preaching will surely shape how it is done This book isn't light reading but it isn't too technical I enjoyed the thought provoking study and will return to it again for reference

  7. Carl Di-Palma Carl Di-Palma says:

    An excellent examination of the place purpose and power of preaching in the New Testament This isn't a how to book rather it is a why we should book that looks at the scriptural warrant for preaching in the New Testament and in doing so gives the current church affirmation of the importance and centrality of preaching as teaching nurturing feeding and pastoring in every age for The Church is formed through the word of God and it is through the preaching of the word especially that God addresses his people and meets them Griffiths 2017chokengkomatitikchokeng 132 133

  8. Jacob Jacob says:

    Great Book — very straightforward and insightfulThis book was an incredibly helpful book in not only understanding the role of preaching in the New Testament but how the NT vision connects with the church today It works through the major biblical words texts and ideas in a way that is straight forward and helps the reader see how the idea of preaching is carried forth across the NT canon As one who preaches this book left me invigorated and humbled while also providing me have a solid biblical foundation for the work of preaching

  9. Nick Loveless Nick Loveless says:

    This is a phenomenal book in the New Studies in Biblical Theology series What is preaching? Is it necessary? Who can preach? How do we distinguish preaching from other ministries of the Word? These and other uestions are answered by Griffiths in this short and insightful study of NT preaching Anyone who desires to plant churches or lead God’s people would do well to read this book in one hand and their Bible in the other weighing Griffith’s arguments

  10. Peter Krol Peter Krol says:

    I've seen many books about how to preach but far too few about what preaching is or why to do it Griffiths does a marvelous job allowing Scripture to determine a theology of preaching He doesn't proof text; he exposits large passages that address the topic 1 Thess 1 2 2 Cor 2 6 Hebrews 1 13 Romans 10 etc Highly recommended

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